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Riots in Charlottesville, Va

ISIS & Other Religious Fanatics

The Holy War With Jihadist Islamists

A "Botched Execution" - The Death Penalty

Obama's Deportation Plan

The Border Crisis

The IRS Scandal

The War Against Jihadists

Obama Kills Coal For Nothing

The Trade For Bowe Bergdahl Redux

The Trade For Bowe Bergdahl

The VA Scandal Redux

Collateral Damage In The War On Jihadists

The Government Is Corrupt When...

The VA Scandal

Benghazi Scandal

"Free Enterprise"? An Entrepreneurial Horror Story

Is Obama A "Traitor"?

Progressive Demoralization

Phil Robertson & Beastiality

The Captain's War on Spam

Congressional Budget Deal Betrays Troops

Obamacare Disaster

The Bastardization Of America

Holder & Democrats Assault Right To Self-Defence

Zimmerman, Martin & Racism

How Democrats Oppress Minorities

Righteous & Self-Righteous


National Transportation Board Is Killing People

Democrats Don't Believe It's YOUR Life

Email To President Obama

Letter To Former President Clinton

The Catholic Conclave; A New Pope

Pathetically Weak Muslim Taliban Men

2012 Presidential Election By County

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The Fiscal Cliff

Hello ObamaCare, Good Bye Medicare

Vacation Insanity - TORT Reform!

If Obama Wins, We All Lose

Obama Dictates to Godless Democrats

Obamacare SCOTUS decision

Obama's Illegal Immigrant Child Policy

DUI Deaths & Suicide Deaths

"Common Law" Marriage

Birth Control Mandate

Syrian Intervention

The Self-Righteous

Issues From The Republican Debates

The Republican Candidates

Vote Out The "Parties" - Vote Independent

Illegal Immigration & Border Security

Republican Debate Cut Short

Passing On The Life

Occupy Wall Street

Jewish Persecutions

American 9/11 Criminals


New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Law

Parental Responsibility

The Economic Bottom

The Cost of Promiscuity

Goodbye Noyo Bowl

The Foreclosure Crisis

Why Libya?

Losing Libya

Peter King's Muslim Hearings

Charlie Sheen & "Two and a Half Men"

Huckabee the Hypocritical Huckster

No Prosecutions For The Wall Street Thieves

Wisconsin Demonstrations

Lara Logan's Rape In Cairo

Obama With Stewart On The Daily Show

If There Was No Intelligent Design

How The "Parties" Destroyed America

Iranian Lies

Homosexual Disease

Killing For Islam And Mohammed

Gay And Retarded

The "Ground Zero Mosque"

The Cost of War

The Double-Dip Recession

The Gulf Oil Spill

My Generation

The Terrorist Trials

Response To Obama's "State Of The Union Address"

California Madness

Supreme Court Corporate Political Spending Decision

Geithner and AIG

Congressional Hearings On The Financial Collapse

Killing Hope

The Health Care Bill

Copenhagen Summit Has Condemned the Whole World To Death

Another Crummy New Year

Homosexual Clergy

Ted Kennedy is Dead

Iran Elections + The Heart of Islam

Music, Song and Dance

Gay Marriage

Tobacco Tax Persecutes the Poor

Stop Lights

Somali Pirates, Capt. Phillips,
Ship Defense

Sacramento Tent City Evictions

Madonna's Malawan Adoptions

End Political "Parties"

AIG Bonuses

Modern "Hoovervilles"

Obama's Wasteful Junkets

Prosecuting Madoff

Fallen Heros, The War Censorship

What Really Created The Current Crisis?

"Muslim" Terrorists

Election 2008
Updated 3/2/2009

The Gas Crisis

Plastics, Oil and Global Warming.

Mother Teresa

The Death of Arafat

In America

Free Enterprise

Human Sacrifice in America


Death of Pope John Paul II

Drinking and Driving

Global Warming, Ice Ages, Tide Rises

Cure For ALL Sexually Transmitted Siesease Found!

The Fourth of July in Mendocino

Free Enterprise

"What The Bleep We Know"

Me And "The DaVinci Code"

A Neurotic "Religious" Woman

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I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with something to chew on....

As this is where I post my views on Current Events and the News, I am calling it "The Captain's Rag".

My name is Captain J. H. (Cass) Forrington and I am a retired sea Captain who has been in over 50 countries on every coast of every continent, except Antarctica, in 27 years at sea. I've visited the Amazon Indians and sailed up the Congo and have been 600 miles from the North Pole. For more about me, please visit my "Symbol of Unity" site.

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Riots in Charlottesville, Va

You will notice that this is my first post in 2 years. Although there has certainly been a lot to comment on, like Hillary and the other corrupt Democrats not being in jail yet, I have been busy studying and taking refresher courses in calculus, then studying quantum physics, including taking a course at MIT via their fantastic open courseware, and finally studying tensor calculus so I could read and understand Einstein's original 1915 paper on General Relativity. I did this because I am a longtime quantum physics, cosmology, relativity hobbyist and had an inspiration regarding gravity that I just had to pursue.

I can now explain Dark Matter and the Hubble shift and posted a paper two days ago on detailing all of this. If you want to read that paper, "Understanding the Limit of Relativity, Dark Matter and the Hubble Shift", please click HERE.

Now on to the disgusting display in Charlottesville, VA.

I despise racists of any race. I stopped going ashore in Japan decades ago because we, non-Japanese, were banned from restaurants and night clubs unless we had a Japanese handler with us. To put this in perspective, the Koreans are also very protective of their race and culture, turning their backs on, and shunning, those who marry non-Koreans, but ALL people are welcome in ALL places, just like in the good old US of A.

I can understand why the world's myriad cultures want to protect their identities and I applaud it. I love the diversity. But going to the extremes of the Japanese is just as repugnant as the Jim Crow laws and enforced segregation in the old South.

That being said, I despise the KKK, David Duke and his ilk, white nationalists, Nazi's, et. al. I also just as vehemently despise the socialist fascists on the left who deny people free speech and crap all over our constitution.

The people I pity in Charlottesville are those who wanted to peacefully protest the removal of the statue and the people who wanted to peacefully protest for its removal. These were the victims in Charlottesville. They were denied their rights to peacefully assemble and voice their views by the fascists ON BOTH SIDES, just as President Trump said. There WERE decent Americans there on both sides of that issue, and they were denied their rights by fascists, plain and simple: fascists ON BOTH SIDES.

As much as I despise the Nazi's, et. al., I am glad they came ready to battle the leftist fascists who have been rioting, burning and beating people up around the country for simply wanting to exercise their First Amendment rights. In fact, I am glad they beat the hell out of each other. The decent, peaceful, protestors weren't fighting. I am sure they all backed out of there as soon as they could. The rest of the violent, hateful, fascist who were fighting, deserve each other. I wish we could put them all in a stadium and let them slaughter each other to put an end to all this crap. The survivors should then be put in a leaky boat with no oars and be pushed out to sea.

Am I mad? You bet. I am mad as hell at all the fascists who crap on our constitution, rights, and human values that makes us a light unto the world.

This includes the damn media who distort everything in support of the fascists on the left. I realized when I returned from the first Gulf war that they could not be trusted, but now they are just outright liars and, in my book, traitors. I can't even watch them anymore.

As long as the fascist left keeps rioting and denying people free speech and their rights granted by the constitution, the more they will find increasing resistance not from the ilk of David Duke, but also from the decent people of middle America. If we allow the fascists to run amuck, rioting and burning, tearing down statues like they just did in Durham, NC, resistance will build and we will see an increase in violence resisting them.

When we let the rule of law break down, it breaks down for everyone.

The fake news is all over Trump, saying he did not speak against the fascists on the right, but this is BS. He has a long history, well before becoming President, of damning the likes of David Duke, the KKK, Nazi's and white nationalists. I watched a whole string of video clips doing just that, BY NAME, on one of the Fox news shows this week.

God bless the people in the middle on both the right and left. It is THEIR compromises that keep us moving forward in the right, sorry, CORRECT, direction. God damn the fascists on both sides who would deny the rest of us our rights. May they die by the swords they wield. This is not a curse, it is a prayer. Because I never use that phrase as a curse, and only a prayer, the Creator frequently answers it positively.

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Heather Heyer, murdered in cold blood by a filthy fascist terrorist.

ISIS & Other Religious Fanatics

Religious fanatics of any faith are social losers who want to believe they are better than other people. They are only seeking power over others and the benefits that derive from that power. All fascist movements are made up of such individuals and because they are so obviously evil in the eyes of the rest of the world, they are destroyed.

Religious fanaticism is the road to hell.

The Creator damns those who oppress different points of view, because It is present in those points of view. It is looking out through all our eyes. We are all Its children. They are torturing and slaughering their brothers and sisters, the Creator Itself, in Its own name.

The recent catastrophes in Mecca, the crane collapse and the stampede, are the Creator showing its displeasure towards the fanatical Jihdists in Islam. God damns the wicked.

The Holy War With Jihadist Islamists

The modern, Western-orientated world, the "free" world, including Russia, China, India, Korea and Japan, have licentiuous aspects that are totally unacceptable to those who live in the heart of Islam. These are desert nations where poverty is the way of life. There is no concept of "upward mobility", and there probably never will be.

Nations with large Muslim populations who are modernising, and who have large natural resources, like Indonesia and the Phillipines, have less extremism and they also have more growth potential and opportunity then the desert nations.

In the poor, desert, nations, most of the men are illiterate. Nearly all of the females are illiterate. These are people totally ignorant of all the things a high school graduate knows in the "modern' societies.

Leading hard lives, some of them make a virtue out of denial to the point of absurdity. They crush the human spirit. They damn education, especially for women, music, song, and dance. They believe this makes a person "holy" and of course they are outraged by what they see in "modern" movies, etc., and what is being promoted and accepted in "modern" societies like homosexual marriage, much less homosexual activity of any sort.

In the "modern" societies we have a collapse of Christianity and other faiths because those faiths profess things that science is overwhelming, like Jesus being the only child of God or Buddha being the same as God, or Krishna being God.

The three strongest faiths are Judaism, Islam and Buddhism as they rely on a concept of a single, undivisible Creator. This is in total accord with modern quantum physics. Christianity and Hinduism are weaker since the deify people and make them saints who can be petitioned. Those beliefs are being rapidly erroded by science and people are not just rejecting those precepts of their faith, but also the moral precepts. This has led to the licentiousness and decline in traditonal morality in the "modern" world, which is enraging the poor, ignorant, desert people in the heart of Islam. Those people do not want their children being "seduced" by immoral, amoral, libertine, Western values, and, frankly, I don't blame them.

The "modern" world is a very immoral world.

I had a Saudi Arabian tell me the Muslims of Indonesia were not Muslims. He didn't understand their version of Islam that included the mysticism that allowed me to wash my hands in acid.

The world will never go back to the poverty-driven ignorance of the people who live in the desert heart of Islam. The Jihadist Islamists are fighting a war that will only bring misery and pain to multitudes of innocents in their own lands.

Typical of ignorant, impoverished people, there is a lot cruelty and savagery in their behavior. They rape, sell into slavery, murder, behead, bury alive, crucify and burn alive anyone who disgrees with them or who has a different faith, even though those faiths promote the same same basic moral and ethical values.

This is also part of their plan as they mean to so outrage the "modern" world that it declares a "war against Islam" that will cause all Muslims to pick up arms. Fortunately, their savagery is disgusting and infuriating most of the world, including most of the Islamic world, who are rejecting them.

In my opinion, the only way to resolve any of this peacefully is to completey isolate the desert heart of Islam. We cut off all "modern" televison and Internet and let them live in their poverty, dispair, and ignorance according to the ways of their ancestors.

Of course, this is dependent on they agreeing not to attack the "modern" world and to give us time to morally and ethically recover from the collapse of Christianity and other failing faiths who only grow through the recruitment of other, uneducated, ignorant peoples in Africa and other primitive places.

The "modern" world will eventually find its moral center again. The modern world loves science and science demands that we live a moderate, sexually conservative, life if we want our societies, and ourselves, to be healthy and prosperous.

Until then, the only option is to crush and totally destroy and kill the Jihadist Islamists as they are by far the greatest of the two evils.

Anyone who thinks they can stop the Jihad by educating the people in these countries and giving them "jobs" is in total denial. This will not happen as the lands they live in will not support this. They will remain poor and ignorant until global warming restores rain to the desert areas of the world and makes them prosperous.

The world is warming. This is a natural cycle. How much humanity is contributing to the warming cycle is uncertain, though it is definitly a contributing factor. There was a mini-ice age from the mid 1300's to about 1880, over 500 years. No one knows why this ice age occurred. The planet has, thankfully, been warming since about 1880. Ice ages are brutal for humans, times of drought and famine.

As the Earth warms, the desert areas will get more rain and sprout greenery that supports animal life. The deserts will flourish again. Other areas, like the corn belt in the United States, will not be able to grow foods like corn, which will shift north, but will have to grow other food products.

The only constant is change.

Unfortunately the only way to stop the Jihadist Islamists, who would drag us all back into the ignorance and brutality of the middle ages, and who would oppress the human spirit so we all live in a state of oppression, is to kill them and to kill them all.

We should be as aggrssive as possible in killing them and we should summarily kill them all as soon as we capture them. This is not inhumane. This is their just due, something they crave so they can get to their heaven that doesn't exist.

At the same time, we should be rebuilding our moral and ethical values and behaviors in the "modern' world. We are not innocent. If we were exporting "Leave it to Beaver" instead of "Sex and the City" we would probably not be having the problems with radical Islam we are having now.

I am repulsed by "modern" morality and can certainly understand why the Jihadist Islamists are so terrified by the encroachment of the "modern" world morality on their primitive, ignorant, impoverished cultures.

Sadly, we must kill them, because they are far more evil than we are.

We need the Sunni Muslim nations to provide the ground troops, and "the West" needs to supply the air and intelligence support they need, to kill these sadistic, murderous, savages.

As long as the desert countries in the heart of Islam remain in ignorance and poverty this war will go on. Sadly, I see no way to end the ignorance or poverty in those lands, so I see endless war with the Jihadist elements of Islam.

A "Botched Execution" - The Dath Penalty

Once again the media is in an uproar over a so-called "botched ececution", this time in Arizona.

Once again the media's heart goes out to a filthy murderer instead of to the victims of his crimes.

They say it took him almost two hours to die. They are wrong. It took him twenty-five years to die. Meanwhile the citizens of Arizona have been paying for his food, clothing, housing, medical and legal fees.

Meanwhile, his surviving victims, the relatives and friends of those he murdered, have gone through hellish suffering awaiting justice to finally be served and the deaths to be avenged.

We keep trying to find new, "humane", ways to kill people. We have the electric chair and gas chamber, both horrific, and now lethal injection, supposedly humane unless it is "botched".

Nothing we know of is faster and cheaper than a simple bullet to the head. I would say that is the most humane way to kill someone. If we don't want to have to have someone actually pull a trigger, we can devise a helmet with an electromagnetically driven bolt built into it, like the bolt used to humanely kill cows in the slaughter house, that can be put on a timer to activate at the set time of execution. Instant, painless, death.

The real abomination is that we let these murderers file appeal after appeal and that those appeals are allowed to take so long, putting the surviving victims through so much hell before justice is finally served and the dead victims are avenged.

We are supposed to have quick justice in our country. We do not. That justice is to avenge the victims, dead and alive. To allow appeals to go on for more than six months before execution is carried out is cruel and unusual punishment. It is the cruel and unusual punishment of those who are the family and friends of the murdered victims.

Obama's Deportation Plan

Obama is asking for $2,000,000,000 to deport the 50,000 illegal child immigrants who have flooded across our borders this year so far. This is about $40,000 per immigrant.

All we need to do is change the law so they can be immediately deported and buy them a bus or plane ticket home.

I think he is asking for so much so the Republicans will balk at his plan and he and his party will gain a political advantage.

Nancy Pelosi said she would like to take them all home with her. Why don't we just let her do that?

Alternatively, we could just pay them each $5,000 or so to leave. That is a lot of money in their countries.

The Border Crisis

We are being invaded.

Our southern border is being overrun with thousands of illegals. Obama refuses to take action and has refused to take action for the entire time he has been in office in order to woo the Hispanic vote.

He should be impeached for not doing his duty by protecting American borders and enforcing our laws.

The law doesn't allow us to immediately deport illegals as soon as they are caught and that needs to be changed so illegals are immediately deported back to their country of origin, or to Mexico, which is allowing this outrage to continue. All illegals should be deported immediately whenever they are caught crossing our border. Others caught within the country should have a right to a hearing to have the chance to prove their citizenship or that they possess a green card. They should be held in detention until the hearing and the hearing should be held within days. If they cannot prove they are here legally they should then be deported immediately!

The left wants us to just accept all these illegals, to pay more taxes to support them, educate them and give them medical care. They are traitors. We are a country of laws. If they don't like the laws, they should try to have them changed.

But anyone who wants us to be overrun by people entering the country illegally is a traitor. They are giving our country and prosperity away.

What is to stop a terrorist carrying a biological weapon from entering Mexico on a ship, jumping ship, and just walking across our border to release his weapon in an American city?

It is almost 13 years since 9/11 and we still haven't secured our borders! What is wrong with this picture? Write your representatives and demand this stops and that they secure our borders. This is absolute madness!

IRS Scandal

I'm surprised that I didn't comment on the IRS scandal earlier. I guess I was just burned out by all the other garbage going on.

If anyone believes Lois Lerner's emails were erased or lost by "mistake" or technological difficulties they are dead wrong. They were "lost" just like the Nixon tapes were "accidentally erased" because they implicated senior Democrtic politicians and officials, and most likely the White House and Obama, in the worst abuse of power ever in American history.

Nixon resigned because of a coverup over Watergate, a simple intelligence gathering break in.

The IRS scandal has much, much wider implications of government corruption, all the way to the top. Obama and senior Democratic politicans could go to jail over this. That is why the emails have "disappeared".


We didn't stand for it with Nixon and this is MUCH WORSE!

The War Against Jihadists

We are in a war against jihadists. It doesn't matter what name they go by, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, or whatever. This war is escalating every day.

We should have been bombing them in northern Syria from the very beginning of the Syrian civil war, no matter what stance we took with Assad and the other groups. We know the jihadists are our enemies, and terrorists, and we should be killing them off whenever possible.

The Shia government in Iraq is crumbling and we should be bombing the Sunni jihadists descending on Baghdad while they are assembled in groups. We should be bombing them in Syria. We should be bombing them in Yemen and Nigeria and the Sudan.

We should not worry about collateral damage amongst the populations harboring and protecting them any more than we worried about collateral damage in Germany or Japan in WWII.

If the Taliban takes Pakistan, they will nuke an American or other western city. They WANT to die in a jihad so they can "go to heaven". They are fanatics, much worse than the nazi's. They want to kill EVERYONE. They have absolutely no qualms about using nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Washington needs to wake up and step up military action everywhere it can. When these terrorists gather in numbers, like they are in Iraq and Syria, the can be wiped out in large numbers and this is what needs to be done.

We are not "ending hostilities" in Afghanistan. The war is just beginning and is spreading rapidly.

This is not like other wars. It is not a war of just conquest. It is a war of subjugation on a grand scale and the jihadists will slaughter more people than Hitler or Stalin ever thought of if they win.

Wake up America. Wake up western world. This is extremely deadly, serious business. Jihadism MUST be crushed, no matter how many die and "go to heaven".

Sadly we have a weak president and administration who fear taking decisive action. Sadly, even the other party won't step up to the plate. There is NO NEGOTIATION here. It is kill or be killed, period.

Obama Kills Coal For Nothing

Today the EPA announced new restrictions on CO2 emissions from power plants virtully guaranteed to kill all our coal fired plants, some 600+ of them, putting all those workers out of work and driving up the cost of energy for all Americans.

With India and China putting new coal fired plants online nearly every week, this is nothing but a token gesture. It will do absolutely nothing to stop global warming, but it will hurt America and American workers. Other regulations have already had devastating effects on our coal miners.

Even Europe backing is off on alternative energy for now and is building new coal plants. So what is Obama doing except hurting America yet again?

Don't get me wrong. I know we have to stop dumping CO2 into the atmosphere and make the switch to other forms of energy. But hurting America and American workers is not the way to do it. New technologies are being developed so we can make the transition with much less pain. Check out this "Solar Roadways site", for instance. The Democratic political machine doesn't care about hurting America and Americans, though. All they care about is getting votes so they can keep their power and perks. All they care about is themselves.

Again, if you want more of this idiocy, vote for Democrats who could care a whit about what is good for America, only for what is good to get the votes of the loonies who keep them in power.

The Trade For Bowe Bergdahl Redux

Well, the facts are out now. Bergdahl was a deserter, and possibly a traitor. Six soldiers died in the search for him. He is directly responsible for their deaths.

Obama will now be directly responsible for the deaths of even more Americans since he traded the five terrorists for him.

Why the hell isn't Obama being impeached? The man is an idiot, or a traitor himself, and he broke the law yet again by not giving Congress the 30 days notice required by law.

If you want more of this insanity keep voting for Democrats. Vote for Hillary why don't you? I mean, "What difference does it make?"

Democratic strategists are already trying to cover Obama's butt. That should tell you something.

Obama flew to Afghanistan after the VA scandal broke to show how much he cared for the troops to try to deflect criticism. Do you really think he would have gone if there was no scandal?

Now he has desecrated the graves of the soldiers who died looking for Bergdahl, and all those killed in Afghanistan, by trading the five terrorists for him, again to try to show how much he cares for our troops.

I'm sorry, but if you are not totally disgusted by all of this, and Obama, and his Democratic cronies and apologizers, you, too, are desecrating the graves of all those killed in Afghanistan.

The Trade For Bowe Bergdahl

Once again Obama has violated the law in pursuit of his own agenda. This is another outrage.

Not only did he violate the law by not notifying Congress 30 days in advance of the release of prisoners from Guantanamo, he traded five highly dangerous Taliban leaders who were not "prisoners of war", as he claims, but who gave succor and support to the terrorists who committed the atrocities of 9/11. They are terrorists, not "prisoners of war".

What kind of trade is five high ranking Taliban terrorists for one sergeant who simply walked off his base unarmed for unknown reasons? A damned rotten one.

The Taliban is calling this a "great victory", and it is for them. That means it is a great defeat for us.

It is a slap in the face and a spit in the eye to all the troops killed and wounded in Afghanistan, and all those who have served there, and to the Afghan government, who will now have to contend with these murderers and oppressors of the human spirit.

We have now also violated our long-standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists and he has put countless American lives at risk.

We don't even know why Bergdahl left his post unarmed only to be "captured" by the Taliban. No other soldiers are known to have done this and it is very possible that he deliberately deserted to give succor to the enemy.

The fact that he has "forgotten how to speak English" is highly suspect, to say the least. I haven't used my limited German in far more than five years and can still speak it.

Anyone who can still bring themselves to vote for any Democrat is suborning this lawless, anti-American behavior. When will enough be enough?

Obama should be impeached and driven from office. He has literally given aid and succor to the enemy we have been fighting for ten years.

Even if Bergdahl is finaly cleared of any wrong-doing in leaving his post unauthorized, and should be warmly welcomed home, the exchange is still an outrage. Saving his life in this way will cost many more and that, my friends, is homocide.

The VA Scandal Redux

Today Obama "accepted" Shinseki's resignation and blamed much of the problem on outdated computers and technology at the VA centers.

Once again Obama lied and tried to deflect blame from himself and his own incompetence.

I would like to know just how many communications; emails, letters and phonecalls, the VA and White House received from desperate Vets "dying to get an appointment". It is now estimated that at least 64% of Vet facilities have been falsifying wait time lists.

If Holder doesn't send the people who fraudulently falsified these lists so they would get bigger bonuses and paychecks to prison, he, himself, should go to prison. I'm betting he takes no action.

Press Secretary Jay Carney also resigned today. My guess is that he finally got tired of lying to the press to cover Obama's incompetent butt. He must have figured it was eventually going to hurt his own reputation. Indeed, I've been calling him a damned liar for a long time now.

Collateral Damage In The War On Jihadists

I have no problem with the use of drones to kill our enemies. I do believe American traitors should first have a trial in absentia before they are killed, because that is our law, but once they are convicted of treason they should be executed as the traitors they are, by whatever means available.

I believe we are far too sensitive about collateral damage surrounding the killing of such traitors and foreign nationals who are our enemies. People who fraternize with and give comfort to jihadists are also our enemies, even if they themselves do not take up arms.

If the peace loving, tolerant individuals in Islam, which the vast majority are, did what moral law requires them to do, which is to apprehend and punish those amongst them who would randomly murder others in the name of jihad and Islam, we would not have the terrorist threats we face worldwide.

They are made guilty through an act of ommission. They are guilty through cowardice to stand up for what they know is right and moral. If we made this clear to them, that they will not be safe themselves if they harbor, give succor to, associate with or tolerate the actions of the jihadists, they will be much more likely to take meaningful action to stop this reign of terror the world endures daily.
Unless they, too, live in fear, they will not act.

We need to make it clear to them that if they are even close to a jihadist, that they, too, are fair game. They will be much more likely to rise up to stop the jihadists from taking action of any sort if they know the jihadists are also putting their lives, and the lives of their friends, wives and children, at risk for even being around them.

The Government Is Corrupt When...

1) Legislators receive lifetime pensions and healthcare for less than 20 years of service.

2) Government employees receive pensions, medical and other benefits beyond what is commensurate in the private sector.

3) Government employees can not be fired for incompetence.

4) Activist judges legislate from the bench and/or redefine traditional values and institutions such as marriage.

5) The President makes law through executive decree.

6) The President fails to enforce laws passed by the legislature and is not impeached for violating his oath of office.

7) People's incomes are taxed so that the money can be given to other people against the will of the taxed.

8) The government uses the money used to fund annuities such as Social Security for other purposes.

9) The government violates freedom of the press by claiming copyright to photos taken in theaters of war.

10) The government exceeds the limits on its power granted by the Constitution.

11) Troops are deployed into combat without a declaration of war by Congress.

12) Government agencies create and enforce regulations not stipulated by laws passed by Congress.

13) Government agencies are used against citizens and citizen groups for political purposes.

14) Appointments are made as political rewards, even though the individuals appointed have no experience in that field.

15) The government incurs debts and financial obligations it can not pay for.

16) The government commits to any endeavor without specifying how it will be paid for.

17) Governmental personnel make policy decisions based upon political considerations rather than for the good of the country.

18) Laws like the so-called "Patriot Act" are passed that violate Constitutional rights.

19) The government infringes in any way, including permits and fees, on a sane, law abiding, person's right to bear arms and defend their person, family, property and the Constitution of the United States.

Is the government corrupt? You bet your sweet bippy it is! I urge everyone to support a Constitutional convention to root out this corruption before it is too late. Find the groups in your state working to force a Constitutional convention and do whatever you can to help. We are almost there, only a few more states are required to force a convention. If your state hasn't already joined the chorus of states demanding a convention, email or write your representatives and demand they take action now.

I am sure I have missed items here. If you have one that isn't included, email it to me and I'll add it to the list.

The VA Scandal

The VA scandal is yet another outrage. The Obama team knew about these problems on day #1 and has done absolutely nothing, zero, zip, nada, to fix the problems.

Once again Obama lied and said he only found out about it through the media. How many times is he going to use that sad, pathetic excuse? He is certainly the most incompetent, out of touch president of my 64 years of life! The man is totally inept.

The big problem is that he is not an administrator. He is the country's CEO and he is totally out of his league. In reality he is no more than the community organizer he began as. Just a big fat lying politician who promised the moon just to get elected and then did nothing to fulfill those promises.

One of the biggest problems we have in Washington is that the idiots who get elected don't do their jobs and administer the government. They put their political cronies in as the heads of departments and then just keep spouting political BS instead of doing their jobs and seeing to it that their appointees do their's.

There is absolutely No oversight and No accountability in this administration. Heads should have rolled and rolled, but nothing happens. Hillary Clinton should have been fired or forced to resign after Benghazi, the FBI shold have been forcefully sent in to punish and prosecute the IRS officials who used that agency for politcal purposes, Holder should have been fired after Fast & Furious was revealed, Sebelius should have been canned on 10/1/2013 when the health care debacle became apparent, and Shinseki should have been fired by now for the VA scandal.

The so-called "progressives" can't bring themselves to hold anyone accountable for anything! Everyone has to win a trophy or they might feel bad!

Obama holds no one accountable because he picked these incompetents and to fire them would be admitting that he, himself, is grossly incompetent. He is the weakest president of my lifetime, even weaker than Jimmy Carter. He is weak at home and weak in foreign policy. A "reset button" with Russia? Really? How stupid, childish, weak and incompetent is that? Hillary Clinton looked like a damned fool.

I say impeach the weak momma's boy. He has violated his oath of office time and again by not upholding and enforcing the laws passed by Congress. That alone should be enough.

Just what are these corrupt, incompetent (fill in your own cuss word here) doing to earn their pay? What the hell is Obama doing to earn his, except to keep pushing a totally un-American socialist agenda down our throats?


"Change we can believe in" my hairy butt!

5/22/2014 Update - Today the House overwhelmingly approved a bill that would make it easier to fire what have been impossible to fire VA administrators. In the Senate, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont kissed the government union workers' collective butt and killed the bill, saying he didn't have time to read it. The bill is only 2 1/2 pages long. This is how the corrupt liberal socialists stay in power.

Benghazi Scandal

The Senate Intelligence Committee came out with its report on Benghazi. This is a bi-partisan committee chaired by Liberal Democrat Diane Feinstein.

It says Obama knew the day of the attack that it was a coordinated terrorist attack and not a spontaneous riot because of the anti-Mohammed film. It also says the leaders were Al Qaeda.

It also states that it was totally preventable and that it was the State Department that failed to act. No matter what Hillary Clinton was told, this means she is not capable of being Commander in Chief, i.e., President.

News has also recently gotten hot about her being fired from the Watergate Investigation: "Because she was a liar," Zeifman said in an interview..... "She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality." Read more here.

This means Obama and Clinton have again both been proven to be untrustworthy liars and totally incompetent administrators.

"Free Enterprise"? An Entrepreneurial Horror Story

This is an American horror story. It is the story of how I started my very successful business.

I established and own "Glass Beach Jewelry & Sea Glass Museum", the world's first and only Sea Glass Museum, and this is the story of how I started it and almost didn't.

I had a friend who was disabled and who had just gotten out of the hospital after a bout of diverticulitis that almost killed her. I was taking her on walks to get her strength back up and one of the places we were walking was "Glass Beach" in MacKerricher State Park, an old dumpsite in Fort Bragg. It is world famous for the amount of glass on the beach.

At the time I was living just off my pension and I had two daughters in college who were keeping me tapped out, so I was looking for ways to make a liitle more money to play golf, etc.

We were sitting on the beach one day and I held up a piece of glass and said, "This is pretty, someone should do something with this." I hadn't been to Glass Beach in decades. To us locals it was just the dumps; a place to take your kids for the day.

On the way out we passed a Native American woman selling some jewelry she had made along the path and I asked her if she did anything with the glass and she said "No", so I thought I would try it.

I invested $15 in materials and it took right off! About three weeks into it a little girl walked by with her mother and said, "Look, mommy, sea glass!" I'd never heard that expression before, I thought it was just a local phenomenom, just glass, so when I got home l looked it up on the Internet and found out that "Sea Glass" is a very popular thing. There is a whole industry out there!

Within the next week a park ranger came by and told me I couldn't sell in the park area without a "permit". She said she usually carried the forms (a lie) and that I could just go to the park district headquarters and get a permit (a lie). So I did. But I didn't. They don't issue such a permit. She also told me that I could set up in the parking lot as that was not in the park jusrisdiction, so I did that instead.

I sold the off the hood of my car for the rest of that summer and half of the next summer until a city policeman noticed me and told me I couldn't do that without a "permit". He said I could just go to City Hall and get one for $20 a day (a lie).

So I went to City Hall for my permit. The clerks refused to look me in the eye while they looked up my request for a permit in the "regulations". They affirmed that I could get a permit, but that it was tied to the vehicular code, like they never knew that, and brought out another huge book of "regulations" and found the code that applied. It said I had to have $800,000 in insurance, with the city carried as a co-insured, on my vehicle, to get the $20/day permit.

I pointed out that I had no vehicle, just a beach towel, and they told me it didn't matter, that the permit was "tied" to the vehicular code.

So I told them I wouldn't use a beach towel, I'd just hang the necklaces off my arms. They said it didn't matter, it was tied to the vehicular code and I had to have the insurance. You see, they don't want poor people being vendors in my town, and this is how they discourage them.

Well, it so happens that there is a piece of land at the end of the path to the beach that no one wants to claim as there is a slag pile there from the old dump that the owner will have to pay to clean up. It used to belong to Georgia Pacific, the old mill site owner, but they fenced it off long ago when it became part of the city dump. It is not in the park, not a part of Georgia Pacific, and the city does not acknowledge it is part of city land. It is a no-man's land. So I set up there with my beach towel.

I sold there for the last half of that summer and the first half of the next. I had a retail license and paid my sales tax, and thought I was finally in the clear. Wrong again

The local paper, the Advocate News, was disturbed by my being there so they called Georgia Pacific, the state parks and the city and complained. They all got together and sent down officials from each and told me they didn't know whose jurisdiction it was but that it was one of their's and that I couldn't be there. I should have made one of them claim jurisdiction on the land, and the responsibilty for the cleanup.

So I packed up and went to the gas station on the corner of the street leading to the beach and made a deal to sell there. Good people, hard working, self-sacrificing, Pakistani immigrants. The city police checked me out and told me I was OK, since I was on private property and didn't need a city "permit" and I thought I was finally home free. Wrong again.

After nine months of doing business there, the owner of the gas station got a letter from the Community Develepment Director, Marie Jones, who I later sued for libel because she said I was "stealing" glass, saying I was "an illegal increase of land use under the Coastal Act" and couldn't be there.

Well, at the corner of highways 409 and 1 I had noticed fruit vendors selling their fruit so I went to the sheriff's department and asked if I could sell there, too. They said, 'Yes, you just need a 'permit' from us and the county". I got both permits and set up the following weekend. Business was good. I couldn't complain. I was finally legal! No.

I take Mondays off and did so and then set up again on Tuesday. After about two hours a Caltrans truck pulled up and they told me I couldn't be there. I told them I had permits but they said they did not apply as the sheriff and county did not have jurisdiction there, they did, as the property was in the state right of way. I asked about the fruit vendors and was told that Caltrans does not patrol on weekends.

Cudos to the county and sheriff's department as they both refunded my permit fees.

So then I went to a man who had a business just about across the street from where I live. I live in a campground and at the time was living in a 28' class C RV. My actual living space was 8' by 8' with a kitchen space of about 8' by 6'. I was, am, a victim of "no fault divorce", you see. I was a ruined man trying to simply survive and stay off the streets. Indeed, I'd lived for six months in a tent in the sub-tropical rain forest in freezing weather because I wouldn't give up my dog and cat so I could rent an apartment. But that is another story.....

I set up in this man's yard for two days but I wasn't visible so I didn't have any sales. He told me I could set up inside as he had a display case and that he and his help would tend the "store" for me during the week so I could continue to collect glass, etc., and we made a deal.

One day a woman said my display was like a museum. I told him I actually would like to establish a museum, as I had a fantastic collection, so he cleared out his own office and we put a museum in there. It was such a hit that he cleared out a much larger office space and I moved the museum into there, doubling its size, using the old musem space as more gallery space. The next year I expanded the museum into another room, and the next into another room. The Sea Glass Museum is now the 7th most popular attraction in Fort Bragg according to

Now you know why I am so against so-called "no fault" divorce, and so much FOR "Free Enterprise".

Wake up America! Vote Republican, Libertarian, or Independent! You're no longer free and America is no longer the land of "Free Enterprise". If I didn't believe it was my constitutional RIGHT to do what I began to do, because I saw a Native American doing it, and had gone to the bother of checking out what permits (permission) I needed to do what I wanted to do, I would never have gotten anywhere: I wouldn't have had a business worth $840,000 today.

You shouldn't need to be a criminal to do what I did! It is your God-given right!

P. S. My business is for sale. I just turned 64 and want to move to Arcata to be with my daughters. Serious inquries only. Sale price $840,000. I have several people interested; highest bidder wins. Ever dreamed of being a professional BeachComber?

Is Obama A "Traitor"?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a "Traitor" is:

"1: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty

2: one who commits treason"

When Obama took his oath of office, he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and to enforce its laws.

He has instructed the Department of Justice to NOT enforce the immigration laws and has changed his own signature legislation, Obamacare, granting exemptions to special interest groups and changing timelines contained in the law without the consent of Congress through further legislation.

These things violate his oath of office, his legal obligation and his duty. Therefore he, and all the Democratic office holders, who took similar oaths, who continue to support him, are traitors.

All these people should be impeached, or recalled, and be prosecuted as such.

Progressive Demoralization

The so-called "Progressives" have been de-moralizing America for decades now. No fault divorce, general promiscuity, homosexual marriage and so-called "single" motherhood are the prime examples.

The Egyptians condoned homosexual marriage. The Romans used young boys to "pleasure" adult males in their bath houses through masturbation. The Greeks expected adolescent males to sodomize each other, but expected them to grow out of that by adulthood. After all, no one was being hurt by all these things, were they?

This is what happens when we allow weak, self-indulgent, people, to keep chipping away at our moral base.

This is the path the so called "Progressives" are leading us down, and I mean "down".

Phil Robertson & Beastiality

I believe A&E is wrong in suspending Phil Robertson for his free expression of what he believes religiously. I've never seen the show, but I believe they are wrong in trying to suppress both freedom of speech and religion.

I don't believe in either heaven or hell after life. We experience heaven and hell here according to how we live. If you are a glutton or drunkard, you suffer here, in this life. This is why things are "sins". They make us unhappy and/or sick here and now. I believe the Life within us, creating us, is eternal and our egos and personalities are not. Believe what you will, but this is my belief.

That being said, one of the big objections to what he said is that he compared homosexuality to beastiality and since I have first hand knowledge here, I feel I should throw it out there for people to consider.

One of my best freinds for my whole life since high school was bi-sexual. He is dead now. He died in his early fifties from his excesses (sins). No need to name him.

He told me once that he was just a "slut" who would "f@#k" anything. He also told me that while we were in high school he and a friend were driving past Pilgrim State Hospital one day, a hospital for the mentally ill we used to have on Long Island, when the sheep they kept were out in the meadow and visible from the road.

He said he stopped the car and he and his friend got out and had intercourse with the sheep. Of course he just said they "f@#ked" them.

I'm not saying that all homosexuals practice beastiality, but I am saying that Phil Robertson's remarks were not entirely off-base. Lust itself is undesirable and CAN lead to beastiality.

I have had a lot of homosexual friends in my life. I roomed with one at the academy for two years. I didn't know he was homosexual, and he dated girls at the time and didn't take up a homosexual lifestyle until after graduation. He tried to live a heterosexual lifestyle and was even engaged to be married at one point, but finally decided he was homosexual. He is still a good friend.

I don't call homosexuals "gay" because they are anything but that. My college roommate lost several "partners" to AIDS and caught AIDS himself but is, gratefully, a long time survivor. Homosexuals have a lot of emotional and psychological problems and a very high suicide rate. I feel sorry for their predicament.

All my close homosexual friends have told me they believed they would have had fuller, happier, lives if they could be heterosexual.

The trouble with the LGBT movement is that they portray their lifestyles as "good". The fact is that they are not "good". They are filled with emotional and psychological pain and sexually transmitted diseases. It was homosexual men who created the AIDS epidemic in America through their lustful, promiscuous, lifestyle. Promiscuity is a "sin" no matter the sexual orientation of the individual. It is a sin because it makes us unhappy and sick.

We should have compassion for our fellow people, but we need to be honest about the desirability of their lifestyles, whether they be homosexuals, alcoholics, drug addicts, gluttons, thieves, liars, or whatever else, and we have a moral obligation to teach our children that these things are not desirable and will hurt them and diminish the quality of their lives. They are sins.

If you teach your children that sodomy, gluttony, drug addiciton, alcoholism or any other "sin" is good and acceptable, you are hurting your children and society as a whole. If you don't think sodomy belongs in this list, search the Internet for the physical harm sodomy causes.

Phil Robertson should NOT be suspended for speaking his mind freely in a free nation where freedom of speech and religion are sacred. It was not hate speech, like Martin Bashir's comments regarding Sarah Palin, it was religious expression.

Mind you, I have my own sins. I sometimes drink too much and pay for it on the toilet and have been battling tobacco addiction for years. I have never met a person without at least one sin in their lives, no matter what their faith or beliefs.

The Captain's War on Spam

The Federal Trade Commission is supposed to be waging a war on spam, but we are still flooded with it because they are not doing their job.

We all know it is not safe to click on the "Remove From List" links in spam emails because they could lead us anywhere. They can infect our computers with viruses or allow phishers to steal our personal data. If we do ask to be removed, we are not.

Spam filters don't work, no matter how many times we block someone or block their domains.

It is time to put pressure on the FTC to crack down on these buttheads and the sites they try to send us to. This is the FTC's job!

To that end, I am encouraging everyone to forward their spam emails to the FTC. Just cut and past this email address into the address bar after clicking on "Forward": . You can also email the FTC to tell them enough is enough by clicking here: Forward Your SPAM to the FTC!

NOTE: Apparently this email address, which is on their website, doesn't work! What do we pay these people for? I have asked them on their Facebook page for the correct address and will post it if they bother to respond.

1/1/2014 UPDATE: I went to the FTC Facebook page On 12/20 and told them the email address was no good and asked for one that worked. They replied once but they have failed to provide it though I have now asked several times. Please go to this comment and add your own. They need a fire lit under them.

If the NSA can scan all our emails and web site visits, certainly the government can stop this abuse if they just apply themselves to it. Let's give them a kick in the pants to get them moving!

Let's take this viral! Please post this link on your social media sites!

Congressional Budget Deal Betrays Troops

Once again Congress has proven it cannot be trusted. The cutting of promised pension benefits for our troops is disgusting.

Meanwhile we keep paying welfare mothers to have children out of wedlock, destroying the family structure so essential to our nation's future. Each new child increases their "benefits", which were never earned.

Email your senators NOW and tell them this is an unacceptable outrage! The troops put their very lives on the line for us everyday in stupid, ill-conceived wars, while the welfare mothers just give us more children that will go on welfare, weakening the country and increasing violence in our ghettos.

The traitors vote to exempt themselves and their staffs from the outrages of Obamacare, but they cry the only way to save money is to cut our own troops throats!

When, I ask, will enough be enough?

Obamacare Disaster

Lies upon lies.

Obama has shown he is not just another lying, deceitful politician, but the biggest damn lying traitor we have had as president in a long, long time, as are all the Democrats who repeated his damn lies.

I encourage everyone to NOT sign up for this disaster.

The Bastardization Of America

America is being bastardized. The federal government is paying women to have children out of wedlock. This is having disasterous consequences.

7 out of 10 African American, 5 out of 10 Native American, 4 out of 10 Hispanic American and 2 out of 10 Caucasian American babies are now born out of wedlock.

By not demanding that fathers be identified and held responsible for their children, the Democrats have effectively destroyed the black family. Before the "War on Poverty", only 25% of black children were born out of wedlock. Now 72% are born out of wedlock. Women are having 10 to 15 children to get more and more money. This is not just amoral, it is disgusting and unconscionable behavior in an overpopulated world.

Promiscous males are now fathering children with several different women and there is no way to trace parentage. This exponentially increases the chance of inbreeding between these children and all the problems that go with inbreeding. This all places a great burden on society.

On top of that, the 50% of the population that is paying taxes is now paying to support all those bastard children. Any one of those taxpayers who object on religious grounds to funding and promoting such breeding is being forced by the government to go against their religious beliefs, something that is clearly unconstitutional.

The "secular state religion" is therfore denying religious freedom to those individuals. The constitution demands a separation of church and state and the imposition of the secular state religion on people is unconstitutional.

Though it seems clear that the government can establish charity for those in need, it is also just as clear that a charity can only be contributed to on a voluntary basis and that forcing people to support amoral and immoral behavior contrary to their religious beliefs is nothing more than theft.

One of the purposes of the 2nd Amendment is for the people to have the ability to resist an oppressive government that violates the constitution and their constitutional rights. Considering all the other unconstitutional aspects of the government, it seems clear that American citizens now have a constitutional duty to take up arms to force the government back into constitutional compliance if these issues cannot be resolved through the various legislatures and courts.

Though I feel it is legally justified, I AM NOT promoting people to take up arms here, but am stressing the seriousness of the situation and what I see as a looming threat to American peace and security. The rise of general militias in recent years is alarming and the only reason they are proliferating and growing in membership is the oppression of an increasingly socialist government trying to force them into promoting and supporting things they morally object to.

That, coupled with the denial of simple pleasures that the socialists deem immoral, like socializing over drinks or indulging in tobacco or having a 24 oz. soda, can lead to a breaking point where these militias will feel justified in taking armed action to regain their freedom and free themselves from the government's secular religious yoke.

The Democrats are leading us into an eventual disasterous civil war that they will lose since they are the unarmed party. The country is increasingly being divided between rural (conservative) and urban (liberal) sensibilities. This divide is growing and becoming more hostile, as evidenced by the gridlock in congress.

I fear this conflict is probably inevitable. As Toynbee noted, all great civilizations begin as Republics, as we did. Republics degenerate into Democracies, as we have. Democracies degenerate into Dictatorhips, which will happen when martial law is declared to put down rural, conservative, unrest. Dictatorships degenerate into Anarchy, which will be the result of the next American civil war as the country breaks up into its individual states.

Beware America! Excercise your votes to re-establish the Republic before we all find ourselves in the hell the Democrats paved the road to.

Holder & Democrats Assault Right To Self-Defence

Attorney General Holder and the Democrats are now assaulting "Stand Your Ground" laws and your right to defend yourself, your family and your property.

Once again the Democrats and hand-wringing, cowardly, liberals would put the rights and interests of low-life scum above the rights of decent, moral people. Make no mistake, this is the position of cowards. These people prey upon the fears and insecurities of others and won't stop until everyone is a victim.

They would have you believe that the criminal is the victim: that society is wrong, and has created them, so they must be protected.

One of the most basic of human rights is the right to protect yourself and your property, yet these cowards would have you run and hide instead when the "fight or flee" instinctual response is triggered or become a criminal yourself.

They would have you rely on the non-existent protection of the police, have you duck out a back window, instead of letting you legally protect your property and very life.

They want you totally dependent on them. They are autocrats and dictators who stand for anything but the personal freedom this country was founded on.

They are traitors to all things truely American.

Zimmerman, Martin & Racism

Zimmerman has been shown to be anything but racist. He took a black lady to his prom and has mentored blacks and advocated for them.

He was aquitted in a fair trial.

But now the liberal racists are raising a ruckus and want him persecuted as a racist by the federal government.

We have a thing called "double jeopardy" in our legal system. Once you are aquitted, you are supposed to be set free and not be further prosecuted.

We should not allow a further prosecution for "civil rights violations", nor should his family be able to sue him in civil court for "wrongful death".

These things make a mockery of our legal system and are pursued purely out of racism and spite by racist liberals.

How Democrats Oppress Minorities

It is the Domocrats who continue to oppress minorities.

The Democratic political organization stands on the backs of the poor and disenfranchised. They don't want them educated. They don't want them to have stable families. They want to keep them poor and ignorant. If they raise them up, they will lose their power, politically and financially.

They continue the same unfair funding of the educational system so the poor receive a poor education. They promote their bastardisation and poverty by encouraging women to have babies out of wedlock with government money.

It is the Republicans who abolished slavery. enacted the Fourteenth Amendment, outlawed lynching, and ended segregation in Little Rock in 1957.

It was Democrats who established the KKK.

Just how often have you heard a Democrat speak out against calling a child a "whitey" if he got good grades?

Obama calls himself black, but he is a mulatto. But why hasn't he used his power to speak out about black racism, and how it oppresses the blacks and holds them back? How often has he spoken out against the unfair funding of public schools? How often have you heard him address ANY of the issues that really afflict the black community?

Obama is a shame on both of the races he springs from.

The Republicans stand for REAL personal responsibility. The Democrats call personal responsibility the rich giving more to maintain and support their socialist state of the ignorant poor and their bastard children.

The Republicans want to teach people to fish. The Democrats want to throw rotten fish to people occassionally to keep them alive to vote.

Democrats are Godless autocrats who want everyone to live saintly, "safe", lives. Republicans want the freedom to live freely in the so-called "land of the free".

If you are a Democrat, you are a traitor. You are betraying the Republic with good intentions gone awry. You are cutting all our throats to give power to evil Democratic autocrats who are perfectly happy with the status quo. The poorer and more miserable the minorities, and everyone else, is, the better they do in elections.

Democratic politicians are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are scum.

Democratic politicians are the true oppressors. It is all to their advantage. If they truely helped raise people to the middle class, they would lose their voter base and power, priviledge and the wealth that goes with all of that.

Do you really think they want to raise people up? Democratic citizens might, but I can guarantee you the Democratic politicians do not.

Righteous & Self-righteous

Righteousness is lauded in holy scripture. Self-Righteousness is damned in holy scripture.

If you believe you MUST kneel upon a rug to pray, and that others who will get on their knees in the dirt to pray are evil, you are being "SELF-Righteous". If you think a person MUST receive communion, and that others who do not are evil in some way, you are being "SELF- Righteous." If only your kind do something in ritual that they think a person HAS to do to be righteous, then they are "SELF - Righteous". It is only "ritual" - a nice way to do something that brings one pleasure. It is NEVER "THE WAY", just A way.

The Creator wants love; It doesn't care how you give it.

These people bring a lot of hatred and suspicion to the front and can be very dangerous. Most notable in the news are the Muslim extremists murdering so many people, even Shia versus Sunni, worldwide, and the atrocities committed throughout Christiandom in the past.

Those who concentrate on the values the faiths all share, and practice those values, and respect others of all faiths who do the same, are the truely righteous.

Those who keep chaste before marriage, practice fidelity once married, and committ to each other not for love and sex, and THEIR OWN good, but for the sake of their children, are the truely Righteous.

Those who also partake of the world in a moderate way are the even more righteous. Those who would be gluttonish with any thing, while pointing their fingers at others who do not do the same, are the self-righteous.

The important thing the great faiths share is their moral values. Their idea of what is "virtuous", and the teaching that this is the best way to live the happiest life. Also, that these virtues are sacred to the health of the community: that it is vital for the health of the community at large that people live this way.

Much of what we do "religiously", is just ritual. This is true in all faiths. It is a nice way to express a feeling of spirituality or holiness, but it is not the only way. Other groups will use a different ritual. Just as it doesn't matter if you do THEIR "sacred" ritual: you have your own, it doesn't matter how they indulge their "holiness".

If in reading this you recognize yourself as "self-righteous', how about looking deeper and learning to love your neightbors who are behaving righteous, too.

Marvel at all the ways people LOVE the Creator, Who must be so great.

Peace comes only through understanding.


Back in the early '70's I visited the Amazon natives. Calling them "indians" is, to me, a disgusting racist tendency. "Indians" come from India. These are aboriginal Americans.

People dream of and wish for "Eden", the garden from which we sprang. These people have been living in that Eden since before history. It is what Eden is, and was. The tribe in Africa we all sprang from, whose gene we all carry, still live a similar life. Yes, we are all Africans.... every person on the planet carries this African tribe's gene, even the Amazonians.

The spiritual beliefs are interesting. They are very close to the truth. Whether they carry this forward into loving the Creator and knowing what miracles are, I can not say, but I doubt it. Judging from the domestic violence, they certainly don't have the higher concepts Jesus, and the other great teachers, taught.

In Eden, everywhere, people are still savages......They have not had to really struggle to survive and their brains have not been forced to develop a deeper intelligence. As hard as their lives sound to us, they are much easier in many ways. First of all, they don't need clothes....;-) They also don't have to commute or live in overpopulated cities, etc., that create great stress, thus their low blood pressures, etc. Those who left Africa have had a much greater struggle to survive, especially in the climate, that has led to a greater increase in mental ability.

Ruminate, cogitate, and protect the savage in his/her Eden, that we all can be humbled by our roots for the sake of peace.

While you are at it, thank the Creator for the hardships our ancestors faced that drove the select few to the extremes that forced them into trying to understand better our relationship to It that has so enhanced our lives, and given us the very possibilty of miracles.

CLICK HERE for Eden.

National Transportation Board Is Killing People

I just mailed the following letter to the National Transportation Safety Board. I suggest you do the same.


National Transportation Safety Board
490 L'Enfant Plaza, SW
Washington, DC 20594

Regarding your new proposed DUI limits I would like to point out the following: The .08 law has already made shut-ins of nearly everyone in rural America. At the peak of the DUI death rate in the early '70's, about 2 persons per 100,000 died in DUI related crashes. MADD's campaign dropped that to 1.7 per 100,000. The .08 law dropped it to 0.7 per 100,000.

So the .08 law, unconstitutionally imposed by the Federal government, is saving about 1 person per 100,000. The trouble is that you have made shut-ins of all of rural America. Suicide rates are up as are domestic violence rates and divorce rates. You are really saving no one, but actually causing more death and misery in this ludicrous pursuit. You are killing more people than you are saving! Get it?!

To say we should use public transportation or taxis that do not exist is insanity. To say we should use designated drivers when friends live tens of miles apart on rural roads is also insane.

We used to have things to do here at night. We had 3 bands in town on the weekends. We could go out and have dinner and dance with our spouses. We could go to the bowling alley.

Well, all those places have closed down thanks to you and these ridiculous, inhumane laws. How many more restaurants do you want to close in our town? Single people already have no where to go to meet anyone. In at least one county in Ireland they are now issuing "drunk driving" permits to rural people because the suicide rate spiked so high amongst the shut-ins.

I don't give a damn what your mission is. You are creating great misery and killing far more people than you are saving and destroying countless marriages. You should be taking these social effects into consideration before proposing an even greater reduction in the legal limit to .05.

What is wrong with you people? The .08 law might make sense in the cities, where there IS public transportation available at night, but you are literally killing us in rural America, creating a dissatisfaction that will help fuel the next revolution.

You city dwellers are idiots with eyes blindfolded. Wake up! Living kills. No one is getting out of here alive! Get the hell out of our lives! You are making us miserable, not protecting us.

18 in 100,000 are dying from suicide. 15 in 100,000 from STD's, and you keep wringing your hands over 1 in 100,000. If you really want to SAVE lives, raise the limit back to .15 for men and .12 for women. You are a bunch of damned Safety Nazis. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." You are the devils paving the road. God rot you. You are murderers.

Very Sincerely,
Capt. Joseph H. Forrington

Democrats Don't Believe It's YOUR Life

All of us know no one is getting out of here alive. Living kills. Most of the people I've met have made a bad choice somewhere and have a vice. They drink too much, or eat too much, or smoke too much, or have sex too much with too many people, etc. They have decided that although this thing might kill them younger than otherwise, they don't care. Life has to be worth living and they do their vice regardless of the consequences.

They believe it is THEIR life and they have a right to live it as they want, regardless of the consequences.

Democrats and so-called "Progressives" don't believe that. They believe they know what is better for you and they are determined to make you live that way regardless of what you want. The latest greatest example is Mayor Bloomberg's ban on large sodas. It doesn't matter that you can buy 3 or 4 sodas, just that he thinks big sodas are bad for you. Yes, they are. But a lot of people don't give a damn. They know they aren't getting out of here alive and big sodas are a big pleasure they can enjoy while they are alive.

The so-called "liberals" are anything but when it comes to doing something they don't approve of. They tax your cigarettes and alcohol and make you wear seat belts and helmets, and won't let you drive over .08 BAC, and try to make you wear a condom while you are committing sodomy because they want you to live long, "healthy", lives according to what they think is best for you.

They justify this by saying you are a burden on the public health system if you don't live their way, even though most of them don't either. Fat Progressives hate smoking Progressives. Dope smoking Progressives hate drinking Progressives. Sex addict Progressives hate conservatively sexual Progressives, etc., etc., etc. Bunch of holier-than-thou hypocrites, really.

The fact of the matter is that this is YOUR life and you've only got one shot at it. If you want to drink, or smoke, or eat, or screw yourself to death, that should be YOUR DECISION, not some damn busy-body's who thinks he or she knows what is "best" for you. Frankly, most of us don't give a damn and just want to be left alone to do whatever it is we do that makes us happy.

The next time you go to vote, think about who is offering you freedom and who is going to tell you what is "best" for you and will try to make you live that way through taxes, laws and whatever. I don't believe in excess myself, and try to avoid it, usually, but damn it, it is my life and I want the hang-wringing know-it-alls out of it. If I want 32 ounces of soda in one cup instead of three, regardless of how bad it is for ME, that is my damn decision.

If you are some wimpy "Progressive" or "Liberal" who can't understand this, and still want to elect buttheads who are going to be telling me what I can and can't do with my life, just remember that when the revolution comes, we will be coming for safety nazi's like you! Freedom loving people HATE dictators, regardless of what they are dictating. Get the hell out of our lives if you know what is good for you. Remember the straw that broke the camel's back. The camel's back is now bending under a heavy load, especially in rural America and among the middle class.

You see, our Founding Fathers understood this. That is one reason they kept "religion" and "government" separate. I'm damn sure they didn't want the damn Puritans telling them how to live their lives, or else, and I'm damn sure they wouldn't want the new state, secular, government, "religion" telling them either. They believed in personal choice and an individual's right to live his or her life without everone else butting in. This is also why they established a Republic, where voting was an earned priviledge, instead of a rotten, damned, degenerate democracy where every idiot with an IQ of 70 could vote for corrupt politicians who promise him the fruit of other people's hard earned labor.

This is also why there should be no "public" health care. If you decide to be a glutton, I should not have to pay for your medical care when you get diabetes and heart disease, etc. People should be responsible for their own health care insurance and costs. Maybe then they would be more responsible for themselves, just like so-called "single mothers" should be responsible for the children they bring into the world, and not the rest of us. These people should be made to rely on the true charity of others, not the forced charity from other, responsible, people. If the liberals want the irresponsible to be cared for, regardless of their lifestyles, then let them care for them. I know this sounds harsh, but it is the only just way to deal with these problems. The miseries of the world should not have to be born by those who try earnestly to avoid them.

Email To President Obama

Mr. President;

Most of my career I worked for the government on Military Sealift Command chartered vessels carrying military cargo. In doing so, I saw tremendous government waste. MSC reps, for instance, think a ship in port on a holiday looks bad for them, so they will do all they can to put it to sea, even though it costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. One such incident I can chronicle on my own ship cost us taxpayers $70,000.

Military commanders and MSC reps talk about "square inches" of deck space and "square feet" of ocean instead of square yards or feet and square miles so their numbers seem more impressive to government bureaucrats and politicians for budget purposes.

ALL government agencies try to spend their total budget at the end of the fiscal year so their budgets aren't cut the following year. This leads to tremendous waste.

The trouble as I see it is that we elect "politicians", like you, who have "dreams", instead of "administrators" who actually pay attention to what the heck is going on in all the government departments and agencies. I'd wager a large sum that you could cut government spending by at least a third if you just did your damn job and "administered" the government, instead of focusing all your time and attention on politics and your pet programs.

Of course this is not just you, it is all our presidents, it seems. I can't recall one in my 62 years of life who actually "administered" the government. You all hire your political cronies and people you want to reward to run all the departments and then just leave it to them with no oversight. You do not "manage". You hire, these days, who you think will look good in the job politically and leave them to it without any management or oversight from the Chief Executive.

Get involved, Mr. President, and do the REAL job and see what you can do. You might even impress the Republicans and make a real name for yourself in history.

Even Jon Stewart ripped on you tonight for the shameful situation in the Vets Dept. because you promise and promise and DON'T DO ANYTHING! You are not being the Chief Executive in any way I can see and you could cut the waste so much if you just did your damn job!

Capt. J. H. (Cass) Forrington
USMMA '72 Cum Laude
USMM Retired
Letter To former President Clinton

I mailed this letter to former President Clinton today:


President Clinton:

You will probably never even get to read this. But it is worth a try. Maybe the "filter" who reads this first, and second and third, or whatever, will see fit to pass it on despite my tone. Maybe they will think it makes sense and you should know…. Forgive the angry language, but I am a very angry man. I have edited out as much as I can and still express myself freely.

Your unconstitutional forcing of the .08 law has killed many more people than it has saved. You have created great suffering and misery in rural America by creating a huge population of shut-ins who can no longer seek solace in social engagement and the company of others. We are social creatures, Bill, and Americans socialize around alcohol, whether you like it or not. People kill themselves, a lot, when they are isolated and lonely. Just look at our Vets.

Suicide rates are up, especially amongst the young. Domestic violence is up, including spousal murder, because couples can no longer leave their homes to relieve stress and enjoy the company of others, as are divorce rates for the same reason. Imagine being stuck alone with Hillary every night with only the trash on TV to entertain you. ;-)

The DUI death rate has even gone up in my county, mostly amongst the young, because people are now driving dangerous backcountry roads to and from each other's houses instead of on the 25 MPH roads in town, where we used to have a nightlife, and could teach our young to drink responsibly. They need to avoid the police, you see, because the police make up reasons to stop anyone driving after 10PM to see if they've been drinking. They use things like, "I think you might have crossed the fog line", or, "I think you made that turn a little wide". Of course this is unconstitutional, but who gives a damn these days? Certainly not the courts. We have very little traffic on our roads after 10PM these days, Bill.

DUI is a big business here, bringing in 2.2 Million dollars for the county each year. Pretty good in a county of 87,500 souls, huh? Court business is really up! Mostly due to DUI related things: DUI, domestic violence, driving on a suspended license, parole violations, etc, etc., etc. Lawyers and DUI "education programs" are making a fortune! Ain't that great?

You see, in rural America, Bill, people have to be able to drive to keep their jobs and provide for themselves and their families. We don't have public transportation, so people have to drive to get to work and the DUI "programs" on suspended licenses.

The punishments for DUI are most definitely "cruel and unusual" as they take the ability to work and provide away. The county jail, where they practice sleep deprivation, by-the-way, always has lots of customers.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and you have paved it very well. For votes, right? You sold us all out in rural America and made us prisoners in our own homes for votes? You claim to have concerns for the common man, but you don't even know him, or understand his true needs. You are inhumane in your ignorance.

There are no "designated drivers" when single people live tens-of-miles apart on rural roads. It doesn't matter now, anyway, as the places we used to go for dinner and dancing, etc., are now all gone. Even the bowling alley went out of business. First the smokers stopped coming because of the 2nd hand smoke bull. Then the drinkers because of the .08 bull and then, finally, the eaters, lest they slip on a piece of lettuce and sue the alley bull. You can't stay in business if you have no patrons, and everyone I ever met has a vice, Bill, and I've visited over 27 countries on every coast of every continent but Antarctica, where I'm sure they also enjoy a drink. Lucky they don't have to drive…they might hit a penguin!

Oh, everyone still smokes and drinks and eats, alright. They just do it at home, alone, to greater excess, in front of their screens and gadgets, getting more unfit, mentally and physically, each passing day.

Are you getting any of this, Bill? I don't think so. You wouldn't understand this because you are a privileged, "safety nazi", city-living elitist who thinks he knows better than everyone else what is "good" for them. You only "rub shoulders" with "'Po Folk" who want to kiss your butt. Personally, I think your Harlem office is insulting to black people, Bill. Might as well be in the mansion on the plantation.

In effect, you have unconstitutionally placed all of rural America under house arrest, most in solitary confinement, thanks to the "no fault divorce" laws I'm sure you favored. After all, aren't all men pigs? You should know about that, Bill. I'm sure Hillary told you. Let's see, what was your vice again?

Single people in rural America no longer have anyplace to meet a new mate except at work, and places of work have few employees. They are condemned to lives of solitude.

The .08 limit might make sense in the cities where there is 24 hour public transportation available, and on urban high speed freeways, but in rural America you have destroyed the quality of our lives.

You know how crazy it's gotten, Bill? In my town of 6,000 you will even get arrested walking down the street at .08 as that is the "public intoxication" level now. Can't have "drunks" stumbling off the sidewalks into the non-existent traffic now, can we? Even town dwellers can't go out anymore here.

At the height of the DUI death rate in the early '70's, we were losing just over 2 persons per 100,000. Compare that to 18 per 100,000 for suicides and 15 per 100,000 for STD's. What did you do there, Bill? Oh, that's right, you don't believe in chastity and fidelity, do you?

MAAD's campaign of education cut that to 1.7 per 100,000. Your .08 bull cut it again to .7 per 100,000, but the increase in suicides, murders and deaths from overdoses of all kinds of drugs by distressed, isolated, people has far surpassed the one person you are "saving". You are not even saving one person, as the vast majority of DUI deaths come from drivers with a BAC over .15. Do a little research online and you will find all of this is true. Ever spend time in solitary, Bill? Solitary is our worst punishment in prison. Know why? Try spending a day in your closet…. Oh, hell, just try spending a week alone in your mansion; no servants, no one but you, your computer and your TV.

You really don't know what people need. You oppress them in the name of safety and drive them to suicide in their lonely misery, telling them they can use designated drivers or taxis that don't exist.

I know you haven't got the guts to change this, but thought you should know. Screw the rural people, right, Bill? Gotta keep the party in power, right? Can't offend the handwringers, can we? After all, what's a bunch of more deaths and a whole lot of misery for the country folk? They aren't the power-base of your party. That lies in the cities and the slums you perpetuate by not demanding personal responsibility from all those "single" mothers. Rural America always votes for the other guys…the heck with them.

I hope it weighs heavily on your soul, anyway. You have created a bubbling cauldron of discontent and misery with your self-righteousness. You are responsible for even more deaths, injuries and general misery than drunk drivers because you signed the bill, Bill. You set the policy and the precedent.

One county in Ireland has now begun issuing "drunk driving" permits to the rural people because suicide rates amongst DUI shut-ins spiked so high. But that is the Irish. They are known for their humanity.

I hope you lose sleep over this, Bill. We 'Po country folk all do.

I'm just a man who can remember being a free American, who now lives in chains, like everyone else in rural America, thanks to you and Hillary and your "safety nazi", politically correct, hand-wringing hacks. And to think, you were a Rhodes Scholar….

Ever see John Wayne in the movie "The Alamo"? He plays Crockett. When Travis asks him why he came, he says, "I just like the word 'Republic'. It means a man can get stinking drunk and walk home and no one will bother him." I was raised to be like John Wayne, Bill, and you and your crowd of cowardly handwringers have outlawed him. Unfortunately, true freedom, and life in general, involves risk, Bill. Can you handle that? Freedom has a cost.

You sold us all out, Bill, and in doing so created huge suffering and human misery, and all for nothing but votes and your own pathetic feelings of self-righteousness. You've killed more than you saved and the killing and general misery goes on and on. You and your kind are what the kids call "safety nazis", the term I used earlier. It's nice to know the young despise your kind: it gives me some hope for the future.

Americans socialize around alcohol. Some die because of it, but that is the price of freedom. Remember that word, Bill? FREEDOM from idiots like you who "know what is best" for the rest of us. You are a murderer and a torturer of the human spirit. Why don't you live in Saudi Arabia, where everything is forbidden? Oh, sorry, I forgot, they'd have cut your head off over there for your behavior.

If you did get to read this, good. It feels good to blow off steam at the one you're pissed at. Holding things in causes stress and is unhealthy, you know, just like isolation and loneliness. I do know you are doing some good now that you are an Ex-Prez, and I'll even include this line when I post this letter on my Captain's Rag website. But I despise you and your ilk for your self-righteous garbage that has stolen our social lives and freedom and forced us into solitary confinement, suicide, domestic abuse, murder, drug and food abuse and divorce. There is a great word for people like you, Bill. It begins with "a" and ends with "e". Seven letters, Bill. Any good at crossword puzzles? We used it a lot in Kings Point to describe people like you, but it is used widely throughout our society because, unfortunately, there are a lot of people like you and always has been. In fact, it is used worldwide…Come now, you know, the entrance to the place where the sun doesn't shine….

Again, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and you have done a fine paving job. (Insert your own choice of profanity here, I edited my own seaman's language out. I had to do a LOT of editing to get this letter to the point where I could mail it and think you might actually see it.) Google me, Bill….

Very Sincerely,
Capt. J. H. (Cass) Forrington
USMMA '72, Cum Laude
USMM Retired

P.S. Please don't have your people send me one of those "thank you for your letter" things. It will just piss me off more. Really, don't let them send it. You'll be able to hear me scream all the way from California.

P. P. S. As a former ship's Captain with a breathalyzer, I believe .15 for men and .12 for women (because they metabolize alcohol differently) is reasonable. I used to check my officers on a voluntary basis just to see how they were affected at what levels. ;-) But no one should be stopped unless they are violating a law. That's how it used to be: the constitutional way. DUI checkpoints are definitely unconstitutional and the term "I think" is totally unacceptable coming from a police officer. Regular drinkers and "maintenance alcoholics" have a much higher tolerance. I had one crewmember who drank two bottles of vodka a day and no one knew it until it came out in a court deposition years later. No, the case was not about him…. You safety nazis like to take everything down to the least common denominator, another great reason to despise you. Ever notice how these things never affect you privileged elite? Must be nice having a chauffeur to drive you to all your parties and receptions, etc. And, you probably don't drink anymore since you ruined you own health with your vices…. But you didn't have to worry about that as governor or president, did you, Bill? When was the last time you drove yourself again? Seven letters, Bill.

The Catholic Conclave; A New Pope

The Christian churches that have the people pray to saints and "men-made-God", are making pagans of the people.

The Catholic Church is ready to elect a new Pope. If the cardinals, these proud, vain, self-satisfied, anything-but-poor, some fat, some unchaste in all kinds of ways, held their conclave in public, the public would be shocked and "dis-illusioned" by what they hear and see.

These men are professionl politicians. The robes, incense, "holy" water and rituals are all just showmanship to draw the people and instill a holy "feeling" in them. They make the "holy spirit" a "person" instead of telling people they were born with that "spirit", just like their humorous spirit, loving spirit, sad spirit, happy spirit, hateful spirit, generous spirit, envious spirit, etc. They divide the one Creator into three parts, one of whom was just a humble craftsman.

They distance the people from the simple truth that truely makes their word miraculous. Because the faiths are power structures, with rich, worldly rewards for those that participate, especially those who rise to the top, only totally un-saintly people rise to the top.

So, too, in all the faiths. This is why the conclave in held in total secrecy. People don't hide what they do unless they know is is shameful. They are hypocrites, ashamed of how they do what they do. They know the people would lose repect for them if they saw them how they really are.

Jesus didn't eat himself, he encouraged people to eat together and talk about his teachings: to share meals in remembrance of him.

In saying it was his flesh and blood, he was saying all living things contain the same Life; that we are all one in the Creator. He taught in parables, or riddles, to make people think about what he was saying and draw their own conclusions.

The faiths keep the people unified around the moral laws and the belief in a higher power, which is good. But the faiths all mislead the people when they have them love, worship and adore anything spiritual that is not the one Creator they find within themselves: their very Life. Only true lovers of the Creator, who carry the love of the Creator in their hearts, all day, see and enter the heavenly world of the saintly.

You are not expected to do this. Only a few become saints. But you can have a much better world if you learn to love the Creater properly.

I am not telling you either Jesus, Buddha or Krishna were God's son. I am telling you what they told you, that You are the Creator's child, It's creation and incarnation.

Jesus did not pray to Moses or Elijah. He communed with and loved the Creator creating him and the world, and that is what he told you to do, with all your heart, if you wanted to enter his world. "The Kindom of Heaven" lies within you.

If you are praying to Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Buddah, Krishna or any of the saints, you are not doing what they did and wanted you to do to enter their heavenly world.

He was a Jew and worshipped the one Creator. He didn't just pray, he actually walked around feeling love for the Creator worshipped by the Jews. So did Mohammed, and Krishna and Moses.

If you want to undertand this in more detail, CLICK HERE for the site that explains this.

Pathetically Weak Muslim Taliban Men

Muslim radical men, like the Taliban and Al Queda, are admittedly weak men. They cover their women lest they become sexually excited looking at their beauty. This fear of arousal creates the whole female-phobic society.

In other cultures men are strong enough to control their sexual desires so their women can display their beauty and prettiness, though some degree of modesty is the normal.

These most extreme people also ban music, dancing, and anything else that might create sexual arousal or tempt them. This fear can only be because they are admittedly weak men compared to men throughout most of the rest of the world, who seem to have very little problem controlling their lust.

In fact, Saudi Arabia has the highest rape rate in the world, even though 98% of the rapists are caught within a week and executed within two weeks.

The whole female-phobic society is corrupt and oppresive. It suppresses the joy of being human when it suppresses music and dance, etc., and is totally inhumane in the way it treats women. To oppress the human brain and spirit in such a way is nothing but evil.

These men who would enslave and oppress the world are weak lunatics and murderers. They are worse then the rapist, mass murderer and pedophile. Only when their people learn to control them by whatever means possible, is world peace possible. Until then, the people who harbor them and tolerate them deserve all the misery they bring upon them, for they, too, are weak and cowardly.

Those women who go along with the program, but yearn for freedom, should organize, mobilize and cut off all sex. This has worked in other places and can work in Islam, too, if the movement is big enough and well organized enough. Some might be martyred, but it will be far less then who are being martyred now.

Muslim women in "free" societies should stop wearing the oppressive clothing, including the scarf, to show support for this. It is symbol of oppression. A woman can be modest and submit to her husband without sacrificing her dignity.

Can the women of Islam be stronger then their men? Can they give us peace?

2012 Presidential Election By County

Check the second map on this site, the one that shows who won by county, and tell me "what is wrong with this picture". MAP

The liberals in our cities now control our elections.

The Fiscal Cliff

My father-in-law bought each of my daughters US Bonds after they were born in the '80's. They pay over 8% and 9%. If you buy a US Bond today, it will pay just .06%. It is nearly worthless. IF the congress doesn't act to fix our problems in the next 6 weeks, automatic cuts will take effect that probably cause the value of US Bonds to increase, but the economy, once again, will take a major blow.

Faith in our economy is only at .06%. We are already bankrupt. Get it? The Fed shouldn't keep printing money and huge cuts have to be made in spending. Can Obama and the Democrats "compromise" enough to save us? Tax increases alone barely scratch the surface of this problem.

Teeter-Totter, Teeter, Totter.......I don't think so.

We fell off the Fiscal Cliff in 2008.

Hello ObamaCare, Good Bye Medicare

Obama won, so it looks like ObamaCare is going to stick. Consider this:

I priced a Part F Medicare plan for my sister. It will cost her $350/month to cover what medicare doesn't. Medicare Part B is an additional $115 and a Part D program for her medicines adds another $15. So my sister is paying a total of $480/month. That is more than my union's COBRA full coverage for a single person and it is a grade A plan with a low deductable and a low cap.

In 2014, everyone will have to buy health insurance. If my sister is paying $480/month for Supplemental coverage, what will others pay for full coverage? If they are insuring a family, how much even more? Imagine the coming impact on the economy. Those of the 30 million uninsured who could have, and will now have to, buy insurance, will no longer be buying other goods and services. That money will all be going to the monopolistic health care companies.

People who just can't afford it on their own will be subsidized by the "government", i.e., the tax payer, but will still have to pay something if they can, another huge hit on the economy. Still more will be paying extra taxes to help pay for those who cannot pay on their own. This is a huge society-wide tax increase that is going to slam the already staggering economy.

Once they have everyone buying insurance, they can just do away with traditional Medicare......The insurance for the poor will be paid for on a sliding scale by the rest of us......just like now, under Obamacare......and is similar to the Republican "voucher" program, but extends government assisted health care over the entire lifetime..... cradle to grave.

As the Republicans first came up with mandates, and this is a nearly total privitization of Medicare, I expect they will embrace this. They might even propose it. It makes no sense to keep Medicare once everyone is required to buy insurance.

Vacation Insanity - TORT Reform!

I took a brief vacation recently and went back to Kings Point for my 40th reunion. I also met up with my daughter, Michelle, who was also travelling back east, and she also attended my reunion and we then took a trip out to Bay Shore, Long Island, where I grew up. We visited with my sister and brother-in-law, who still live there.

It was a lot of fun, but Bay Shore had changed a lot. I showed her the houses I grew up in and took her to Fire Island, where I used to run the ferries to. Now it will change a lot again due to Superstorm Sandy, which flooded it up to Main Street. All the places my daughter and I visited, the houses, beaches, Fire Island and the restaurants we ate in ended up underwater a few weeks later.

Luckily my sister's house only lost a tree and their commercial crabbing boat escaped unscathed.

The motel we were staying at out at Bay Shore had a pool. You had to have 2 adults present to use the pool, however, and one of them had to be out of the water. Then, at both Fire Island and Jones Beach, it was off season and there were no lifeguards on duty during the week so it was forbidden to swim.

You could pull up in a boat right offshore and jump in and splash around to your heart's content, but don't dare go into the water off of the "public" beach! All of this is total insanity and would be fixed by reasonable tort reform. This is insanity! We can't do Anything anymore.

If Obama Wins, We All Lose

We have heard over and over again that "No one could get the job done in one term". We have heard what a great guy Obama is and how much the Democrats love our troops. We have heard nothing about all the broken promises made last time around.

The simple fact is that if Obama is re-elected, in four years we will be in the same place or worse off than we are now because there is no way Obama and the Democrats can get anything done with a Republican controlled House of Representatives.

They can blame the Republicans all they want about non-cooperation. The fact is that the situation will still be the same and next time around we will still be hearing the same sad excuses and we will still be where we are now or worse off.

If you really want change, the only way is to give the Republicans a chance by giving them the presidency and a majority in the Senate.

Otherwise the national debt will continue to skyrocket and the moral base of the country will continue to degenerate.

Obama says the Democrats are about "individual responsibility" and everyone doing their share, but the socialist, welfare, state they promote and want says they are not. They are for the decent, moral, hard-working people taking care of the irresponsible, lazy, people.

The Republicans stand for individual responsibility. The Democrats stand for single motherhood and so-called "no fault divorce". Why? Because the Democrats believe men are evil and women are saintly. They are man-haters. Never mind about the totally irresponsible behaviour of all those so-called "single" mothers.

The Republicans want you to keep your hard-earned income, while the Democrats want you to give it away to the 66% of black mothers, 52% of Native American mothers, 41% of Hispanic mothers, 24% of non-Hispanic white mothers, and 16% of Asian mothers who don't demand a marriage contract before having a child so they, and the fathers of their children, can provide for those children instead of decent, hard-working, moral people doing it.

Not once have we heard Obama use the bully pulpit to urge women, and men, to be responsible in their child-bearing. Not once has he encouraged a moral, responsible path. All he, and the Democrats, do is cry out for responsible people to care for the morally weak and irresponsible.

Why do you think being a "bastard" used to be a bad thing? Because those so-called "single" mothers had to rely on others to care for those children. They are, and always have been, a burden on society and every moral society does not tolerate that kind of behaviour.

The Republicans stand for decency and responsibilty. The Democrats stand for amoral behaviour and irresponsibility.

If you vote for Obama, you vote against the American republic and American prosperity.

If you vote for Obama and the other Democrats running this year, you vote for a depressed economy and the continued moral corruption of this great nation.

Don't vote for Obama and the Democrats for their "good intentions". The road to hell is paved with "good intentions".

Vote this time for individual moral and economic responsibility.

Obama Dictates To Godless Democrats

It takes a 2/3rds majority of delegates to change the Democratic Party platform.

The delegates removed reference to God and Jeruselum from the party platform.

Knowing this would rightfully upset too many voters, Obama told the convention to put the references back in so he could hoodwink us all again to get re-elected.

Anyone watching the convention knows 2/3rds did not want them put back in, but they were put back in anyway when it was blatantly, falsely, claimed that 2/3rds had voted "yes".

So much for the so-called "Democratic" party. They are the party of dictators who could care less for the rule of law, even their own laws within the party, and the Constitution, when they want to mandate or dictate to the rest of us.

I urge everyone to vote Republican or Independent in November. Throw the damn dictators out!

Obamacare SCOTUS Decision

Justice Roberts has now decided that fines and penalties are taxes. What is that guy smoking? When you get a fine or penalty from the IRS, it is not called a "tax". It is called what it is, a fine or penalty.

If congress had intended a "tax", that is the word they would have used.

First the idiot gives us Citizens United and corrupts the entire political system even more than it already is. Now he gives us Obamacare by calling a fine a tax and expands the power of the Feds unconstitutionally again.

How pathetic. All that money will now be taken out of our depressed economy and will be given to the monopolisitic health care companies. Isn't that great? Now you can use Obamacare to pay for your malnutrition and exposure to the elements when you lose your home.

When people are elected or appointed to positions in Washington they automatically have their common sense and moral sense of right removed.

Our government has become "un-American". You can't even trust a so-called conservative to actually be conservative. How long can this go on?

Obama's Illegal Immigrant Child Policy

Obama's new policy as per illegal immigrant children brought here as minors "sounds" like the right thing to do. Maybe it would be if our borders were secure. But they are not.

What he has done, in an obvious political move, is to give illegals a great reason to smuggle their underage children across our border and then hunker down. It is, in effect, an amnesty and an illegal path to citizenship.

Obama likes making his own law and ignoring the laws we have.

Once again he has shown how little he regards the opinions, laws and processes of we the people. Once again he sold these things out.

DUI Deaths & Suicide Deaths

We have about 18 suicides per 100,000 people in the United States today. We have about .75 of a person per 100,000 that die in a DUI related accident and more than half of those occur when a driver has a BAC of .15 or greater.

In the early '70's, when the DUI related death rate was at its highest, we were losing 2 people per 100,000 in DUI related crashes. Education and the .08 law, mostly education, which began with MADD in '72, have lowered the death rate and we are saving 1.25 lives per 100,000.

I don't believe the .08 law and the restrictions that have shut down social life in rural America is worth this. If the limit was like it used to be, we would have less suicides and I believe the net outcome would be we would be saving lives.

The divorce rate would also go down if married couples could get out and blow off energy and steam once in a while.

We also have 10 people in 100,000 die from sexually transmitted diseases each year. Where is the outcry over that if the 1.25 person is so vital?

And where, oh where, are all those bodies piling up from secondhand smoke?

"Common Law" Marriage

Over 50% of the welfare budget goes to "single-parent households", while about only 5% of the total goes to "two-parent households".

This is the legal truth. But it is not the real truth. There are not "single-parent households" unless a spouse has died.

There is a thing called "Common Law". Under the common law, if a couple lives together for more than three years (this might vary in differnt places) or produce a child, then they are legally considered married. Thus a couple who met out on the plains, where no authority was present who could perform a "marriage ceremony", could be respectfully be considered to be married.

Current law in New York and other places allow a father to decline to have his name put on the birth certificate which then creates a legal status of "unmarried" for the mother, which greatly increases her ability to get on the Welfare rolls and which also allows the father to somehow get out of his legal responsibility to provide for his children.

If he fathers children by many women, he is actually a polygamist with all his children on the Welfare rolls.

In the United States as a whole, 71% of black children live in a single-parent home, 52% of Native American children, 41% of Hispanic or Latino children, 24% non-Hispanic white, and 16% of Asian children do the same.

Of course each race also has its own level of economic difficulty, with the blacks having the least educational, and therefore economic, opportunites, etc.

This, however, is not the point. The point is that we are allowing people to make babies without making them financially and morally responsible for those babies. I know maintaining two homes is expensive. I've had to do it, thanks to our ridiculous divorce laws, and I ended up spending 6 months living in a tent in the rain forest in the winter.

The point is that two people who make a baby should be required to live together, like the "married" couple they truely are, to cut costs if that is what is necessary for them to provide for that baby without getting assistance from the rest of us. To me, this is just moral, ethical, common sense.

As I've said before, people need to be held responsible for the financial requirements of raising their children. We have so denegrated the institution of marriage, and made divorce so easy, in this country, that we have so many single-parent households and so much social welfare "for the sake of the children".

These children are not "illigitimate". There is no such thing. But we have a right to know who the father is so we can force him as much as possible to provide for his children, including moving in with the mother, before we provide the family any money in the form of Welfare.

Single mothers should be required to identify the father, or possible fathers, so paternity tests can be performed to determine who is responsible for what children before tax-based assistance is provided. When put under pressure, their own communities will provide for them and "single-parenthood" will become a socially discouraged thing. Call it "tough love".

If the parents live together and still cannot make ends meet, and the help of charities can not fill all their needs, then monetary relief can be provided by the rest of us through the government.

Birth Control Mandate

People who are against contraception have many reasons to be so. I personally think we need to control the population explosion and that contraception is nearly a moral requirement now, with families only having 2 or 3 children.

But the people who are against it do have their reasons and they are very good reasons. I think the population problem over-rides that, though. I believe in chastity before marriage and fidelity afterwards. It is not a perfect world, though. But contraception makes it easier to be promiscuous, as do antibiotics, and we don't ban them, unless you're a Christian Scientist.

However, the government forcing a religious organization to provide something they believe is harmful to the person receiving it, whether they are of the same faith or not, is completely unconstitutional. It is forcing someone to act against their moral judgement. It doesn't matter what faith the receiving person is, they believe it is harmful to them and don't want to provide it. This is also legitimate just on the basis that each method of chemical or bodily intrusive contraception is also potentially deadly.

This is the big problem with the Democrats. They think they know better than everyone else and force them to do what they want them to do (or not do), despite what the Constituion says. They want power over us they don't have a right to have. Seat belt laws, helmet laws (bikes and motorcycles), life jacket laws, and the .08 DUI limit are all unconstitutional. Now they have suspended Habeas Corpus and will allow a person to be locked up indefinitely by the military without trial just on "suspicion", whatever that means, of being a terrorist.

This is outrageous! As is a great deal of the so-called "Patriot Act".

Write your representatives and tell them you want your individual liberty back and tell them to stay away from the faiths. Read the Constitution and demand your reps stick to it. If they did, we wouldn't be at war now.

Vote for Ron Paul if you are a Republican and get others to, too. Even if he doesn't win the nomination, his delegates will get to influence the party platform. Aren't you sick of this government intrusion and restriction?

Syrian Intervention

As in Libya, the international community should intervene to help the Syrian people establish a democracy.

Syria is currently a terrorist state. We are engaged in a war on terror and we see people in great numbers in Syria willing to die for their freedom. Helping them will help us. There will be large numbers of Syrians who appreciate it, like the South Koreans still do to this day.

This should not be a United States mission. It should be run like Libya was.

Helping these people, and getting rid of the terrorists in power led by Assad is, to me, just common sense and the humane thing to do.

The Self-Righteous

The Self-Righteous lead us continuously into war and misery. They corrupt all the faiths and spread hatred instead of brotherly love. They are never "spiritual" people, though they profess to be so, because spiritual people are loving and compassionate and see a single humanity, not a fractured one.

The Self-Righteous will now lead us to a major war in Iran. But it is the Self-Righteous in Iran who are also instigating it and escalating it. None of these people are spiritual. They are seekers of power and fame, which makes them infamous. The truely spiritual are humble.

Israel will be used to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities and if the Iranians retaliate, the United States and its allies will invade Iran. The powers that be in the West want the war so as to keep their military industrial complexes going to avoid lost jobs, and to keep the armed forces busy so the soldiers aren't brought back into a jobless economy, driving up the unemployment rate and general discontent domestically.

Prepare for war and buy gas now. These prices will be considered "cheap" very soon.

Issues From The Republican Debates

On Immigration:
Yes, the illegals have broken, and re-broken, laws to come, work and stay here. The fact of the matter is that we wanted them to. We wanted the cheap labor for our agriculture and service industries. This is the same as an invitation to come here and we therefore have a moral obligation to these people.

If we are serious about this, which I think we have to be, we need to seal our border with the south. Then we need to have an effective employment enforcement policy. That will stop the illegal immigration. Then we need to come up with a road to citizenship for those we determine have been here "long enough" and who have family ties here with American citizens, like their children. Of course criminals need not apply.

Gingrich has the right idea, but we should not be talking about grandparents, but parents. Don't forget we actually asked these people to come here. They've done our manual labor for years.

On Foreign Policy:
We need to bring the troops home. Paul is right about too many bases in too many countries. Our defence does not require all these overseas bases. We can expand our own bases in the United States and have an even stronger defence if we stop projecting ourselves so much overseas. Bring the troops home and we can strengthen the Air Force and expand our Naval forces through carrier groups.

Iran needs to be dealt with through the international community and the United Nations. Both Iran and North Korea, and Pakistan, need to be put on notice that if a nuclear attack on the United States is confirmed to have originated within their borders, that they will be nuked into oblivion. There is no point having a nuclear deterrent unless its use in retaliation is a real threat. If they kill hundreds of thousand of Americans, then they will be totally obliterated.

The problem with this is policy is that a large portion of our population is employed by the military industrial complex, including the armed forces. This is why the strengthening of our bases and forces at home is important while we draw back overseas. A lot of forces could be transferred to sealng our borders, but we have to make a transition that keeps the military industrial complex strong for our economy's sake.

This is one of the reasons we are headed to war with Iran. The "establishment" keeps us at war for that very purpose. Google "American Wars" and you will find we have been at war nearly every day we have existed as a country. Sad but true.

On Taxes:
We all pay too much in federal taxes because we are supporting a bloated, corrupt, federal government. We are individual states that make up a union. We tend to forget that. The federal government has no business doing much of what it does. Most of these things should be the provence of the states. Since 1913 the rich have paid much higher taxes, 90% under Roosevelt. That is a ridiculous rate and there was an attempted coup during the Great Depression because of it. The rich should pay more, but there has to be a reasonable limit.

As you will read on my "president" site, I favor a consumption, or sales, tax in place of any income taxes, federal or state. That way everyone pays, even the poor, and we know with every purchase what we are paying for our government. The very rich should then have an income tax on top of that. The balance between these two would be determined by congress. The very rich should obviously pay more than the un-rich, but this should not be an amount that equates to extortion. I would think 30% for people earning a million to a hundred million and more for those making above that, up to 50% for people making the most. These are just figures I'm suggesting and would have to be considered within the whole scheme of things. It is important to remember that people also pay state taxes and the total can get unreasonable, especially when considering existing sales and property taxes.

I don't like Gingrich's 15% flat tax because low income people will pay more and the rich less. The same with Romney's plan and Santorum's. I like Paul's target of "zero" the best.

The very rich, like Romney, who are so rich they don't even manage their own investments, should have a minimum tax rate whether the money comes from capital gains or not.

Corporate taxes have to drop to an internationally competitive rate, period. Corporations follow the tax advantage. We are cutting our own throats with the current corporate tax rates.

On Trade:
We have to get tough with China. The trade deficit is draining all our wealth away. This will continue until we make America competitive again, but the cheats, like China, are destroying us at an even greater rate.

On The Economy:
We are no longer a country of "free" enterprise. Everything is allowed only through permits, through permission. This crushes innovation and entrepeneurship and will totally destroy all our dreams as it is doing now. I cover this in full detail on my "president" page.

On Energy:
Obama screwed up big-time on the pipeline. We need to aggressively pursue all sources of energy, traditional and renewable. We wouldn't even be in the middle east, there wouldn't even be an Al Qaeda, if there was no American middle east oil dependency. The environmentalists need to step aside. They are making us insecure and costing us trillions in war costs and taxes. In effect, they are indirectly responsible for all the wars in the middle east and all the deaths and destruction. They are not increasing our safety and security, but diminishing it.

The Republican Candidates

Romney is an opportunist. He can't be trusted to remain conservative. He is the least desireable of the Republican candidates, though one has to respect his family values. If he wins the nomination, he is still much better than Obama. If he is elected, the budget problems and business environment should improve. We will probably face war with Iran.

Gingrich is a very well educated man. Unfortunately it sounds like all ego, but that is a big problem when you are so well educated and intelligent. He knows the country's history better than anyone and what causes what. His marital past is a shame on him, but I can understand him finding a new love when his first wife was dying. Sadly, he took comfort with the wrong woman. This is common when a divorce happens or a spouse dies. From what I saw of her during her "open marriage" interview, I could clearly see the mismatch. Has he truely converted to a "religious" life now? I am not the one to judge that. If not, God have mercy. We are all sinners.

What I like most about Gingrich is that the Republican establishment doesn't like him. They fear him. I am anti-establishment and want to get all the lobby-tainted buggers out. I think Gingrich truely loves this country and has the know-how to get things done in Washington. Sadly, Gingrich will probably also go to war with Iran. If he is elected we will see some changes in Washington and the economy will improve.

Paul is a great man. He is honest and clean. He has fought the good fight for liberty and the constitution his whole life and is anti-war. I would vote for him for dictator. The federal government has usurped too many of the state's rights and it has grown into a bloated, corrupt, economy destroying, monster because of that. I would vote for Ron Paul no matter what party he was using to be heard. If Paul is elected, a lot will change, but only if the people support him in a big way. There will be no war with Iran and our relationships throughout the Islamic world will greatly improve. The economy will pick up very quickly and vibrantly if he can get his policies enacted in the corrupt congress.

Santorum is a good man. Well educated and intelligent, he is too driven by his religious beliefs to make a good president or international leader. You can't trust a person to make rational decisions when their basis is irrational thought. Most intelligent, educated people, are open to discussion on topics like global warming, evolution and abortion. Radical Christians, like radicals of any faith, ignore the evidence in front of their eyes due to blind faith. This leads to bad decisions which, when made by a president, can be catastrophic. If Santorum is elected, nothing will change, we will go to war with Iran, and the economy will continue to decline.

In the Republican party, I would like to see a Paul/Gingrich ticket. Paul for his ideals and Gingrich as VP because he has proven he can get things done in Washington. If that is the pair who get elected, we will see the economy improve, we might avoid a war with Iran, and things will definitely change.

If you don't vote for me, vote for them. ;-)

Vote Out The "Parties" - Vote Independent

If everyone votes these people out, it won't change anything because we will still have Democrats and Republicans and the parties are corrupt.

I urge everyone to vote for the Indepndent candidates in the next election, regardless of their views (well, almost) just so we break this power struggle gridlock in government, not just in Washington, but in the states, as well.

For once we will have people in Washington and our state houses who owe no one and are not in cahoots with each other. Then we will have REAL debate and HONEST votes that are not determined by your political party.

Even if we don't sweep them all out, we will sweep out enough to make things possible by putting enough fresh, independent, votes in that might vote either way. Maybe then we can get something done.

I'm not just saying this because I'm running as an Independent. (I am not a member of the Independent party - I'm just independent.) I say I'd disband congress if elected, but if I were elected with enough independents to get things done, I wouldn't have do that.

Please, no matter what your current party affiliation, vote for the independents on your ballot in the next election. Regardless of their limits, they have to be better than the corrupt parties we have now. They certainly can't do worse.

Illegal Immigration & Border Security

Why is securing the border against drug runners and illegal immigrants even an issue in this election? Why don't they JUST SEAL THE BORDER? I would put the troops coming home from Iraq on our border with Mexico. I would give them the drones they use in Iraq to use to patrol that border. They would operate under the command of the local border control units already in place.

As there are no job prospects at the present time for those vets, over time I'd transition as many as necessary into the border patrol in the various states as needed, and when enough drone-trained personnel were ready to take over drone operations, I would transfer the drones to them. Seismographic equipment should also be used on a regular and comprehensive basis to detect tunnels in the cities and residential areas where appropriate.

This is just another example of the federal government failing to do its job. They shouldn't be promising to secure the border, they should simply secure it with people on the ground and drones in the air.

Republican Debate Cut Short

Why was the CBS News/National Journal South Carolina Republican debate cut short on network TV?

These folks are running for president and are debating national security issues and the networks don't feel it is important enough to broadcast. Is it that or does the liberal media just want to limit the exposure the Republican candidates get?

There is a very good chance our next president will be one of these people. Shouldn't we know what they think about nuclear war, or even conventional war against those who currently threaten us and those who might in the near future?

We complain about "sound bites" and "talking points", yet when we have an actual debate where we can take the measure of people, the networks don't show it.

Of course I will watch the last hour on the Internet, but what about all those without the Internet? I think CBS and the National Journal commited political manipulation in cutting off the TV broadcast after the first hour. I think it is an outrageous abuse of editorial power for the sake of promoting the liberal agenda by denying those without an Internet presence exposure to Republican presidential viewpoints.

ALL political debates should be required to be broadcast to all those citizens concerned with that level of government. We should not allow the sponsors of debates to limit the broadcast in any way. They are too important to the national welfare.

CBS News and the National Journal, who's questioners asked a lot of liberal-loaded questions tonight, ought to be ashamed of themselves. True news organizations should be as neutral as possible. Tonight CBS and the National Journal put on a shamefully Democratic show. They were not acting as news organizations, but political ones with an agenda.

Passing On The Life

I was watching a news story tonight about a state voting on a law that defines the moment of conception as the beginning of a "human life" in an attempt to ban all abortions.

Because when the sperm enters the egg the chromosomes of each match up in a brand new, unique, combination, they are correct. The moment of conception is the beginning of a new, unique, person and if left undisturbed it might be born and be a new, healthy, unique, adult one day. Only 1 in 20 fertilized cells, only 1 in 20 newly conceived people, survive to grow and many more are lost to miscarriage and other problems.

Two "individuals" mix thier genetic material to become one new, unique, person.

What people miss is the Life animating the sperm and the egg. They are both "alive" all by themselves. They have limited lifespans, but they are alive. They "contain" "Life".

The thing people miss is that the two "Lifes", the Life actually animating the sperm and the egg, making them "alive", just goes on as one Life. The Life within the sperm and the egg is the same Life. It is just rejoining, or merging, with Itself when the sperm enters the egg. It then continues to create, as one Life, joining the male and female chromosomes, and starts to build the new person based on the genetic code It has slowly created through the millenia. This is how the Life passes Itself along through each of It's creatures, plant and animal.

The Creator, the Life, seeds prolifically. A single human ejaculation contains millions of sperm and a single pine tree gives off millions of spores. Very few of these seeds survive, much less takes root.

When humanity was small in number, with a low life expectancy and infant mortalities high, each lost baby had a significantly greater impact on the survivability of the group than it does today. We used to give a higher value to a human life. In difficult births, if a choice between mother and baby had to be made, the baby was saved.

Now we sacrifice the child for the sake of the mother.

In a world rapidly being over-filled with sexually active people; normal people; I believe birth control is a moral imperative. I believe we have enough people and that a couple should have no more than two children. Given their circumstances, I applaud the Chinese on their one child policy, though disagree with making it a mandate.

In view of all this, even if such a law is passed, I still believe abortion is a necessary evil. The fact is that there are cruel aspects to the world. The number of potential new people we lose to abortion is far less than the number we bring to adulthood now through better medicine.

Although ALL Life must experience some form of pain or disappointment when It is terminated, a human "Life" is no different than the Life in anything else. It is ultimately The Life being terminated, just in human genetic form.

As cruel as it sounds, this happens all the time. Life is always ending all around us. Each time we eat, we take Life. I don't believe the suffering endured by a terminated embryo before a brain or nervous system develops, is worth a life of suffering in poverty and disease, or being deformed due to incest, or being born only to be abandoned by a rape victim.

Nor do I think it is worth forcing a woman, or family, to have a child it does not want if the woman's birth control fails.

In the past, when abortion was illegal, many of these women got abortions anyway, but often died doing it in unsanitary settings and through unsafe methods.

The discussion these days should not be about "human life", but "THE Life" living through all. The Creator has given us a great deal of control over our lives. We need to accept that and be grateful for it. But we should always do it reverently and with thanks.

We should also accept that, in spite of birth control and antibiotics to fight STD's, the primary purpose of sex is for reproduction. It is our connection to the Creator and lets us pass The Life along. It lets us participate in the creation of new lives. It is PRIMARILY for what is really sacred Re-Creation, not recreation.

Occupy Wall Street

What I see in the Occupy Wall Street movement is a desire to see the criminals on Wall Street, and world-wide, doing hard time for thier fraud and murder, yes, murder. Negligent homicide is murder.

People have killed themselves over their loses. If the thieves on Wall Street didn't consider that people would do this, they are guilty of "negligent" homicide. If they thought about it and knew people would kill themselves, then are guilty of "premeditated" homicide, murder in the first degree.

I also see a clear intention to end "too big to fail" and to re-instate the regulations instituted after the Great Depression to stop this from happening again.

The userers are a necessary evil, but they need to be strongly regulated and kept smaller than "too big to fail". They also need to be held strongly accountable with severe punishments for transgressions against the public trust. No "just a fine", no "country club" prison. These people always need to do long, hard, time as a deterrent. They are much more dangerous to society than the thug with a gun.

Occupy Wall Street is also bringing forward a lot of other issues, too many to mention, but my main interest is in seeing these two things done.

Jewish Persecutions

I am not Jewish. I am of my own faith. The Jews are really a light unto the world.

Over two thousand years ago they were thrown out of their homeland. Abraham, who had none of the laws of Moses, was promised that at long as one of his descendants kept faith in Him, that his descendants would be like grains of sand on the beach, countless in number and living everywhere.

Everywhere the Jews have migrated to, they prosper. Instead of following their example, they are hated because they are foreigners with a financially successful and growing population, which is perceived as a threat.

The reason they are successful is that they concentrate on education and clean living. The "clean living" aspect can be called the "religious aspect"; what they do or don't do for personal health and the health of the community at large. All the major faiths have people who succeed in life because they follow the same "religious" requirements because all the great faiths mostly share the same "religious" obligations.

All the faiths, for instance, discourage gluttony, a major "sin" these days, and promiscuity. They all require sacred vows for marriage. They discourage drunkeness. They deplore child molestation and rape. They share dietary and health laws regarding the preparation of food, especially in this age of science.

If the Jews were "native" people anywhere, as they are in Israel, they would be not just accepted, but applauded by the communities they were "native" to.

What they teach us is that no matter what the obsticle, even a Hitler or Iranian hypocrites, it can't stop them being blessed as a people because of their continuous worship of the Creator all faiths share, and a committment to a clean life by following their "religious" laws. This is a statement in general, knowing full well most Jews "sin" like the rest of humanity.

They have a very important role in international relations with a huge number of nations respecting the right to a homeland they have won back through combat.

I understand the disappointment of the Palestinians, with ancestors that had claimed and worked the land for the last 2,000 years. The sad fact is, however, that the Quaran, which means the prophet himself, (Sorry, I don't do the "blessed be his name" ritual as I feel it exalts him in a way he obviously didn't want, and borders on worship.), says their obligation was to act differently when they flooded back to Palestine after the holocost.

The prophet said that Muslims, Jews, and Christians should tolerate each other, and that also means treating each other as brothers in accordance with the dictates of the faiths, as long as they did not try to force each other into conversion. The people of Palestine, even though it would have been a great burden, were called upon to give assistance to their cousins and tried to drive them out instead. The burden they are carrying now is far greater and is obviously the will of the Creator, who directs and creates all things.

It is time for the Jews to be respected for what they are. They are the oldest civilzation on Earth to keep their identity, language, and faith intact, and to prosper through terrible hardships everywhere. They are a light unto the world.

I would like to see people of peace and tolerance to come to power in both Israel and the Palestinian State, which it is, with or without UN recognition, so the two can merge in tolerant brotherhood and a single nation where people of both faiths live in peace and enjoy equal opportunity.

Failing that, it is time for a universally recognized Palestian state, but that is a poor substitution.

I do not want to see the end of Israel because I believe the Jews have earned the right to go back to their homeland, but I also think the Palestinian people also have a right to be re-incorporated into the country, including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. That would require an absolutely sincere obligation to peace on their part, deeply spritual and so obvious as to be unquestioned, unlike the policies of Arafat, who spoke out of two sides of his mouth. Peace and mutual acceptance means just that. Anything else is just more misery and pain.

No matter what, if you don't appreciate how the Jews are a light unto the world, you are blind to the light.

American 9/11 Criminals

Al Qaeda members were not the only criminals on 9/11. There are also American criminals who took, and are still taking, American lives.

Those individuals who claimed the air quality was safe at ground zero also murdered Americans. This includes Bush, Cheney, Whitman, and Giuliani, and also includes anyone else who pressed for, or went along with, statements saying the air and water was safe. Any fool should have been able to see it was definitely NOT safe. If a simple cigarette is considerd toxic, how could the dust and smoke at ground zero NOT be toxic? When Whitman made her announcement that it was safe, I literally shouted out obscenities at the irresponsible and criminal statement.

Of course we will never see these buttheads prosecuted, even though they are guilty of, at the least, negligent homicide, because the elite in America have special priviledge when it concerns the law. This is also why none of the fraudulent bastards on Wall Street have been sent to prison for raping our economy. In China, they would have gotten a bullet to the back of the head for their crimes.

The outrage continues as first responders and others who worked at ground zero are denied sufficient medical compensation for their multiple illnesses, especially cancer, or their families denied adequate compensation for the loss of loved ones who died as a result of those illnesses.

In the same vein, Bush, Cheney and the administrators of the CIA who ordered the torture ("enhanced interrogations") of suspected terrorists in violation of the Geneva Conventions are also war criminals who should be prosecuted for their crimes. If a foreign head of state ordered such techniques against American troops, people like Bush and Cheney would be crying out for their arrest and punishment.

When we allow ourselves to sink to the level of the barbarians who commit terrorist acts or torture, we become barbarians, too. When we allow the criminals in our midst, no matter how highly placed, to get away with such crimes, we also become barbarians.


Fools on the right, who deny science and cling to a self-contradictory tale of creation.

Fools on the left, who believe all are equal and shrug off moral responsibility.

Fools on the right, who deny social responsibility in the name of the Constitution.

Fools on the left who encourage moral irresponsibility and violate the Constitution in the name of "safety".

Fools on the left and right who destroyed our economy and refuse to re-establish financial regulation of the thieves and usurers on Wall Street or send the fraudulent bastards to jail.

Fools on the left and right who refuse to protect our economy from Chinese economic aggression.

Fools will most certainly win the next election because they are all fools.

Cry, America, we are destroyed from within by greedy, power hungry, self-serving, fools.

New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Law

The safety Nazis have struck again. It is now no longer possible for your children to be normal in New Jersey. They are already taught that it is shameful to be male or traditionally female and now they cannot engage in normal social behavior without being considered criminal.

Children rip on each other. This is how pecking orders are established. This is normal behavior. Of course there are excesses that should not be tolerated, but normal parental and teacher supervision should be adequate to control those excesses. The children should not be considered criminal because of what is normal human behavior.

Who, exactly, will determine when ripping becomes criminal bullying? Just how damned repressed do you want your children to be? How insecure do you want them to be? Do you trust the liberal teaching establishment that has ruined the educational system to make the right decisons regardng your children and what is normal behavior? They are anti-humans who despise normal behavior. They pass children on who fail until all hope for them is lost. The want to coddle everyone beyond all reason. They are idiots. Do you want to give these idiots more power over your children's lives?

This is just more of the damned nanny state that has already destroyed so many of our freedoms and our quality of life.

"He who governs least, governs best".

Someone needs to kick the butts of those fools who have passed yet another ridiculous, repressive law. That's not "bullying". That's justice.

Parental Responsibility

Rick Santorum was ridiculed on a leftist talk show today for saying the people rioting in England came from "fatherless" homes and neighborhoods. Of course the leftists support all immoral and amoral behavior, so this is not unexpected.

All of western culture suffers from societies not demanding that those who father children accept their responsibility to support those children. Thus the term "welfare mothers".

Unmarried mothers who refuse to identify the fathers of their children, something which can then be proven through a paternity test, so the fathers can be forced to pay support for those children, should be denied all social welfare support. Single parenthood is not good for the children or society as a whole, and tax paying citizens should not have to pay to support the children of irresponsible mothers and fathers, in part or in whole.

Successful societies are built by responsible people. They die when they allow irresponsibility to reign instead.

Genuine families, with responsible mothers and fathers, should still receive public help when needed. We are our brothers' keeper, but there are limits to what society should support and/or encourage.

I don't know what neighborhoods or kinds of families the rioters in England came from, but Santorum is right about "fatherless" families being a big problem. It isn't just big, it's huge, and reflects a much larger rot in the fabric and morality of society.

I am beginning to believe that leftists think the word "morality" is a dirty word unless it involves actions that encourage "immoral", irresponsible, behavior.

The Economic Bottom

The economic bottom will only come after all the federal, state and local governments finish their cuts in expenditures and personnel.

As governments scale back and cut the amount of money they contribute to the economy, the effects will keep rippling through.

A lot more government workers will be added to the unemployment lines and the cut backs in other things like pensions and medical benefits will also ripple through.

We can not "recover" until all the damage has first been completed and done, and we are a far way from that.

The Cost of Promsicuity

In the United States, STD's cost about $8,400,000,000 per year. These are medical costs that do not include the costs of lost production or the lifetime costs associated with the infection of infants, nor the cost in lost lives and as the result of broken marriages and homes.

Personally, I find this to be disgusting and intolerable.

Goodbye Noyo Bowl

We just lost our bowling alley, the Noyo Bowl, after a long decline in healthy business.

First they banned smoking at the bowling alley, lest second hand smoke hurt someone, so the smokers stopped bowling.

Then they banned drinking while bowling with the .08 law, lest the bowler get a DUI on the way home, so the drinkers stopped bowling. (Mendocino county brings in over $2,2000,000 a year in DUI fines and fees. 1 in 89 drivers gets a DUI each year. The DUI death rate in Mendocino county has gone up, not down, since the .08 law.).

Then they banned eating while bowling, lest we slip on a piece of lettuce and sue the alley, so the eaters stopped bowling.

Now we have no bowling.

We used to have 3 bands in town each weekend. Now we have none.

If you go out with your mate and split a bottle of wine with dinner, you are both over the DUI limit. You are also over the legal limit for walking down the street in Fort Bragg. You are "drunk in public". The limit for WUI (Walking Under the Influence) is the same as DUI in Fort Bragg.

We all sit at home in front of TV's, computers, or gaming devices. We still smoke and drink and eat, but we do it without getting any exercise. We also don't socialize as we should. We used to do those things together, "each to his own" Even when together we are now alone. We have forced ourselves into solitary, digital, virtual worlds at home lest someone get hurt, but are actually hurting ourselves more and increasing our suffering in the name of safety.

How are things in your town? Got Nanny?

The Foreclosure Crisis

The rape continues as the banks take ownership of homes all over the country and keep home prices inflated by holding homes off the market.

The economic outrage continues. The banks have not yet claimed all the properties they will claim, and then sell as their own at the inflated prices they are maintaining.

Our politicians are all on the take! Tell them you are not going to take this any more! They are turning us into a third world nation of servers instead of producers.

The rape has to stop. The bankers need to go to jail.

Why Libya?

As you can see by the entry below, I am for the intervention in Libya. I also do not believe we should be the world's policeman. So why do the majority of Americans approve of the move in Libya?

Bolstered by the successful, mostly peaceful, revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, the people of the democracies of the world saw Khaddafy as particularly cold blooded. We did not want to see a slaughter of people who simply wanted democracy and reform. The situation in Libya impinged strongly on the collective conscience, especially in contrast to the pleasant "Egyptian experience" everyone was still high on.

I know we are all hoping the democratic movement will sweep through the Arab world without too much bloodshed, but we all do hope it will happen. Our intervention in Libya when a people are facing slaughter should be a warning to others. Reform is coming and current Kings should be thinking along the British line if they want to keep their kingdoms. Can we now allow slaughter in Saudi Arabia should democratic forces arise?

The situation is not the same in all countries, however. Different actions require different resources. Libya is just in the right place at the right time.

I can see the finesse in how Obama and his people handled the situation, but I believe support was adequate to take it to congress much earlier, making the action legal. I would also have bypassed normal diplomatic channels to speed things up with our allies and the Arab League and contacted leaders directly by phone. Things took far to long to happen with too much resting on the OK of the Arab League and the United Nations. This delay caused the freedom fighters to lose too much ground.

The reason no plan has been put forth is because they don't have a definite one. This is cowardly. The coalition should state that the goal is to depose Khaddafy. That is the only solution that will now spare the revolutionaries from slaughter. A Korean kind of split would leave us supporting the revolutionaries indefinitely, which we can not afford. With no troops on the ground, the question is whether the freedom fighters can beat the regular army in street-to-street urban fighting. If not, they will lose and we will have a very crazy Khaddafy still in power on the Mediterranean Sea.

Kaddafy has to go. Since that is true, we must now committ to getting it done quickly, efficiently and honestly.

There need to be foreign ground troops on the ground, but they should not be United States troops. They should be European and Middle Eastern troops. The United States should also continue to diminish its role in the air. Now that this is underway, the United States needs to turn this operation over to others.

So, why Libya? Well, we just had to, didn't we? It was just the right place at the right time.

Losing Libya

While the democracies and the Arab League dither and talk, the poor revolutionaries in Libya are getting slaughtered and losing their bid for freedom.

We have troops in Iraq, where we never should have gone, and in Afganistan, where we never should have stayed, but we are letting these people get slaughtered when they would truely appreciate it if we would just put in no-fly zones.

Obama and his administration have failed us again. If Khadaffy triumphs, all the slaughter that follows will be on our own politicians' heads.

Why the procrastination? Oil. They were afraid of offending the other dictators in the oil rich countries. Now that the Arab League has called for no-fly zones, when it is probably too late, they still dither and talk, talk, talk.

Leadership is the ability to make a decision and act, something Obama does not have.

Peter King's Muslim Hearings

What I want to know is why King is spending our tax dollars on hearings that will accomplish absolutely nothing when the government is broke. Vote him OUT folks. The man is serving himself, not us, and he is doing it with our tax dollars.

Charlie Sheen & "Two and a Half Men"

Hollywood is so filled with reprobates and amoral individuals that I usually don't comment on all that filth. I assume my postion on it is clear from my other statements and positions and what is said on my "Symbol of Unity" site.

Since I can't seem to escape it in this case, however, it dominating the news as it is, I felt a few words were appropriate.

I watched "Two and a Half Men" a couple of times and was totally disgusted. Dogs, (men who are sex obsessed), like Sheen give all men a bad name. He lives like a disgusting pig and his show reflects that selfish, hedonistic, lifestyle.

I think CBS is guilty of corruptng the morals of a minor, which I hope is still a crime, by having the child actor exposed to all that filth and sexuality and exposing him to a dog like Sheen.

Charlie Sheen is getting exactly what he deserves. Indeed, I think he deserves more. I am glad the show is cancelled and hope they also pull all the re-runs. It should never have been put on in the first place.

Huckabee the Hypocritical Huckster

I used to think Mike Huckabee seemed like a decent guy, even though I disagee with him on many things. Now I am thoroughly disgusted by him. His recent comments regarding Obama and his "childhood in Kenya" is totally untrue and ridiculous. He is supposed to be a "reverend" yet he is just another political liar.

Although I agree with him about the social and economic costs of single mother parenthood, which I talk about in other places, he is a hypocrite on the subject as he praised Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, while using Natalie Portman as a bad example for the same thing.

Huckabee, like all our pandering politicians, wants to have it all ways and will say anything to any particular group to get elected. He is just another pandering, un-reverend, hypocritical liar.

When are these political animals going to learn it is a new age of instant credibility checks and change their ways?

When will we get rid of the far right idiots, like those on Fox News, and the far left idiots like Ed Schultz on MSNBC's The Ed Show?

I am so sick and tired of all these idiotic fools destroying our nation and civilization! What a mess.

No Prosecutions For The Wall Street Thieves

There have been no prosecutions of the SOB's on Wall Street who raped the economy because the politicians, including Obama, the SEC and the Justice Department are all on the take. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are filled with thieves and liars who constantly betray the public trust. They are even worse than the SOB's on Wall Street. My controlled revolution is the only solution.

The only one calling them out on this is Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC. The rest of the main stream media never mentions it. I urge you to contact your representatives and senators and DEMAND these people be brought to justice and all their assets siezed for the treasury. Do not let this issue die!

Wisconsin Demonstrations

I have been a union menber for more years than I can remember. I am a firm believer in unions and believe they are crucial to the welfare of our workers.

I don't like union busting tactics and firmly believe the public service workers have a right to the benefits of collective bargaining.

However, the public service sector unions have gotten way out of control. Their benefits for healthcare and pensions far exceed those for private sector union workers and the time has come for them to wake up and smell the coffee. The simple truth is that most of their benefits should never have been approved at the level thay are at. The private sector and private sector workers, union or not, can simply not afford to pay the taxes that would be required to keep them at the levels they are at.

During this "Great Recession" my own union had to make adjustments to the benefits we receive to keep our medical and pension plans viable and they need to take the same cuts if our governments are to avoid bankruptcy.

In the same vein, the federal government needs to make adjustments to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if those programs are to survive. We also need to raise federal taxes on top earners to help us out of this problem. I would not raise taxes on individuals earning $250,000 per year, but I would certainly raise them on individuals making more than $500,000 per year, and I would raise them even higher for individuals making more than $1,000,000 and again for individuals making more than $10,000,000. The scale should keep increasing as people make more so people making $1,000,000,000 or more are paying up to 80% for income taxes. After all, who can possibly use $1,000,000,000 a year? Even at a 80% tax rate, those billionaires would still be clearing $200,000,000 a year.

It is time to get real and do some income redistribution in this country and to bring public service benefits back into line with the private sector.

Lara Logan's Rape In Cairo

All civilized people should be outraged by the brutal assault and rape of Lara Logan in Cairo. There is no excuse for it.

The incident, however, points out the need for people to be aware of social norms in the countries they visit. In Egypt, a Muslim nation, women are expected to dress modestly and also keep their hair covered. Back in the 1990's I was transiting the Suez Canal and the canal pilot told me a story of a rape that occurred aboard a Russian ship transiting the canal.

It is normal for the canal employees who ride the ships to handle lines and lights to bring tourist items aboard that they sell to crewmembers. To this end they knock on crewmember doors at all times of the day and night in the hopes of selling their wares. In this case a man knocked on a door and it was opened by a female crewmember wearing only a tanktop and skimpy shorts. The man raped her.

The Russians of course complained and wanted the man prosecuted but it took years for the Egyptian government to take any action at all. The Egyptian position was that the man was tempted beyond reason and only did what any normal man would do under the circumstances. The pilot agreed with this point of view. He felt the woman asked for it and that if the man hadn't raped her then he wasn't a real man.

Ms. Logan displayed extremely poor judgement entering that highly charged atmosphere without covering her pretty blond hair. The thugs that attacked her most likely thought she was asking to be raped.

When western female reporters visit conservative Muslim nations they usually at least make some attempt to wear a scarf of some sort, though normally they let as much of their hair show as they think they can get away with. They still try to be "attractive". Trying to be attractive in a conservatve Muslim society is a big mistake. It is always taken the wrong way by the locals.

In Oman, where westerners are allowed to wear their skimpy bathing suits while swimming, the Omani men sit on the sand dunes and masturbate under thier robes. Bare arms, legs, and even ankles are considerd highly sexual in a nation where men see no female flesh. In Saudi Arabia we could not even have any magazines out that showed any female flesh, even news magazines. I had to lock them all up before we arrived in port. They are considered pornography.

Conservative Muslim societies suppress female sexuality. It is one their greatest points of contention with the west. Conservative Muslim men do not want their prurient interest aroused.

My heart goes out to Ms. Logan and I think her attackers should have their heads cut off, but western women need to be aware of, and comply with, the social norms of the nations they visit. Considering her credentials, Ms. Logan, and her producers at CBS, really should have known better.

Obama With Stewart On The Daily Show

President Obama appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on 10/27. What he more-or-less said was that he was just another politician who promised more than he could deliver and that what he delivered wasn't what we wanted.

He also said he would end the 60 vote requirement in the Senate, which is what is supposed to stop radical ideas from passing. Really good ideas should be able to get 60 votes.

If There Was No Intelligent Design

If there was no intelligent design to the universe, if there were no Creator, Buzzards and Vultures would be pretty, feces would be pink and smell like cotton candy, and rare gems and precious metals would be common

Evolution is not accidental. It is "realized" from within each creature that sees its offspring could be better in some way. That process is built into the intelligent design.

Enough said.

How The "Parties" Destroyed America

The Democrats and Republicans have destroyed America in the following ways:

First let me say that if you are not a Liberal when you are 20, you haven't got a heart. If you are not a Conservative when you are 40, you haven't got a brain.


No-Fault divorce, the rape of men, and the impovershment of children.

The destruction of the education system by taking discipline out of the schools and passing children who have failed so "their feelings won't be hurt".

The weakening of the justice system so it takes 30 years to execute a murderer, denying victims speedy justice and placing heavy burdens on the taxpayers.

The overburdening of the penal system by sending people to prison who shouldn't be there.

The embracing of homosexuals who spread deadly diseases and pervert our children.

Extending welfare support to irresponsible people and single mothers who do not deserve it.

Eliminating banking regulations that have protected us since the Great Depression so people who could not afford a house could buy one, causing the current economic catastrophe.

Promoting radical feminism and the degradation of men.

Including the .08 DUI law in the transportaion bill under the Clintons, destroying the social life in rural America.

Allowing wanton promiscuity to become the national norm.


Selling out the middle class, poor, and the environment in the name of corporate profits.

Engaging in unjust and unwarranted wars.

Allowing the Democrats to deregulate banking in the name of Wall Street profits.

Refusing to accept scientific findings in the name of religion and pandering to fundamentalist Christians.

Refusing to allow stem cell research using abandoned embryos.

Union busting.

Both parties:

By not properly managing Social Security and Medicare.

By granting special favors to the special interests who finance their campaigns.

By voting government employees, including themselves, unreasonable incomes and benefits.

By seeing "public service" as careers.

By refusing to pass election reforms and term limits.

Good Things:

Democrats: Civil rights for minorities and women.

Republicans: Fiscal responsibility (until Bush) and defending public morality.

The Democrats have caused the most harm and taken away the most freedoms.

Iranian Lies

Today the president of Iran addressed the United Nations. Ahmedinejad tried to spread the lie that the United States government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to create an excuse for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His government still holds two young Americans for trial as spies.

Someone should remind him and his oppressive regime that Mohammed taught that lying and creating human suffering is sin.

These are despicable, evil, hypocritical, people. They are NOT Muslim anymore than the murderers who did carry out the 9/11 attacks. The people of Islam should shout out against them.

The Creator will damn them all.

Homosexual Disease

First let me say that it is obvious that many homosexuals, both male and female, are genetically "gender mixed" through no fault of their own. That is the way the Creator makes them. They are drawn to their own sex for genetic, biological, reasons. This does not mean they do not present a health problem for the community at large, however, especially homosexual males, who are far more promiscuous than homosexual females.

Recent news stories document the spread of disease by homosexual males. In one it is noted that HIV/AIDS is spreading rampantly among homosexual French men. In another, it is noted that 1 in 5 American homosexual men have HIV/AIDS and that half of them don't even know it. In their lustful promiscuity they continue to infect new partners.

The government says they can require automobile passengers to wear seatbelts, and motorcycle riders to wear helmets, because accident victims place a burden on the healthcare system, but still allow rampant male homosexual activity and promiscuity to continue unchecked, even though they were initially responsible for the American HIV/AIDS epidemic and continue to spread the disease.

All religious communities have called homosexuality a "sin" and banned its practice because of the health threats to the general population.

It is a perversion of Christianity to accept all people and all acts. "Judge not lest you be judged" has been carried to ridiculous extremes in a nation now turning its back on religious morals meant to protect the public health.

A simple Internet search of the diseases associated with male homosexuality brings up endless sites documenting the spread of deadly and non-deadly diseases by homosexual males. One such site written in layman's terms can be found at the NARTH site.

But still we continue this huge healthcare burden to be placed on us, the heterosexual taxpayers, because of this perversion of the teachings of Jesus.

We are teaching our children in our schools that this filthy behavior is acceptable and liberals and so-called "progressives" like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, both of who's shows I greatly enjoy, keep championing their rights to live this filthy lifestyle. Of course neither of them wants the "gay label" placed on themselves. They don't want to be seen as homosexual or bi-sexual because they know it is shameful. But what the heck, it is "politically correct" to champion those who cost us so much of our hard-earned income so that is what they do. It is so easy to be "liberal" in matters like this when you are rich like they are, but it is the less wealthy who really feel the tax and healthcare burden when they are forced to pay for their care when they get sick. They might think differently if they were struggling to pay for healthcare like the rest of the nation. In this they both disgust me.

At worst, sodomy and other homosexual acts like "fisting" where the whole fist and forearm are inserted in the anus, should be outlawed and punished with extreme measures. At best, homosexual males should be forced into permanent monogamous relationships through law, as should heterosexuals. These unions between homosexuals should be civil unions that provide most of the same benefits of heterosexual marriages, but they should not be called a marriage for the reasons I discuss in the section on "Gay Marriage".

I also believe "no fault" divorce among heterosexuals has to end and that general promiscuity and its acceptance is a crime against humanity. We used to teach our children that sex was "sacred" and that chastity before marriage and fidelity afterward were the ideal. Now our schools try to prepare them for a promiscuous lifestyle, including so-called "no fault" divorce, we tell them in "normal".

We are corrupting our children and sentencing them to lives of disease, misery and divorce-induced poverty, and that is the greatest "sin".

I have had a lot of homosexual friends and aquaintences in my life. Every one of them was promiscuous and thought that promiscuity was great fun. Most of them are now dead, and we paid for their healthcare with our taxes.

I am totally disgusted by "Gay is OK". "Gay" means "promiscuous" and promiscuity is not OK because it spreads disease. Homosexuality is a perversion of the purpose of sexual intercourse. If you think otherwise, you, too, are perverted. If heterosexuals were not disgusted by homosexuals then we would all participate in homosexual acts. It is normal for heterosexuals to be repulsed by homosexuals. Whereas we should probably socially accept homosexuals in committed monogomous relationships, we should in no way accept the concept of "gay" promiscuity, just as we should not accept heterosexual promiscuity. "Gay" should be considered totally socially unacceptable.

Check your tax bill and the cost of your health insurance. Just how much of that is going to pay for the healthcare these anus fornicators need because of their filthy acts? If you are feeling over-taxed, a big part of the problem lies with them. If you are concerned about the state of our healthcare system, ask yourself who is breaking it.

"Sinners" are breaking it. Homosexual sinners, gluttonous, fat, sinners (yes there are a lot of you, too), and everyone else who just wants to do "what feels good" regardless of the cost to others.

If you think you can screw yourself, or eat yourself, or drink yourself, or drug yourself into happiness, you are a traitor. I don't want my tax dollars paying for your healthcare. I say, "screw you". Enough is enough. You are destroying this nation and the future of its children. It's not a disease. It is moral weakness. It is ALL perversion.

I say that if you can't control what you put in your mouth, then you, and you alone, should be responsible for your own medical care for your diabetes, heart problems, bad joints, etc. If you can't control your sexual urges, then you, and you alone, should be responsible for your AIDS medication. If you do drugs, then you, and you alone, should be responsible for your Hep C costs. If you are engaged in any self-destructive behavior, then you, and you alone, should be responsible for your healthcare costs that relate to that behavior. I don't want to pay for it through higher insurance premiums or taxes.

If you want to be irresponsible, then YOU should pay, not me and others who are trying to be responsible.

And if you die, well that is just too bad. You brought it upon yourself, and don't ask me to pay for your damn funeral!

This nation is very sick and the basis of our sickness is in our morality. You can't have national healthcare in a nation that ignores the causes of disease. "Spare the rod and spoil the child." Shame on you all if you do not have the moral fortitude to stand up against these things.

No wonder the world that used to admire us now despises us and the rest of the western world that tolerates and accepts these things.

We are lost, and it is YOUR fault. Shame is upon you. You are cowards.

Killing for Islam And Mohammed

Mohammed banned the showing of his image, though paintings can be found on any internet search, to make the point that he was just a man and not a god. Those who follow him respect this in the light in which it was intended. Those who would kill over someone showing his image are raising him to the very revered status he wished to avoid. THEY are the ones violating what he taught, making them no more than murderers. The point is, he was just a man. The murderers make him more than that. It is they who are making him a god. It is they who are the blasphemers.

The people of Islam harboring these oppressive murderers, in the entire Islamic world, need to let them know they will not tolerate the misery they are bringing on them through their murderous actions any more.

If these madmen should intitiate a nuclear attack in any way, the Pakistani floods will seem like a warm bath. The people they live amongst are responsible for policing these murderers and stopping them. If they fail in this responsibilty they could pay even more heavily later. As the super-powers realized long ago, mutual escalation leads to mutual destruction. If the murderers are successful in escalating to a nuclear attack, millions in the Middle East should expect to die.

I can not see how this would make Mohammed happy. Not any of it.

Gay And Retarded

If you tell Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert, or any of the night time comedians that they are gay, they will pretend offense or denial. They will react as though it is not desireable. Even though they say being gay is OK, they will react as though it is not OK for them because they do not want to be labelled gay. This is because no matter what they say, they know being gay is bad. If you are not gay, wouldn't you take offense, too?

People used to say people were "retarded" if they were at the lower end of the intelligence scale. It didn't necessarily have personal negative meanings, but simply stated a fact. Some people used it in a negative fashion such as, "You're retarded", or "You're a retard". To stop making retarded people feel bad about being retarded, "they", whoever the hell "they" are, changed it to "mentally challenged". Now people who are disparaging say, "You're mentally challenged". It doesn't matter what words are used, everyone knows that to be mentally challenged, or retarded, or whatever, is bad and not desireable. Just ask anybody you know who is not bright if it is better to be bright. It is not the word, it is the intent.

"They" are the same people who destroyed the educational system with their "political correctness" and "social education." The sheep are leading the sheep to slaughter.

Some things are just bad to be unless you are it.

The "Ground Zero Mosque"

The Daily Show had a bit on how many people are protesting the establishment of Mosques or Islamic Cultural Centers being proposed in various areas around the country from coast-to-coast. The point is we have a founding principle of religious freedom.

The biggest fuss is being made over the proposed cultural center, not a Mosque, which is a place of worship, two blocks from Ground Zero. As Islam is a religion of peace, this particular dispute might be resolved if the builders of the cultural center agreed to include a plaque commemorating the people who died on 9/11 stating that the vast majority of the people of Islam deplore the attack on the World Trade Center and that they consider the men who committed it murderers, emphasizing that Islam deplores murder.

There is no doubt that Islam is riddled with murderers and extremists. But it is a peaceful religion practiced worldwide and the bombers are no less than murderers. The heavy restrictions on women only exist in certain very primitive areas. The men impose them on women so they do not have to repress their own desires and of course they are terribly unfair. As the whole civilized world knows, this will have to change. That is the direction of human history in an overpopulated world. It is inevitable.

Respect Islam and your Islamic neighbors. They are trying to live clean, healthy, spiritual lives. Freedom of religion is essential to the health of America and the whole western world.

Let's get the builders of the cultural center to openly declare the bombers murderers instead.

The Cost of War

As of today, we have spent enough on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan to give every man, woman, and child in those countires over $17,000 each, a fortune there. If we had done that instead of invading, they would be buying American products with it, strengthening our economy instead of weakening it.

Of course we'd have to give them electricity, too.

The Double-Dip Recession

We are about to take another dip in the economy and are repeating the process of the Great Depression. Government subsidy kept local governments employing a lot of people for a year but the subsidy has ended and the states and other municipalities are laying off large numbers of people and cutting wages and benefits for many more.

This has to have a major influence on the economy in general. As the nations of Europe have now decided on a course of cuts and frugality to limit deficits, the same course Roosevelt took in the Great Depression, the economy can be expected to shrink and unemployment to rise as the housing market continues to decline.

We all know BP will not be making up for all the lost income from the Gulf, which will last for years if not decades, and this is also a major blow to the economy. The millions reimbursed so far is only a small fraction of what is probably tens of billions being lost.

Meanwhile the new financial regulations will not end "too big to fail".

The wars need to be ended and the manpower and resources put into a major endeavor to rebuild America's infrastructure, including a cleanup of the Gulf. Afganistan is a lost cause and has been throughout history. Without a major input of foreign troops other than ours it is nothing but a blood and money drain. We should be exiting Iraq and Afganistan as quickly as possible beginning right now and taking care of problems there in other ways as needed.

Washington is afraid to stop the wars partly because of the loss of employment in the military industrial complex. I say move those jobs into national construction.

The Gulf Oil Spill

There is just so much wrong here, it is difficult to begin. I won't mention the mess at MMS. Hopefully that is being taken care of. That BP could have a "zero" probability such a spill could happen is criminal. Nothing is "zero" percent possible when it comes to things like this. That MMS accepted that is also so grossly negligent as to be criminal. That no plan for a cleanup of such a spill is also criminal.

The Coast Guard says the spill area is "too crowded" to bring in tankers, but oil is washing up on beaches all along the coast without a skimmer in sight. I'm a retired sea captain. It is totally infuriating me that they keep saying all available resources are being used when there are no tankers or barges deployed. I have a design in my head for a simple pumping device that could be added to any tanker simply and quickly and I'm sure any marine architech could come up with other designs.

Shutting down other rigs is a terrible mistake that is causing a lot more hardship. It is a knee-jerk reaction typical of the idiots in Washington. My heart goes out to the oil workers losing their jobs and the stores where they shop. Your government is now hard at work screwing you again.

What they should be doing is requiring all deep water wells to immediately have relief wells started as that is the only thing that seems to work. Norway requires all deep water wells to have relief wells and so should we. This would also help put people to work in the Gulf as the new wells will require crews to drill them.

Obama is verbally playing tough but his administration is screwing this up. Command and control is not clear and local officials keep complaining of lack of support both from the government and GP. This is Obama's failure. A leader would see to it that information was flowing more freely and that actions were being ramped up to meet the severity of this crisis, which it is not. Response has been far too slow and is grossly inadequate.

Obama keeps talking the talk, he gives a great speech, but he has yet to walk the walk with anything except violating our constitutional rights.

Enough. You are as ticked off as I am and there is just too much to rant about here.

My Generation

My generation has children jumping rope with no ropes so they don't feel clumsy if they miss a jump.

My generation has no winners in games. Everyone wins so no one feels bad.

My generation destroyed the public education system so kids go to college without being able to read.

My generation ended discipline in the schools so no one learns.

My generation destroyed rural social life with the .08 DUI law.

My generation totally undermined the nation's morality so we are at war with Islam.

My generation destroyed the family with no-fault divorce, impoverishing tens of millions.

My generation de-regulated the financial markets so the greedy could run us all into bankruptcy.

My generation thinks the idiot is equal to the genius.

My generation has stolen their young men's self-respect and confused their daughters causing them to cut themselves and commit suicide.

My generation has raised 3 generations of confused wimps with no self-esteem.

My generation wants to pass a health care bill that will take billions out of the economy during a deep recession.

My generation is populated by drugged out, hedonistic, amoral, self-serving, cowardly, idiots.

The Terrorist Trials

The terrorists have declared war on not just the United States, but nearly everyone else in the world and that makes them "enemy combatants". To Mirandize them and give them the rights of American citizens is totally insane. They do not have the rights afforded American citizens unless they are American citizens.

The foreigners should be tried by military tribunals like the Nuremberg trials at the end of WWII and be given the death penalty if they have participated in any way in the murdering of civilians. These executions should be carried out quickly, with no appeals, especially if they have already confessed to their crimes.

To allow these people access to American civilian courts and rights, unless they are American citizens, is itself criminal.

American terrorists should be tried as traitors and the death penalty should apply.

Why the Administration wants to afford the foreigners American rights is beyond me and smacks of not just weakness, but also betrayal, as they are betraying our precious rights.

California Madness

As I sit and watch TV at night, I see ridiculous second-hand smoke commercials being run in prime time by California's Department of Health. They actually run all day.

I am no fan of tobacco. I've been an addict and user nearly my whole adult life. I am trying to quit, again, and almost have it beat, going days without a smoke. But these, radical, stupid, commercials really get my goat. They are telling people that second-hand smoke can leak into their apartments through the walls and through the ventilation system from other people's apartments, and make their kids sick, when, really, the people can do nothing about that. And, of course, that degree of paranoia about tobacco smoke is just ridiculous. If it was that toxic it would be used as a chemical weapon and smokers wouldn't live six months. If you cook with gas, or barbeque your meats, you are creating, and breathing, far more toxic substances.

The car exhaust on the street and "drifting" into your apartments is far more toxic. Sure, sitting in a room with clouds of tobacco smoke might trigger an asthma attack, and such an exposure for a long period of time could cause bigger problems, but a "whiff" of tobacco smoke is no more dangerous than the methane gas someone emits when they "pass gas". I suspect these ads are a prelude to trying to ban smoking in people's homes if they live in an apartment building or even have children in the house.

Of course there is no mention of Marijuana smoke, which is 3 times more toxic than tobacco, and the state is seriously considering legalizing that. If you are a pot smoker and don't accept this toxicity comment, you are in total denial and need to Google it. Also, ever notice how much a pot smoker coughs when he smokes compared to a tobacco smoker? Just why do you think the body is so much more irritated by it?

I do agree with legalizing it, though, for reasons I discuss on my "President" page.

What really infuriates me, though, is that the state is bankrupt, yet the Department of Health is spending millions of dollars on these stupid, radical, idiotic, ads, while medical assistance and school budgets are being slashed and magnificent parks are being closed or neglected.

I emailed both the Department of Health and the Governor about this stupid waste of tax dollars but have not received a reply.

That, my friends, is typical California Madness, and the anti-smoking, second-hand smoke crusade at its most ridiculous.

Supreme Court Corporate Political Spending Decision

The Supreme Court decision classifying corporations as "individuals" with freedom of speech rights that allow them to spend as much as they want on political ads is another ruinous decision.

First of all, corporations, while "entities" are not "individuals" and should not be recognized as such in regards to the political process. This is why they have been restricted in the past in regards to political spending. This decision would also mean that churches are "individuals" and should also be free to spend unlimited amounts in the political process, something they also have been kept from doing.

Secondly, one of the major problems with our political process is that elections are "bought" and the person with the most money most often wins. This is a terrible flaw in our political process that various remedies have tried to fix.

This is why I propose changing the political process to take advantage of our modern technology, so money is dropped from the process completely. Please see my Campaign Reform section on my President site.

Once again the Supreme Court has acted against the best interests of the nation for dubious reasons.

In my opinion, the "Anti-Hillary" movie that prompted this case should not have been considered a "political ad" to begin with. The timing of its release might have been unfortunate, but it was a much more in depth study than a mere political ad and should have been considered as a documentary expose, much like Michael Moore's movies or the articles in the tabloids. For instance, can a tabloid article about John Edward's despicable behavior be considered a "political ad" merely because he is a politician? I think not.

Let's hope our ineffectual representatives in Washington can come up with a way to over-ride this terrible decision by passing legislation clarifying the status of corporations in respect to the political process.

Geithner and AIG

Timothy Geithner needs to go. There are two possibilities regarding him and the AIG memos he refuses to release. He says he has not read them. In that case he is incompetent and needs to be fired. The other possibility is that he has read them and is therefore lying, which means he needs to be fired. Either way, he needs to go.

The reason he, and the administration, do not want us readng the AIG memos until 2018 is that they contain things that are so infuriating it would cause us all to pick up pitchforks and march on Washington. There can be no other reason. We have been raped and the rape is continuing daily.

Obama has no intention on following through on his promises of transparency. He is part of the problem now, just like I said he would be. While the country is collapsing, all he and his buddies are concerned with is cramming a healthcare bill we cannot afford down our throats while they continue to cover up the crimes of Wall Street. Even the United States Chamber of Commerce says this bill will be devastating if passed during this Depression!

Obama gives a nice talk, but it is all hollow talk. HE doesn't want the AIG memos released, or Geithner would have to release them. He is covering up the crimes of Wall Street and Washington and driving the country farther down the tubes. Sadly, he is already just another lying, failed, political hack.

If you are not absolutely FURIOUS over all of this, you are the lamb being led to slaughter!

Congressional Hearings On The Financial Collapse

The Congressional hearings on the financial collapse are a total farce for show only. We all know what caused the financial collapse.

Congress did away with the regulations that kept the financial industry in check. The Republicans wanted it to please the banking industry, and the Democrats wanted it so people who could not afford to buy a house because they could not meet the financial criteria, could. It was brought about by power hungry, corrupt, politicians and the greedy bankers who lobbied for the elimination of the laws regulating them and who are now, in their arrogance, lobbying against any regulatory reform that would put them back in their place.

Meanwhile the banks are again going to pay outrageous bonuses to the bankers who committed fraud, and should be prosecuted and jailed, while congress has yet to reinstate the laws meant to prevent such a catastrophe.

There are no clean hands here and the politicians are now trying to show they are concerned when their own greed for power and ineptitude created the problem in the first place.

Meanwhile, the CEO's tell the committee that they "made mistakes" and one idiot says they made a mistake in thinking that "home prices couldn't keep going up forever". This just proves how incompetent and totally replacable they are. The truth of the matter is that such statements are the equivilent of spitting in the face of congress and every single citizen of the United States. They take us all for fools. They knew damn well that home prices could not be artificially inflated "forever" and knew they were destroying the economy for their own gain. The arrogance is just incredible! It totally infuriates me and makes me want to hang them alongside Bernoff right outside the stock exchange.

They, too, have driven people to suicide and are therefore murderers who premeditated their crime and should be subject to the death penalty.

And now who owns all that property that went into foreclosure? THE BANKS! Not only did they ruin the economy, they now OWN ALL THE FORECLOSED PROPERTY! Wake up, people! We are still being robbed on a grand scale!


It is time to clean house in Washington and vote all the buttheads out.

The bankers' arguement that they have to pay such outrageous bonuses to keep their "talent" is a load of bull. It is those very people who greedily collapsed the system to line their own pockets and then robbed the American people of their tax dollars. Institutions are important, but there is not a single person within the banking system who isn't replaceable.

Meanwhile the thievery continues with accounts earning zero interest and our tax dollars being solely used to further enrich the crooks who robbed us, and continue to rob us daily, while American businesses still can't get the loans they need to operate.

Washington and Wall Street are both full of downright traitors.

Please go to my "president" site for more on all this rot.

Killing Hope

When I was about 3 years-old, I had 2 best friends, Roy and Lindy.

We all lived within 3 houses of each other and played freely throughout the neighborhood. We had a "Pull Down Pants" club and would often get naked with each other in the woods, even touching each other "there". Other kids came and went in this "club".

We would often go to one of our favorite "hidy-holes", where big green grapes grew, and get completely naked and dare each other to run back and forth across the street before a car came.

Roy and I would "fight" over who would marry Lindy but it was Roy who finally bedded her in our early 20's, though nothing ever came of it.

Fond memories and my first memories of a girl touching me "there".

I imagine my two daughters did the same kind of things in the woods behind the private elementary school I sent them to. It is what kids do, like playing doctor. In fact, I know they did something at least similar, and knew it at the time when I saw the little woods community of forts they built behind the school. I never said anything because I knew that was what kids do.

There was another little girl named Hope, the same age as us, who lived next door to Roy and across the street from Lindy. But Hope wasn't one of the "insiders".

One day she came to play with us in my back yard and for some reason we rejected her. In response, she mooned us and ran home.

The next day, playing by herself in Roy's backyard, which was a boatyard his family owned, Hope fell in the water and when she pulled on a boat's lines to pull herself up, even though she was already a little "water rat" who could swim very well, the boat swung in on her and hit her in the head and she drowned.

Another kid, a teenager, who lived acrosss the creek, "Bullditch Creek" is its name, found her with his feet the next day when he was swimming. (The creek wasn't polluted yet and we all often used to take a dip. It even had fish in it you could eat.)

Of course we all went down to see where she drowned and spyed on her house, which became a spooky place for us. She was her parent's only child and they were never seen much anymore and the shades were always drawn closed after that.

I am convinced that if we had only accepted Hope, she would be alive today, because she would have been playing with us that fatal next day.

That is how we killed Hope when we were 3. :-(

We are born into this world impervious to the feelings of other beings. I felt nothing for the ducks and other game my father killed, or that I unsuccessfully hunted. By the time you are my age, if you have wised up, even the death of a sea gull, like my 3-year friend Gully, who was murdered by a wimp and a weak game warden because he had a broken wing, and the wimp "couldn't stand" to see a bird who couldn't fly, even though they were told by a friend of mine, who had worked as an animal rehabilitator who had worked with gulls, that he was being cared for and was healing, can bring you to tears.

That is how we keep "Hope" alive.

It is my sad experience that too many people, for whatever reason, help kill Hope everday in the same way we did.

The Health Care Bill

The Health Care Bill is a total abomination. First and most important, to require people to buy a product to be a legal citizen of the United States is totally unconstitutional. That they must buy it from monopolistic companies only adds to the horror.

It is also being negotiated behind closed doors, with secret deals, when Obama promised complete transparency and that the negotiations would be open to the public via CSPAN.

How the corrupt idiots can demand people buy health insurance when the problem is that people can not afford to buy health insurance in the first place is totally beyond me.

It will also take money out of the other sectors of the economy that badly need it if we are to ever recover from this Depression.

Write your representatives (traitors) now and tell them they will be thrown out of their priviledged offices if they do not vote this bill down.

There are many aspects of the bill that could be passed separately, like an end to annual and lifetime limits, etc., without passing this unconstitutional abomination.

Any bill should also end the monopolies and include medical tort reform. They don't want to include these things because so many of them are lawyers, in the pocket of the insurance companies, or want the medical lottery to continue so they (the lawyers) and the poor can get rich.

The idiots are selling us out, violating our basic freedoms and rights, and doing it all for their own gain.

Meanwhile, we are facing the biggest crisis in human history as regards global warming. Health care will be totally moot in 50 years when we have no economy or food to feed our families and mass migrations bring total chaos to the world, killing billions, including tens of millions of Americans. We are facing the actual end of civilization and a whole new Dark Age for the few survivors and these people are still thinking only of their own political futures.

Copenhagen Summit Has Condemned the Whole World To Death

The Copenhagen Summit on Global Warming has condemned all humanity to a gruesome death. If you do not take this seriously, you have your head in the sand. BILLIONS OF PEOPLE, INCLUDING YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU, WILL DIE IN THE NEXT 50 YEARS! This is not a joke! CLICK HERE!

Another Crummy New Year

Once again the people of rural America were forced to stay home on New Year's Eve, forced to be content with watching the city people around the world celebrate. Why? The .08 driving law unconsitutionally imposed by the Clintons and a Supreme Court that allows the police to routinely violate our rights with illegal searches.

Our downtown areas in Fort Bragg and Mendocino were nearly empty due to fear of the police and the ridiculous laws that were illegally imposed on us by people seeking to please the wimps and woosies that have taken over our lives. The meek have inherited the earth with a vengence and they are despicable in their weakness and fear; either godless individuals quivering in fear over every little hurt, or God-fearing people afraid to live here, now, and who wrongly think they are going to a better place after they die.

Meanwhile my one daughter teaching in Argentina for a year relates a city full of fireworks and revelry: a free people celebrating freely.

Year after year we have seen the likes of wimpy MADD mothers and other woosies, and their lacky politicians, erode our freedoms and liberties. I despise their weakness and the results of their actions. The "Safety Nazi's" are destroying the quality of our lives. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions", and we are well on our way down that road.

What's the latest? Mandating health insurance is the latest. This is a totally unconstitutional mandate that will funnel money out of the economy into the coffers of the monopolistic health insurance companies when it is desperately needed elsewhere. This is not politicians serving you, it is politicians serving their own selfish, vain, power-seeking purposes.

I would remind you all that, "When, in the course of human events......" the government stops serving the people and begins oppressing the people, they have every right to overthrow that government. The more our state and federal governments continue on this course, the more domestic violence we will see against that government and in other ways.

The wimps gave us no-fault divorce which has led to the murder of whole families all around the nation and the impoverishment that divorce brings not just to the family involved, but the whole economy. The wimps gave us seat belts (a good thing) but also the seat belt laws that require us to buckle up whether you are going to drive down a freeway or a half block in a 20 MPH zone, which is unconstitutional. Likewise lifevest rules on the water, bike helmet laws for children and motorcycle helmet laws for motorcycle riders. They give us ridiculous no-smoking laws in the open air and brutally tax the smoker while they stuff their fat faces with donuts and chips.

The wimps and "politically correct", an abhorrent term reminiscent of every totalitarian regime that ever cursed mankind, keep us from profiling people at our airports in these times of terrorism, wasting our tax dollars and the valuable time of our screeners.

The list goes on, and on, and on, these sad days. We have become a weak-kneed, wimpy people who are now rapidly destroying a once great nation of free people. Our real enemies are within our borders and government houses. Al Qaeda has nothing on them. Compared to them, Al Qaeda are no more than troublesome fleas.

Cry, my beloved country, cry as you destroy yourselves, your economy and your childrens' future. Cry and have a crummy new year. Your lack of courage and faith has brought this upon you. You have victimized yourselves and sold your freedoms out in your cowardly fear.

Cry as your court system is overwhelmed by DUI cases and your prisons are filled with your sons and daughters yearning to be free and secure. Cry, cry, cry, because you are no longer free to celebrate. Cry because you can't drive down the street without fear of the police. Cry becasue you cannot celebrate the glorious 4th of July and your New Year with fireworks and revelry. Cry. I'm sure the wimps will comfort you.

Homosexual Clergy

The latest sect to abandon traditional morality and to allow homosexual clergy is the Lutheran Church.

The simple fact of the matter is that the clergy should uphold the highest standards of morality. The clergy should be able to counsel all members of a congregation and not just the most liberal in thought. Since so many heterosexual people find homosexual acts abhorrent, homosexuals of either sex cannot serve effectively as clergy.

Homosexuals who think they can serve as clergy lack shame and humility.

The same can be said of female clergy, who males find it difficult to seek counsel from. No matter the intention of unconditional love and acceptance, males do not want to seek counsel from females and both heterosexual males and females might find homosexuals, especially active homosexuals, unacceptable as spritual mentors.

Neither homosexuals nor females should be ordained as clergy, though, if they are seeking the Creator, homosexuals should be welcomed within the congregation.

Masters and Johnson managed to successfully "treat" 7 out of 10 homosexuals so they resumed a heterosexual lifestyle. Although it must be admitted that there are people who fall between male and female genetically, and behave as such, it is also a matter of the historical record that a general acceptance of homosexual behaviour leads to a general demoralization of society in general and the spreading of deadly diseases. The Greeks accepted pederasty amongst young males, but looked down on it amongst adult males. The Romans used to train young boys to pleasure grown men as a matter of course in their bath houses. The Creator destroyed Sodom and her sister city over these sexual abuses.

Sodomy should not be accepted as "normal". Only a small percentage of people practice it, making it abnormal or deviant. It spreads deadly diseases and is something we should teach our children to avoid, not embrace.

Ordaining active sodomites as clergy sends a message to our young that sodomy is acceptable. It should not be acceptable. If you don't believe this, stick your finger up your butt and then sniff it. Sodomy breaks blood vessels in the anus opening the body to infection. It is a very filthy act.

Society should, however, have compassion for those who are genetically confused. Sadly, they will live lives devoid of family love in their later years, but they are driven by forces greater than they can control. Wanton promiscuity amongst them should not be tolerated, though, as amongst the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence", a male homosexual group based in San Francisco, as this promiscuous behaviour spreads numerous STD's that burden the rest of society with unwarranted healthcare costs. Do you want to pay for the healthcare of someone with HIV/AIDS or Hep C because they like to fornicate in an anus full of feces?

It is in society's interest to promote monogomous relationships amongst the genetically confused "middle ground", just as it does between male and female.

Why anyone, other than a homosexual, would want a penis sucking, anus and feces fornicating, person as their spiritual advisor I do not know. What is even more disgusting is the person that engages in anal, feces covered fornication, and then engages in oral sex.

Christianity continues its sad decline as a moral force, the only thing it had going for it.

Ted Kennedy is Dead

Ted Kennedy is dead. His brothers, JFK and RFK (RFK nominated me for appointment to Kings Point), were amoral philanderers, and Catholic hypocrits, who thought they were above the moral law, and were responsible for the death of Marilyn Monroe. They used her and passed her from JFK to RFK. They drove her to suicide or had her murdered so she wouldn't talk. RFK rode in the ambulance with her to the hospital.

Ted was the most despicable. He should have gone to jail after the Chappaquiddick incident when he drunkenly drove a car off a bridge, killing his woman of the moment, and cowardly left the scene of an accident in which someone died. If not for his father's money and influence he would have, and should have, spent years in prison.

Throughout their lives, the Kennedy brothers stood on the backs of the poor, promoting every liberal agenda to maintain political power, something their father, Joseph, taught them so they would have power, and respectability, as well as wealth.

The one great thing they advocated and stood for was civil rights and the unfettered inclusion of the black race in American life and politics. Unfortunately, this was probably just a political move as their father, Joe, was an Irishman who looked down on the dark races as inferiors.

Joseph Kennedy, the father, made his fortune as a bootlegger during the period of prohibition and was a murderer. Kennedy money is blood money and thus the family is cursed by the Creator.

Ted Kennedy never changed his ways. Although his father's money kept him out of prison, he remained a boozing womanizer his entire life. He was what I call, rather crudely, a scumbag.

The Kennedy "dynasty" remains a strong political force. Kennedys move into a state because a political seat is open, just to run for office, depending on their name to get them elected. They look at being a so-called "public servant" as a career opportunity and will tell anyone they can do what they want, and get what they want, if they, the Kennedy, can only be elected. It is the same as the Catholic hypocrite Kerry saying he is a Catholic, who opposes abortion, saying what he supposedly believes isn't important if you will only elect him. Abortion is supposedly against his priciples, but damn the principles if he can have power.

America should have no place for political "dynasties". What we need is true public servants who work for the true public good. This applies to the Bushes (just look at the havoc the last Bush wrought) and the Clintons.

Free bread and circuses brought down Rome. The Kennedys and Clintons are of the same ilk. They are in reality self-serving political opportunistics.

Do not mourn Ted Kennedy. The man was an opportunistic, priviledged hypocrite who should have gone to prison for vehicular manslaughter due to drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. If he had, we would never have had him in the Senate.

Ted Kennedy "took a bullet to the head", just like his brothers, but his was probably caused by a guilty conscience, which is fitting. He deserved it. That might sound cruel, but it is true, and it is just because the Creator is just.

While we are on the subject of opportunistic politicians, notice how Hillary Clinton, who was never a citizen of New York state, moved there to run for the Senate based on her name. Just what could she know about New York issues, having never lived there? Also, her husband, the philandering Bill, put his office in the middle of Harlem. Why? Because both these users stand on the backs of the poor and disadvantaged. Have they done some good for the blacks? Yes. Why? Because they use them as their political base. Quite frankly, if I were a black man, I would be outraged by Bill Clinton's presumption that he belongs in Harlem. He is a white, privileged, philandering butthead who uses the black population to maintain his status.

Regarding Ted Kennedy, God rest his soul. There is none good but God.

Iran Elections & The Heart of Islam

The Iranian elections and the response of the clerics to the protestors point out a serious flaw in the heart of Islam. It, and the actions of the terrorists, shows how non-spritual the radicals are, including the clerics. The hate expressed by these people shows, very clearly, how full of hate they are. Spiritual people are not filled with such hate. They are not "spiritual leaders" in any sense, just dictators with dark thoughts about the nature of man, and what he was made to be.

They bring unnecessary suffering upon good people and are savage with those that oppose them. This reminds me of the abuses of the Catholic Church during its darker days.

It is inevitable that these people be put aside, as they are evil in thought and deed. I feel sorry for those oppressed by them.

Music, Song and Dance

Music, Song and Dance are all art forms. There are those who suppress one or all of them, like the Taliban. They do this because they want to be "godly" and free of sin.

The first thing they do not see is that this is what the Creator is creating. This world is what the Creator wants to create, which is why It is creating it. If It wanted something different, It would create something different. The Creator is enjoying Its creation through each of us. Though self-denial is necessary in all the things we do, like food and drink, the thing itself is not necessarily evil, especially if it is a primary part of our instinctual, God-given, nature. Even birds have a sense of rhythm and dance! And music calms the savage beast.

What is not in society's best interest is when the song or dance is lacivious in nature. Lacivious behavior offends those who do not want to be sexually aroused and promotes lacivious behavior in others. This creates promiscuity, which spreads deadly disease. Self-denial has to be applied to sex, just like food, water and drink.

The Life creating us, your very life that is animating you and building you every day in your physical form, is the Creator. YOU are what the Creator is creating. Your "soul", or eternal part, is That Life. It is that "Spirit" that leaves the dead.

And that Spirit is eternal, and eternally alone. If you have eyes, "see".

When people fast, and practice severe self-denial, they see how the Creator tries to tempt them back into partaking. We call it "temptation" and usually ascribe it to the "devil", but it is the Creator trying to entertain Itself. What is the point of creating a world like this to live in, and then just sit there and not do anything?

What fasters also see is the "fluid" nature of the world, whether they realize it or not, and that is how to see the world as just the "material"-izing light it is. That is the "spiritual" world.

Even though severe self-denial can be useful when practiced properly, we are not meant to do that all the time. It is enough to indulge our "holy" spirit periodically through the day as we feel love for the Creator during the endeavors It puts before us to do.

Joy is not evil. The Creator loves joy. The Creator has created great, beautiful, joy out of Its music, song and dance. Just keep it "clean".

I would also remind the Taliban, and those like them, that the "Golden Era" of Islam was a period of great art work. That art work included music, song and dance. And that art work came from people who were doing constructive things with their lives, instead of indulging is self-destructive, amoral, behavior.

Gay Marriage

The marriage "ceremony" is only a ceremony celebrating a couples intention to marry themselves together in flesh, blood, and spirit in the person of a child. It became a "sacred" thing because these people were perpetuating "the people", whoever they were, and because mankind realized long ago that promiscuity spread deadly disease. They realized that the family unit was blessed and it was in the entire communitiy's interest to promote it in a special way.

Even the Catholic Church will annul a longtime "marriage" if no children are produced as the marriage was never consumated in the birth of a child.

As homosexual people cannot yet reproduce together, they can not possibly "Marry" each other. As it is in society's interest to reduce the evident promiscuity in the homosexual community for healthcare system reasons, individuals who enter into serious, contractual long-term, relationships with each other should be afforded the same legal rights as heterosexual couples in a marriage contract. Indeed, no-fault divorce should be ended everywhere and strict restrictions imposed as they used to be. This is for the benefit of the children and is a sacrifice people who marry themselves need to do to be righteous people. Fully 50% of our children have been injured by divorce.

In the near future it should become possible for homosexuals to actually marry themselves together in a child. When that happens, they should be required to enter into a "marriage" contract, as anyone having children should be doing and be required to do.

Homosexuals should not be able to be foster parents or adoptive parents because kids are cruel and the adoptive or foster child will suffer trauma at their hands. To think this problem can be overcome is ludicrous as new children are constantly being born and the major instinct is heterosexual with a revulsion towards homosexual activity.

In ancient Greece young men were more-or-less expected to be pederasts, but it was looked down upon strongly if the behaviour carried on into manhood.

I would ask this of the homosexual community: If as you say, all people have both tendencies, as all my homosexual friends did (they were really all bi), why then should the rest of us have to pick up the medical bills for your STD's? Why can't you just decide to lead really fullfilling lives and have real families? You, too, must have heterosexual tendencies.

One of my best friends who was bi told me he had made the wrong choice in pairing up with a man instead of having a family like me and another, female, friend who was my high school sweetheart. He died at age 52.

Sodomy is a filthy act. It breaks blood vessels in the anus, opening the body to infections of all sorts. If you doubt it is filthy, just touch your anus and then smell your finger. If it doesn't repulse you, seek medical help. This is why it is taboo in all religious communities.

I've never found a religious prohibition against lesbianism. I think it is sad, though, when two women turn their backs on children and family. It makes for an empty end-of-life. If the women are promiscuous it is guaranteed to spread infection, too, such as herpes, and, well, use your imagination.

I am also strongly against promiscuity in the heterosexual world for the reasons mentioned above.

The marriage is in the children.

Tobacco Tax Persecutes the Poor

The new tobacco taxes, both Federal and State, amount to a selective, discriminatory persecution of the poor. It is also a violation of Obama's promise not to raise taxes on the poor.

Make no mistake that, even though I am a smoker, I am no fan of tobacco. I would do anything to quit. Unfortunately it is a very strong addiction, especially for long-time smokers.

It is not my intention here to continue the debate over tobacco. The point I am making is that poor and economically disadvantaged addicts are now being forced into smoking less expensive unfiltered "rollups", if they can even afford that, or butts found in ashtrays and rolled up into new cigarettes.

This means only the wealthy can now afford the "safer" filtered cigarettes. This amounts to a discriminatory persecution of a whole class of people, the poor, and is illegal and unconstitutional. Even raising taxes on the rich is hotly debated. How than can such an increased tax burden on the poor be justified?

Now the politicians are advocating a tax on soda that the soda drinkers are raising their voices against as a "discriminatory tax". Well, where were those voices when they imposed, and then raised, the tobacco tax? "They came for the smokers and I said nothing. Now they are coming for me." Sound familiar?

The self-righteous buttheads will say the poor should "just quit", which is one of their goals, but, believe me, that is far easier to say than do, as any smoker will tell you. Just ask Obama.

The simple fact of the matter is that tax burdens should be spread evenly throughout society. To expect any class of people to pay a disproportionate share is morally wrong and corrupt. To force the poor into even unhealthier behavior is downright degenerate.

The politians should remember the "Boston Tea Party" and take note very seriously of what happens when a government imposes oppressive, persecutory, taxes on the people.

The person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day must now spend more than $2,400 a year on their smokes. The taxes on what they are spending is money going to government instead of into the economy as a whole and this is bad for the economy.

Everyone I have ever met has a vice, be it tobacco, food, sex, alcohol, or drugs. When a government tries to make saints out of one class of people, it often finds out just how demonic those people can be.

Another simple fact is that obesity now rivals smoking as a burden on the healthcare system. Much more money could be raised by a small tax on junk food than could ever be raised on large tobacco taxes.

Typically, the politicians would rather take the easy route and hit the weak instead of the strong. They are hypocrits. Contact them, whether you smoke or not, and tell them enough is enough. If we are going to have "sin taxes" they should be spread evenly throughout society and should cover the overall medical costs of those vices and no more.

Stop Lights

All stop lights in areas with low traffic at night should become stop and go lights. This would save people a lot of gas, time, and wear and tear on their vehicle. It would also let them stop feeling put upon and stupid for sitting there when they can plainly see no one is coming from the side. Suggest this to your local government or write a letter to your local newspaper editor and you will be helping everyone in your area. and the country as a whole.

Somali Pirates, Capt. Phillips, Ship Defense

Two of Capt. Phillip's classmates at Mass Maritime were Chief Officers under me who went on to sail as Master (Captain). I'm sure I've met Rich some where, but darned if I can remember where. I prayed very seriously for his safe return and applaude the navy so hard my hands hurt! It will be fun to see him get his well-deserved hero's welcome as we in the Merchant Marine usually don't get much recognition.

As for the pirates, my ships were chartered by the military and I carried arms, but they were insufficient. The ships in those waters should be equipped with 5" guns fore and aft, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns, as well as the small arms I carried. As we just saw, there is no lack of courage or character in the crews.

The crews could then be paid a combat bonus if they had to repell pirates. Indeed, they should already be receiving a bonus just for sailing in those waters like they do in war zones.

The navy was founded on the merchant marine. Crews are already trained in anti-terrorism, we just need to expand the defensive perimeter like we did in WWII.

We could also run ships of similar speed in convoys with some naval protection.

I know the arguments against increased armament, but simply disagree. I have some understanding of what Capt. Phillips went through and I would want the increased fire power. I always felt terribly underarmed with some M16's, shotguns and pistols. A ship is a Big thing and needs a large defensive perimeter. Indeed, one of the reasons I was glad to retire was because I didn't feel able to protect the ship with the given resources.

Last of all, welcome home to Captain Phillips, a truely righteous and heroic man.

Sacramento Tent City Evictions

The planned eviction of the homeless people in the tent city in Sacramento, California, when they have nowhere else to go, is totally unacceptable. These people are US!

The city and state have an ethical obligation to provide basic services for these people. They should not be trying to run them off. This can be as simple as porta-potties and trucked-in water.

If we can afford billions on bailouts to corporations, we can certainly afford basic services for these people.

I urge everyone to email the Mayor and City Council of Sacramento off of their website to protest this totally irresponsible and cruel action.

If this is how our "public servants" are going to respond to this crisis we have a long way to go. Shame on the mayor and city council members, shame on Sacramento, and shame on the state of California!

Madonna's Malawan Adoptions

If Madonna was thoughtful about how many others she could help, she would do much more. In what is Malawi, the money she spends on her one child could provide continuously for an entire village.

These kind of adoptions, though rooted in compassion, are really self-aggrandizing acts that say, "Hey, look at me! Aren't I good?!" Not only does the adopter take the child from its native enviornment and kin, depriving it of it's heritage, when the money being spent could serve a whole community, it also "marks" the child socially in its new culture. This is cruel treatment. On top of all that, there are great numbers of children in their own culture seeking either adoption or foster-care.

All that Madonna has done, for me, is to give me another reason to really dislike her and her "ilk".

End Political "Parties"

I talk about how to do this on my "Presidential Page", under "Campaign Reform", but it is time to end the "Party" system. We have the technology to do it and it is time. The country is falling apart because we have a "two party" system.

Aren't you sick and tired of seeing these two groups of people tied into a system that allows them to keep on "Partying" while the the rest of us suffer from their bad, self-interested, decisions? We let them vote for raises for themselves regardless of the state of the rest of the economy and give themselves 100% medical coverage while many of us have none or have to pay a co-pay! They are "Partying" at OUR expense and selling us down the tubes. Just look at the lifestyles they live. The expensive suits, the expensive restaurants, etc., are all just one big PARTY. All of this is totally unnecessary. We now have the technology to stop this crud. Please visit my Presidential site to see how WE can stop this abuse and their destruction of not just the American economy, but the American way of life.

AIG Bonuses

The AIG bonuses are not just outrageous, they are criminal. These people failed in their jobs and should not be rewarded for that failure. The company LOST money if the bailout is not included, so they should be paying the company back! I, for one, do not want my tax dollars going to pay for failed executives.

This leads to a bigger issue, however. Why are there only Wall Street investigations for the financial industry going on, besides "ponzi" schemers like Madoff? Anyone who watches the national news has heard tapes of people in the financial industry who knew that they were doing wrong and that the "bubble" was going to burst. NBC's "Dateline" show is doing an extensive series on the collapse where people are openly admitting there was fraud going on throughout the industry nationwide.

These people are ALL guilty of fraud and need to be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law. If suicides were the result, they need to be prosecuted for murder due to reckless indifference. If a person goes out to deliberately get drunk, and then drives and kills somewone, they are now prosecuted for murder due to "reckless" or "criminal" indifference for murder. These buttheads are no different. Indeed, they are worse.

The 90% retroactive tax passed by Congress is a meaningless political act as it is clearly unconstitutional. What it shows is just how inept the political parties are, how ignorant of the constitution, and how they act for purely political reasons.

It also shows how quickly they are willing to violate the constitution for personal political gain.

Not only that, the act contains dangerous provisions that would affect people who are actually earning their bonuses. This knee-jerk reactionary tendency of congress is why we now have so many ridiculous laws restricting our basic freedoms.

The fact is that the people who received the "retention" bonuses at AIG are probably all guilty of fraud for participating in the mortgage fiasco in the first place and ought to be investigated and prosecuted, just like Madoff.

I urge you to email your representatives in Washington and your state legislatures demanding that every loan officer who participated in this fraud be prosecuted and sent to a regular prison, not some "country club", to do their time. If this doesn't happen, we all be victimized by the same people, or others following their example, again.

Modern "Hoovervilles"

CNN had a story today covering a modern "Hooverville" outside Sacramento. For those who don't know their history, which is sadly way too many Americans, during the Great Depression the homeless set up towns of cardboard and tin houses outside the cities that became known as "Hoovervilles" after President Hoover, who was blamed for not taking effective action at the time.

We have reached the point in this depression that the shelters for the homeless are now full. In Sacramento, they provide "only" 2,000 beds. As things progress, we will see more "Hoovervilles" springing up around the country. We can no longer look down on the homelsss as shiftless people with no ambition. WE are now the homeless. We also cannot expect people to be living in their cars, if they are lucky enough to still own one.

The question I pose here is who is going to manage these new homeless communities? Clean water and basic sanitation must be provided or we will see cholera outbreaks and the spread of other diseases. Food must be provided for those with none.

On a Federal level, FEMA should be responsible as we are facing a catastrophe. However, the states might want to be responsible for these duties. The point is, though, that action needs to be taken now, so we have an orderly, safe, development of the new homeless communities and our State and Federal legislators need to be discussing this now.

Obama's Wasteful Junkets

President Obama is wasting millions of our tax dollars, and fuel for Air Force One and his huge security entourage, on his junkets to Republican states he won in '08 and Arizona, Senator McCain's state. He is also contributing to pollution with all the fuel being burned.

These are obvious political junkets under the guise of being uplifting morale boosters. He could just as easily speak to these people via a big screen TV, saving us millions of dollars, and the air tons of pollutants.

The politician's true colors are showing, as they did when the current budget with all its pork went to Congress. This is extreme hubris and we are all going to pay for it.

Prosecuting Madoff

Bernie Madoff and the other ponzi schemers should be prosecuted as murderers. People have committed suicide because of their crimes and, because of the damage they have done to so many charities, others are also bound to die because of their crimes. In every single state this is called "criminal indifference" and criminal indifference that leads to death is prosecuted as murder. Because of the vast financial damage they have done, I would also have a law that made it a capital crime and I would hang them on a gallows built on the front steps of the New York Stock Exchange. If we let them go to a "country club" jail, that, too, would be a huge crime. At the very least they should be doing hard time for life in a regular prison for the murder they have committed.

If you agree he should be prosecuted for murder, email the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York at this email address: and get all your friends to do the same. As Madoff is accepting a plea bargain for fraud, there is no reason they cannot move directly on to the murder indictment. Let's get some real justice for a change and send a clear message to these fraudulent buttheads.

Fallen Heros, The War Censorship

Today the Pentagon announced it would "allow" the press to cover the return of war dead if the family of the dead heros would allow it. The government has been censoring coverage of our wars for years after the graphic press coverage of the Vietnam war helped fuel anti-war sentiment. They claim they can do this because it is "their war" and therefore have copyright on all photos taken by the press.

Although I believe families should have a right to keep the return of their dead a personal matter if they so desire, that right has to be limited to use of their loved ones names only. The general public has no need to know the identity of the heros in their caskets, but it has every right to see the returning caskets.

Beyond this issue of privacy is a much greater issue. During WWII, and every previous war through the Vietnam war, the press openly reported on the carnage with vivid photography ever since the Civil War. The government has no legitimate copyright on the war correspondents' work. Indeed, it is the duty of the war correspondents to keep the American people informed of every aspect of the war, including the carnage they witness. That this causes a visceral reaction in the people is a good thing as it helps keep the government in check. We are the people and we are ultimately the government, not just the current administration with its own agenda. That we allow this censorship by the government is totally unacceptable because we are therefore forming our opinions on the limited information the administration is providing us and surrendering our freedom of the press.

I participated in the first Gulf War and I was horrified when I got home to see the "censored" news people were receiving on TV. It was just propaganda and very far from the truth. I lost all faith in our news organizations right then and there. I knew then that we were being told only what the government wanted us to hear and that the truth was not the truth. We were being manipulated to suit the current administration's ends. We were no longer in charge of the government, the government was in charge of us.

One example is that Americans were never informed about the 900+ white sex slaves being liberated in Kuwait. Many of these young women were Americans who had been kidnapped by Kuwaiti's. Most had no idea of what country they were in until they were liberated by coalition forces. I know this firsthand because I transported military personnel from Kuwait to Germany who had actually been offered these women's sexual favors.

Another example was the catastrophic state of our sealift forces supplying our troops with war materials. If armed conflict had lasted more then the six months it did, we could have lost the war because we could not keep up with their supply needs. I know this firsthand because I was part of the sealift.

First of all, there were not enough American ships and we were forced to use foreign ships, and there weren't enough of them. The ships we broke out of our so-called "reserve fleet" were in such bad shape that many never even made it out of the shipyards and many of those that did never made it to the Persian Gulf, even after many attempts to get there.

Secondly, the military, especially the Military Sealift Command, was so screwed up they could not even tell where their ships and cargoes were. Even though they had me sending EIGHT position reports a day, something I could do because I worked regularly for those idiots and had learned their system, but most Masters couldn't because of the stupid complexity of the message formats, I got a call from the Far East Command (COMSCFE) at 2 AM in the middle of the Pacific ocean asking me where I was!

When ships got to the Persian Gulf they were kept at anchor for insanely long periods because the people over there didn't even know they were coming! I got around the idiocy and always went directly to the pier because I realized no one, and I mean NO ONE, had any idea of what was going on and so made sure I directly notified the local MSC reps in the Persian Gulf that I was coming.

One idiot general wanted to see six hour updates on a map of where the ships were, even though ships move at so slow a speed that it was impossible to see a difference in position at such a short time interval.

In a democratic society like ours it is absolutely essential the press exercise its freedom to report what is actually going on to keep the idiots on their toes. Government censorship of war coverage in any form is totally unacceptable. It is a formula for catastrophe and defeat and all Americans should be up in arms about this. That graphic war footage upsets us is good, because that guarantees we believe the war is just and that our warriors are not dying in vain.

I strongly urge all who read this to raise legitimate hell with their representatives over this unconstitutional censorship. We NEED to see the carnage on the news so we can keep the government in check and acting for us, not their own agenda, like Bush's war in Iraq. Certainly, out of consideration for the families, responsible reporters should not be showing identifiable faces of our dead, but the bodies should be shown.

Censorship of the free press is the first step towards the end of democracy and governmental tyranny.

What Really Created The Current Crisis? 2/9/2009

Just what created the current economic collapse? The moral degeneration of the world's democracies. Greed was the straw that broke the camel's back, but the rot runs much deeper.

The primary problem is spiritual: not religious, but spiritual. It is a spiritual deficit when a people put so-called "individual happiness" and "individual rights" above the good of the community and its children. The 60's drug driven mentality of "me first" and "do your own thing" has led to a societal collapse that has now finally brought about an economic collapse. These are selfish, greedy attitudes, not community orientated attitudes.

So-called "no fault" divorce has led to the impovershment of 50% of the housholds in America. If you are not happy at the moment in your marriage you can just pack up and go if you are male or you can get rid of your husband if you are female. The simple truth is that marriage requires self-sacrifice and unconditional love if it is to be successful. It takes commitment and some pain to stick to it because we all change throughout our lifetimes. We do this not for ourselves, but for our children and the future of our civilization. Anyone who expects to be perfectly happy throughout their marriage is an ignorant, selfish, fool.

Men and women are different. They are not the same and they are not equal. Their brains work differently, as do their emotions. Thus the battle of the sexes that has raged throughout history.

People who indulge their holy spirits and spend time actually loving the Creator have much less conflict and are much more likely to have stable marriages. Those who ignore their holy spirits have a much more difficult time in life, which the Creator always makes challenging for the sake of the "fullness" of life. I discuss this more fully on my Symbol of Unity site. When we indulge our holy spirits and spend time loving our Creator, we enter a state of grace and our lives go much better. When a society is spiritual it, too, enters a state fo grace and fares much better.

People are so concerned about "single moms" making it, but I ask, where is the father? Did the woman divorce him for some silly reason like "he wasn't growing anymore", or "he spent too much time on the computer", or was he a philanderer putting his wife's life at risk in this age of AIDS and Hep C?

Sadly, most divorces are for perfectly selfish reasons. People put their own happiness above the welfare of their children, and that is, in my opinion, criminal, and should be dealt with as such. People who intitiate divorce or separation, male or female, for anything but the old traditional reasons are simply selfish, irresponsible pigs and ought to be ostracized by the community at large. In point of fact, no fault divorce is a societal evil that must end.

The fact that over 50% of marriages end in divorce is simple proof that no fault divorce does not work. The fact that 80% of black families are "single mom" homes is so despicable that it deserves the filthiest expletives I wouldn't dare to use here.

This "me first, do your own thing" attitude has culminated in the collapse of the economies in the world's democracies.

It was the greed of the Democrats seeking power and fame that led to the deregulation of the financial institutions, so "everyone" could afford a house, and the greed of the Republicans who saw an opportunity to make a buck in the financial industry, and who also wanted the deregulation, that caused the final collapse.

Congress just passed an act to try to impress the people that supposedly brought regulation to the credit card industry, but it was a total joke. Just today I got a notice from one of my credit card companies telling me that my interest rates will rise to 17.9% for transfers to my account and purchases. They are going to charge 14.65% above prime for transfers I bring to them! Cash advances will go to 21.65% above prime for an annual rate of 24.9%. If I am just 3 days late on a payment they will boost the rates to 26.15% above prime for a rate of 29.4%!

Congress, in other words, sold out again. These are loan shark rates: usuary gone mad. To me, regulation of credit card companies means regulating these ridiculous rates. If you got a loan from a gangster and he charged these rates, and he was caught, he would go to jail. In my opinion, these are the same greedy buttheads who have driven our financial institutions into the ground and they are continuing to do so in spite of the bailouts. Serious regulation would put a stop to these outrageous rates that are now finishing off so many struggling families. These financial institutions are the very same ones whose greed has destroyed the world economy. They are criminals in every meaning of the word, but there is no law regulating them and making them criminals. Why? So the politicians can get their money to buy political office.

Fortunately for me, I have no credit card debt I carry forward. I pay off my cards in full each month. My heart goes out to the sad individuals in the grip of these blatant userers and loan sharks, Congress is failing us again.

We are at war because of our moral depravity. Conservative peoples, especially in the Muslim communities, are terrified our filthy, degenerate, amoral ways will corrupt their children and societies and the most extreme amongst them have decided on terrorist actions to try to destroy us before we destroy their way of life. They are wrong, mad shepards killing the lamb that strays, but they consider themselves to be in extremis. If we were still exporting "Leave It To Beaver" instead of "Desperate Housewives" and "Queer Eye" we wouldn't be in these wars, draining our treasury and the blood of our military personel. There would be no terrorism if we had not sunk so low.

So what has brought us down so low? What has caused this crisis? Amoral behavior and greed have brought us here. The filth of Hollywood, radical feminism and no fault divorce, have brought us here. Pandering, selfish politicians have brought us here. And this all stems from a lack of true "spirituality". Frankly, spiritual people just don't think like that. If we were a "spiritual", again, not religious, society, we would be electing truely spiritual leaders who would put the true health and welfare of the community first, not panderers who will do anything, and support anything, to get elected.

The laws the "religions" profess grew out of spirituality. There is a direct connection between the faiths and spirituality and they all contain the path to spirituality, which is the indulgence of our holy spirits. But because a person goes to church or temple once a week does not make them spiritual. It does not even make them "religious". A person who "prays everyday" is not a spiritual person. A person who keeps their holy spirit in the forefront, and loves the Creator whenever possible during the day is a "spiritual" person and I guarantee you such people also have "religion" and religiously try to live a healthy, moral life, for these people believe in self-sacrifice for the common good. They see the Creator in all and put the welfare of others first. They do not selfishly seek their own gratification first.

Sprituality leads to religion, not the other way around, and the religious laws, that which we should or should not do religiously, are observed by the spiritual person for the general good and welfare of humanity as a whole.

So is the Creator punishing the democracies for their immorality? Yes. But It punishes us through our own actions and deeds. We are our own undoing. We have brought it upon ourselves, with our own hands and through our own actions. We have ignored the wisdom of our ancestors and sought our own, selfish, greedy, amoral ways. Call it a law of nature if you like. The Creator has built these things into Its creation, but don't blame the Creator, look in the mirror and blame who you see there.

We have met the enemy, and he is us.

Muslim Terrorists. 3/1/2009

There are no Muslim terrorists. Terrorism violates everything Mohammed taught and Islam stands for. They call themselves Muslims, but they do not practice Islam and are nothing but murdering dogs. They most definitely are not Muslim. They are just terrorists. Likewise, the Sunni and Shites fighting in Iraq are not practicing Islam, nor is Hamas or any of the other extremist, murdering groups calling themselves Muslims.

The Gas Crisis. 6/7/2008

All our lives we have heard about "supply and demand". There is simply no way that demand is now outstripping supply so radically that our oil prices should be rising so rapidly over so short a term. This means there has to be a manipulation of the market going on which, if it isn't already, ought to be illegal. This kind of profiteering and price gouging is unethical and immoral.

It also means that our government, and the governments of all the nations being impacted so detrimentally, are being negligent, at best, at their duties to get to the bottom of this crisis and to stop and punish the profiteers.

Mark my words, something is very wrong here that normal market fluctuations and mechanics can not explain. The markets are being manipulated to rape the civilized world.

Election 2008

      Well, if you are reading this section, it is too late. Apparently ;-) I lost the 2008 election to Barak Obama. What really bothers me is that everyone keeps saying he is the first "black" president of the United States. He is not. He is not "black". He is half white and half black. It is a terribly racist fact that if a person has just a smidgen of "black" heritage he is considered "black". America wanted a black president to sooth its conscience, but Obama is not "black". His wife is. His children are not because he is not.

      Barak Obama is not "black". He is a mix. If he turns out to be as good as he promises to be, it is not a "black victory": it is a black/white victory. I think I'll have to punch the next person who tells me Barak Obama is an African-American in the nose. I mean, Whoaaaa, the guy has some black heritage, just look at that! Please, people, give me a break. Even he jokingly calls himself a "mutt". Sorry, he's a 50/50 on the most shallow of levels and much more on the deeper levels: we all are.

      I congradulate President Obama. For the first time in a long time I felt the contest was between two good men. I am sorry McCain lost because I think he deserved to be president of the United States for his past service to the country I know he loves. In foreign affairs I worry very much about Obama. Let me just add here that pride precedes the fall and hubris is definitely not desirable. McCain has humility, Obama does not. Self-rightous, self-assured people, are very dangerous. Both McCain and Obama would expand the war in Afganistan, which is a terrible mistake, but Obama is more prone to do so disasterously because of his hubris and self-assurance.

      So, I concede (lol) here to President Obama. I pray earnestly that the Creator guides him through his new, extremely heavy, responsibilites and teaches him humility in a way that does not affect us all.

      The best thing to come out of this election is that black parents can no longer tell their children that a black person can not become president of the United States. The black community has a far worse problem with racism than whites or asians, and, maybe, this can help them get past this.....but not too fast, you, because he is half white, too. ;-) But the next "black" person I meet who claims he has no chance because of his race will be dismissed by me as a fool.

      I keep hearing on the TV how incredible it is that an "African-American" has won the election, but an "Africn-American" didn't win: Barak Obama won, and he is half white and half black.

      Please don't get me wrong. I think Obama is a good man. He has too much pride and hubris and, as a leader, this puts the rest of us at risk, but I think he is a good man who is mostly speaking from his heart. God Bless him now, and God bless America, by granting him good guidance from within.

      God bless John McCain, too, another good man who has served his country well and stands by the age-old morality of our ancestors. I thought his concession speech was the best I ever heard and he moved me to tears. God Bless a good man.

      I am now announcing my bid for the presidency in 2012 because I know Obama is already on the wrong path in Afganistan. I'm not predicting the economy because I believe Obama is correct on his infrastructure policy but wrong on energy development and other aspects of the recovery. I'd have loved to vote for Mr. Obama McCain this election, but he wasn't running.

      Please keep checking my "president" site, because I will be re-building my platform as Obama's administration unfolds.

      God help us all, friend and foe alike. The Creator dwells within all.

      The Arctic ice cap is going to completely melt for the first time in human history in the next few years. It was expected this year. Scientists did not expect this to happen for another 20 years. This is a tremendous catastrophe that is going to bring very hard times worldwide. No other candidate is addressing this issue aggressively enough. We need to begin building CO2 scrubbers immediately and see to it that the whole industrialized and developing world does the same. I can't stress enough how important this is. The construction of the scrubbers will also provide much needed employment and boost the economy. I promise to begin the construction of the scrubbers on my first day in office.

Please visit my Captain Forrington For President site for many views on the problems facing America. I deal with the gas crisis, the economy, crime, and many other subjects I do not cover here. Although I do not expect to become elected president by any stretch of the imagination, and am not seriously running, I put up the site to say what I would do if elected. I discuss many of America's problems there and do not want to repeat them here so I am not penalized by the search engines for repeating subject matter on too many pages.

If you voted for Clinton because she is a women, you are a sexist. If voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. This is true if it affects your vote in any way, no matter how small, and no matter how it drives your vote, either for or against. It is also true if you voted for McCain because he is white or male. This is not how it should be and shows how deep the rancor between these groups is. It is a striking indication of our true national problem, which is spiritual. If you vote for me, you're just smart and patriotic ;-)

The Clintons are the worst sort of racists. They see themselves as the high-minded whites taking care of the poor blacks, which is why Bill Clinton has his office in Harlem. They think the blacks can't take care of themselves. In reality they use the blacks as a power base. In fact, most Democratic politicians are the ultimate panderers who use the poor and disadvantaged to gain power and wealth by promising everybody everything. I find Clinton's Harlem office to be an outright affront to the black community and the epitome of elitist white arrogance.

Barak Obama is a noble man, but a typical Democratic elitist who is totally out of touch with the common man. His comments regarding religion and guns made this very clear and is the biggest mistake he has made as it reveals his true nature.

Both Hillary Clinton and Obama would try to force people who simply cannot afford it to buy health insurance. People will have insurance, but no roof over their heads or food in their bellies.

The trouble with elitists is they want to force everyone to do things they do not want to do. The Clintons showed this very clearly when they forced the .08 BAC driving law on the whole country by making it a condition to receive Federal highway funds. That is outright unconstitutional but a typical elitist tactic. If they won't vote for it, force it on them unconstitutionally because we know better than they do what is good for them. That law has proved disasterous to normal social life in rural America, without decreasing the DUI death rate, while driving up our prison populations. It is a total failure.

The fact that the so-called Democratic Party has "super delegates" who can override the popular vote is a very clear indication of just how much they do not trust the common man and how elitist they are. The Democratic Party needs a revolution within itself and all the hacks and panderers need to be driven out.

McCain is a good man with the wrong ideas about the Middle East and Islam. The country will eventually go broke over there if we keep following the mistakes made by the Bush administration. He also had no plan for a Public Health Service which could be funded easily if we changed our Middle Eastern policies. Please visit my campaign site for how I would deal with "Muslim" extremists.

Plastics, Oil and Global Warming. 12/9/2007

Firstly, what I say here is for the short term because nanotechnology should solve all our energy and resource problems within the next 30-or-so years. The primary reason the world is so short of oil is the use of plastics. Just look around you. All those plastic products we use are made from oil. Plus, it is hard to get rid of them, once used.

The entire world needs to go to completely recyclable materials as much as possible. Even pills should come in recyclable glass or other materials. The optimum goal would be to have zero waste, but this is impossible. The biggest offenders, however, are plastics. We know enough now to come up with other, long lasting, re-usable containers and housings for everything from the computer monitor and computer housing on my desktop, to the common flashlight. Make these things out of metal or other materials, and make them to be used for successive generations of product if possible. For instance, I am looking at my desktop computer, which is made out of plastic. Why must it go into some landfill because I want to upgrade my computer capabilities. I should be able to just go to any computer manufacturer and find a new "unit" to fit inside the old case.

Most people don't realize just how much oil we use on plastics, but the figure is staggering. Picture your computer housing or your bottle of water as a liquid pool. That pool is all oil. The planet could extend its oil resources for a very long time, to allow the economical development of other energy resources, if we would just stop using plastics.

I haven't done the research to quote any figures here, but I expect it is cheaper to manufacture one glass milk bottle that is used until it breaks, then it is to manufacture an endless chain of paper cartons. Likewise, think of all the plastic pill bottles that go into the landfill (a huge plastic lump in the long run - but maybe our descendents can extract that oil after everything else is rotted away, after all, it lasts nearly forever.)

I believe it is much more energy efficient to manufacture one reusable container, housing, etc., than it is to keep using energy to manufacture things that go into a landfill.

Another great problem in this vein is "planned obsolescence." An automobile, refrigerator, etc. should be made to last as long as possible, and parts for it, so it can be maintained indefinitely, should be available. Again, nanotechnology should solve this problem, but we should conserve everything we can until we know our resources have become literally infinite.

The reason nanotechnology holds this much hope, is that through nanotechnology we should be able to manufacture anything, from meat to houses, literally, out of random atoms. In other words, we will be able to make anything out of nearly nothing. No more hunger, and no more killing for meat, because it will be manufactured from random atoms by little nanobots in a factory. If you want a house, they will bring a big "printer" to your property and literally "print" you out a 3D house.

But for now, it is essential we reduce world competition for fuel to avoid war and to conserve what is left so we make a smooth transition to other energy sources. Already we are seeing municipalities, like London, the largest to date, banning plastic bags. We need to become much more pro-active than that and replace plastics everywhere we can.

I realize that the matter of planned obsolescence is very touchy because much of the world economy is dependent on it. If a car dealer made one good car that lasted 100 years, they would soon be out of business. They would only be in the spare parts business after awhile. But perhaps they can start thinking about automobiles that can be "upgraded" over the years. They could use a basic frame that will accept new fenders, quarterpanels, computer equipment, etc., so only new parts are sold instead of a whole new vehicle. Of course occasional line revisions would still be allowed, but perhaps every 5 or 10 years instead of every year for every model.

Again, plastics are a big, big, enemy.

Mother Teresa, 11/11/2008

Everyone talks about how wonderful Mother Teresa was and the Catholics will probably make her a saint due to her popularity. But Mother Teresa does not deserve sainthood. She was a foolish woman who confessed to feeling the absence of the Creator all her life and who miserably believed that suffering brought people "closer to Jesus". She therefore did not provide relief for the suffering of the dying she tended, just a bare cot to die on, and her nuns live miserable lives meant to enhance suffering.

If she spent more time communing with, and loving, the Creator, she would have felt the presence and had mercy on her charges, relieving their suffering as much as possible. Instead she spent too much time praying to Jesus and the saints of Christiandom, so she never got any answers. Dead people don't answer, they are dead. The Creator, on the other hand, is always present and full of love and compassion.

The Death of Arafat, 11/19/2004

I was supposed to meet Yasser Arafat during a photo opportunity in Port Said, Egypt. I was carrying the trucks the PLO Police needed in order for the peace accord to be finalized. That is a good sea story I'll have to tell someplace else, but the gist is that I was delayed by bad weather and didn't arrive until the last few hours of the deadline in the accord. An admiral was talking to me daily so he could update the President.

Anyway, because I was delayed, the government flew in a few trucks and had their photo opportunity with a Military Pilot instead of a Sea Captain, and I did not get to meet Arafat.

I speak about Abbas, the current interim Palestinian head of state, on my Symbol of Unity site. I refer to him because his full name is "Bar Abbas", and that is the name of the terrorist the Jews had set free in lieu of Jesus 2,000 years ago. Of course, to the Jews of that time, Bar Abbas was a "freedom fighter", not the terrorist the Romans saw. What I wrote there follows:

"Abraham would cry over this conflict, as all concerned are his blood.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is not an issue of Muslim versus Jew, it is a conflict over land.

One can go back over time for reasons for revenge and vengeance, with plenty of good examples to be found on both sides. Until both sides are willing to put these incidents behind them, and deal with the present only, no solution can be found. Peace can only come through letting has-beens be has-beens and proceeding from there.

Mohammed taught that the Jews, Christians and Muslims should live in peace as long as one does not try to force its ways on another. This is because all these faiths spring from the same wellhead and worship the same Creator. People of all faiths should respect each other because all are seeking the same truths.

There is no right or wrong in this conflict. Both sides are right, and both are wrong. In the eyes of the Creator, the righteous thing for the Palestinians to do would have been to accept the Jews into their homes and country after the holocaust of World War II. The Jews, on the other hand, keep trying to expand their hold on parcels of land.

The current Israeli policy of closing some settlements to make way for a Palestinian state is very commendable, especially in the face of continued Palestinian violence. The Jews now find themselves advocating the way of Jesus while pitted against the Palestinians, who are following the ways of Bar Abbas. Even more ironically, the Palestinians have a former Prime Minister, who is now interim head of state following the death of Arafat, named "Bar Abbas", who has been an active advocate for peace with the Israeli's. The Creator does have a sense of humor, just like us.

Jerusalem is a holy city not just to the Jews, but to the Christians, Muslims, and other spiritual people, as well. As the Jews now control Jerusalem, and Christianity and Islam are sects of Judaism, all using the Old Testament, I suggest they make the city an Israeli city as far as territory goes, but that the city be governed as an Interfaith Holy City with a Republican government made up of representatives of all faiths. In the United States, the central government is housed in an independent district, Washington, DC, and I suggest the same thing for Jerusalem. I know this gives the Jews final authority over the security of Jerusalem, but that is the present geo-political reality and is the shortest route to peace.
On the other hand, it also gives other religions a voice in the governing of the city and guarantees the safety and sanctity of their holy places and presence in the city.

When a Palestinian state is established, I would recommend that each nation agree that the citizens of each can buy real estate in the other. A reasonable limit could be placed on how much property could be sold interstate per year to avoid abuses.

This would allow the Palestinians who crave their ancestral land a peaceful way to regain it. It would also allow the Jews to be in areas they would like to be in, that they do not have current access to.

It would also slowly cause a peaceful integration as neighbor learned about neighbor, and population densities shifted. When each country reached an agreed upon ratio of one to the other, the two nations could finally be united. This would warm Abraham's heart, as he is the father of both nations, and it would make both nations "great" in the eyes of the world, as promised to Abraham by the Creator.

The Palestinians have suffered gravely in the immigration of the Jews after World War II. But the Jews came in desperation after mass slaughter and what followed would not have happened if the Palestinian Muslims had followed the dictates of Islam and provided comfort for their cousins, as dictated by Mohammed. The Creator cares not if something is a lot to ask.

Muslims were also an enemy of Nazi Germany and did not suffer the same holocaust only because their numbers were less in Europe and Nazi influence did not get to dominate life in the Muslim countries long enough for Nazi hatred to decimate the Muslim population in occupied countries.

I see again two paths here for the Palestinians. The first is suicide bombings by people barely out of childhood. This is a disgrace to all mankind. That anyone would sacrifice their children over land grudges is unthinkable in civilized societies and the Palestinians are reviled worldwide for this practice. Recourse can only come through civilized behavior. Teaching your children to blow themselves up for the sake of cultural and religious myths, like "virgins" in heaven, is barbaric and the civilized world despises it. It undermines Palestinian credibility. How can one regard a people as civilized who do this to their children?

The Palestinians have a just cause, as do the Jews, but co-existence has to be the goal, not annihilation of the other people. This will never happen and is as unrealistic a fanatical goal as can be imagined. It achieves nothing but notoriety, and brings on nothing but what will eventually be viewed as senseless slaughter and suffering.

The Jews and Muslims populate all nations, too. Who can possibly annihilate whom?"

You can find more on what I think about the Israeli/Palestinian issue on my Symbol of Unity site.

In America, 12/7/2004

It is illegal to be a prostitute, and charge money for sex, because it spreads disease and undermines the moral fabric of society.

But it is legal to be a whore, and spread disease for free.

It is illegal to solicit prostitution, and pay for sex, because promiscuity spreads disease.

But it is legal to have sex for free with anyone who'd have you.

It is illegal to seduce the young.

But it is legal to seduce and arouse them with undergarment ads, birth control ads, contraception ads, and even STD drug ads, in all forms of media, and regular programming on television and radio.

You can marry and commit to another with sacred vows,

and a faithless partner can kill you with an STD with impunity.

A supposedly non-sectarian government has adopted atheism as its "sect",

and discards the sacred vows and moral values of all faiths equally, turning the populace into a nation of whores and philanderers, together only as long as the honeymoon lasts.

It is illegal to be a polygamist, with faithful spouses, in stable families,

But it is legal to marry as many people as you want, divorcing each along the way, hurting the children, impoverishing their other parent, spreading the diseases you pick up along the way.

They wonder why their children cut themselves, and kill themselves, and walk into schools with guns. They wonder why their children are promiscuous, when the obvious message everywhere is that everyone is, and they are expected to be, too. They wonder why their young men are angry, when everywhere men are portrayed as evil, weak, fools.

What hope has a child in a nation with over a 50% divorce rate (70% in Arkansas)? If his own parents couldn't stick together, what hope has he?

The homeless go unwashed because churches and temples only keep business hours, and have ceased being places of sanctuary. What use is a house of God with locked doors at any hour? They have crowded the "holy" spirit out with material objects, too precious to be left unguarded. They spend money on foreign missions, while their doors at home are locked to the unwashed and hungry, the wet and the cold, the drunk and the troubled.

Is it any wonder shame is on America? Is it any wonder other people do not want what America "has"?

I bemoan days of honor.


I believe everyone in America should have access to a free marketplace. I also believe those who are below the poverty level should be able to do whatever they can, without the burden of permits and taxes, to provide a better life for themselves in that free marketplace. Things that hamper individual productivity should not be imposed until an individual has risen above the poverty level.

If one looks around the world, one sees that in most communities there are "Public Marketplaces". These are places where people who are industrious at home can come and freely sell their products, arts, and crafts.

In America, the public market does not exist anymore except as weekly "Farmers' Markets". People are denied access to daily fresh food and must pay the added cost in dollars and ecological expense to have nutritionally inferior foods trucked in.

Likewise, "Downtown Commercial Districts" have become reserved areas for only those who can afford rent in the buildings. They are no longer "Public Marketplaces". They exclude the common citizen from the marketplace and economy, forcing him to sell his labor to others, rather than selling the products of his own endeavors.

The "Free Marketplace" has all but disappeared from America. This is the very basis of the economy, not just in the United States, but in all places worldwide. To let the greedy merchants and distaste for seeing the poor destroy this, is to destroy America.

Downtown merchants often complain that street vendors hurt their business. If the town does not provide an alternative free marketplace area, then those merchants who can not stand the street competition will just have to join the others in the free marketplace. There will be other merchants who will occupy the stores.

If, here in Fort Bragg, California, Safeway cannot afford to stay open because of daily competition from the local farmers, then Safeway should close up shop and leave.

America's marketplaces belong to every American. They are Public Land. No person should be excluded from truly free enterprise. As this is already the way it is, we need to undo things and liberate the economy. We need a free marketplace or just free street marketing, in each community.

What is happening now is that anyone who is industrious enough to engage in a home business is relegated to sell in occasional flea markets and craft fairs, few of which are actually free. Many people don't take up projects that could be prosperous, and therefore good for the economy, because they have no marketplace to sell their wares when they want do. There is no daily free marketplace to go to.

This leads to more television, more drug and alcohol abuse, more failed marriages, and even more suicides. It also guts the very basis of a "free enterprise" economy.

The way they have shut down "peddling" in my town of Fort Bragg, California, is to require every applicant for the $20 "peddler's permit" to have $850,000 insurance on a vehicle, whether they own one or not, or are going to use it for peddling or not.

Thus a person who merely intends to walk down the street with a bunch of his necklaces around his neck, or even carrying something like a lamp they made, must have over $850,000 in insurance on a vehicle he does not possess. This is simple, outright, corruption. It corrupts the economy, the country and the civil and economic rights of all its citizens. The ONLY person it benefits is the downtown merchant and his landlord. If some of the current merchants were sadly forced out of competition and their storefront by the enterprises of their neighbors, it might also force a reduction in commercial rents. This, too, would be good for the local economy in the long run.

Also, local "peddlers" shop in local stores. Each dollar spent expands 10 times. More tourist dollars in tourist towns equals increased prosperity for the entire community. A homeless person selling an item is also part of the local economy. If he has money, he will spend his money in local businesses.

Human Sacrifice in America, 5/6/2005

Although it happens in plain view every day in America, very few people are aware of the human sacrifice going on around them. That is, unless they are chosen as an unwitting victim. That is when the horror becomes all too real.

It is a terrible catastrophe of unimaginable consequence. Indeed, it is one of the major reasons America is dying.

Parents are losing their children and children are losing their parents and being forced into poverty and dispair, leaving them to search for peace in many kinds of deadly, life-destroying vices, further exasperating the problem and accelerating the decline of the society as a whole.

These human sacrifices are unusual in that they are not being made for the good of society as a whole. Even the Aztecs cut out human hearts for the good of the whole society: for everyone.

Instead, Americans are sacrificing lives for the sake of individual pleasure and self-indulgence, and literally everyone is given the arbitrary right to perform the sacrifice whenever they wish, as long as they are sacrifiing the lives of their own children and spouse.

They can also do this repeatedly, as often as they like, as long as each sacrifice is preceded by a wedding ceremony so a new family can be prepared for sacrifice.

They have given themselves the power, especially their women, to sacrifice whole lives, and whole families, on the alter of self-indulgence. They do it to get happy in a momemt of unhappiness, and the State actually encourages it, especially for the women, as it was the women who originally demanded the right to sacrifice their family for their own sakes.

Children are torn from their rightful parents, usually the father in America, greating tremendous emotional stress and distress that often result in the death of children and spouses, and nearly always in poverty and dispair for all the family members except one, which is the person performing the sacrifice.

As 50-70% of all family members are being sacrificed on a daily basis, it is difficult to understand how it can go on, but it does.

This is mainly because most Americans want to keep the family sacrifice as an option for themselves, should they be having an unhappy time at any point in their lives.

After all, in America, the personal pursuit of happiness is what is important, no matter how devastating the effects on others, including their own children, and society as a whole.

That is why 1 in 3 adults has a non-curable STD.

I know this is true because I and my children are such sacrificial victims.

I bemoan days of honor.

Tsunami, 12/27/2004

As of 12/28/2004, it is estimated at least 60,000 people have died in the Asian Tsunami of 2004. This is 1 in 100,000 of the world's population of 6,000,000,000. If another 60,000 die from disease and bad water, 1 in 50,000 worldwide will have died....

As of 12/30/2004, there are 125,000 confirmed dead and disease is beginning to spread. The confirmed dead still does not count remote areas that have not yet been visited. This means the confirmed toll will rise. Sad to say, the USA death toll in Iraq of 1,325 seems insignificant now....

As of 12/30/04, more than 1 in 50,000 people worldwide have perished. The toll will continue to rise, probably above 150,000 dead from the tsunami and earthquake alone. If the World Health Organization's worst fears are realized, another 150,000 or more could die from disease.

If the toll rises to 300,000, then 1 in 20,000 people will have perished worldwide.

A disaster like the recent catastrophe around the Indian Ocean basin causes us all to stop and pause. We ask how a loving Creator can destroy so many lives indiscriminately, good with bad, deserving and innocent, all perishing together.

One of the things it makes me aware of is that the Creator is not human. It is far more than that and It puts great forces in motion in Its process of creation. And though we are most aware of the terrible human loss, all manner of creatures perished in this terrible disaster. People will be grieving their pets, too, though I doubt many humans will grieve the very important insects.

What is amazing is that most of the "wild" animals escaped this disaster. They appear to have all fled to high ground before the tsunami hit, where there was time.

The explanation for this is that the animals relying on nature for their survival pay attention to each other. The mammals and fish in the sea feel the change in the ocean, the birds notice the unusual behavior of the sea creatures and start to flee, calling out cries of alarm. Other creatures notice the birds and follow. Not only that, but animals like elephants have different senses than us, being able to detect ground vibrations through their feet, etc., that we are not aware of.

It is ironic that the very sophistiation that allows us to "rise above" the rest of the animal kingdom, also isolates us from its innate wisdom when disaster is about to strike.(End 12/30/04 Comment)

But the Creator also creates viruses that can strike down far larger organisms, and even the small child can get cancer.

It is my belief that the "uncertainty principle" regarding our mortality is a necessary element of the creation. All living things are subject to, and motivated by, this aspect of our lives.

Everyone has to look over their shoulders, even the plants, which have a complex system of chemical communication which allows them to warn each other of attack by hostile beings, like bugs and fungi.

This uncertainty regarding our longevity drives us to do things we might otherwise not do; like drinking and smoking, and even having sex; that won't kill us immediately, and keeps us from doing other things; like perhaps flying or rock climbing; than can kill us immediately.

As an aside, all creatures are also required to devour a living part of the creation, or a part that was alive, to keep themselves alive in it. Although we as humans might skip these elements if we were making the creation, the Creator has larger interests.

It is wonderful we have the ability to fight our enemy species like germs and viruses, and it is sad we cannot control earthquakes and tsunamis. (Begin 1/10/2005 Comment) But a Tsunami warning system will now be installed in the Indian Ocean, as it should also be in the South Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans, so our Creator has allowed us a way to save ourselves from such catastrophes in the future.

We can now give Hurricane warnings far in the advance of storms striking populated areas, and can help save our ships at sea. Tornado warning systems and prediction systems are becoming more efficient and are saving more lives.

If we can remember the compassion for our fellow man we feel today, in the wake of this disaster, and remember that killing him in war is still killing him, and throwing all who love him into devastation and grief, then we can keep humanity flowering for the benefit of all, even the other species. We are destined for a technological society and can not go back.

Perhaps the Creator chose this time for this particular disaster, in this age of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and fanatics who would use them, to remind us of our common humanity. It also might just be that a devastating earthquake happened when it should have, according to the laws of nature.

But people of EVERY nation on the Earth are in mourning and grief, and contributing to relief, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background or political status. This is a Human disaster, rising above all our other shallow interests.

It surprises me how little aid for the suffering is coming from the most conservative Muslim nations. I have visited some of them, and am aware of their people's arrogance regarding other Muslims in other areas of the world, and everyone else in the world in general, but their obvious lack of basic human compassion in this instance shows the whole world just how lost they have become.

I realize that a lot of Muslim charities are defunct because of the terrorism issue, but certainly the Red Crescent is a great charity choice.

Being a "Biblical" man, I see things in a larger view. Civilizations generally bring upon themselves what they deserve, just like the individuals who make them up. Right now we have two extremes contending with each other, as is normally the case in human affairs.

On the one hand we have the West, with its cultural arrogance, rampant promiscuity, and failed attempt at total egalitarianism, where everyone's value is reduced to the value of the least of value. Proud of respecting "other cultures", it ignorantly tries to spread its, literally, diseased culture to others through its mass media and entertainment industries, even to the most religiously conservative.

On the other hand, we have the arrogance of the "people of faith" who do not understand the reasons behind what they do, or do not do, "religiously", and so have carried things to extremes, or fanaticism and violence, to protect what they believe and love, but can not explain.

An excellent example of this is the Muslim modesty, as enforced on both sexes.

The Creator has given us the ability to figure out that certain things cause problems for us as individuals and societies. Somewhere along the line, we figured out that promiscuity, having multiple sex partners, spreads disease. We also figured out, because of a change in diet, according to Moses, that we could have more intellectual discourse if we shielded our nudity and cut out a lot of the sexual impulses initiated by our eyes. This shielding also allowed us to "assume", and "assume" it is, because the clothes do not make the man, a false sense of dignity. The Abu Garib incidents show us just how humble we get without our clothes.

The problem is that the conservatives of all faiths have come to believe that our attractiveness towards each other in our natural, unclothed, state is evil, whereas this is how the Creator made us, and it is not evil.

The fact that we have been able to learn about the dangers of promiscuity and the benefits of stable marriages, and that modesty, in the covering of our natural visual sexual stimulants, helps us to achieve a higher, healthier, level of society, is a blessing, if we do not turn it into a curse ourselves.

The "Burka" is an extreme placed on women so men can feel "good" about themselves for not having desired, (lusted after), other women then their wives. They blame their feelings on "evil" in others, women, rather than recognizing that the feelings are normal and blessed, but that we have to control them for a healthy society.

Meanwhile, in their own false, clothed, vanity, the men still try to be as "attractive" as they can be within the cultural norms they have set for themselves, and this is hypocrisy.

Modesty among men and women is to be admired for the sake of all humanity, but should be something based on understanding and should not be a reason for one sex to suppress the other. It should be a thing both sexes embrace as beneficial for all, especially for our children. Do you want to lose a child to AIDS?

So these two cultures, the rampantly diseased, promiscuous West, and the fanatic, extremely conservative, oppressively religious, Middle East, are at war, causing each other great pain. I personally believe they have both brought it on themselves. "Pride precedes the fall". (End 1/10/2004 comment)

Today, however, we are fortunate in that we can learn something from a disaster like this. Because we have mass communiations, the whole world is privy to this disaster, watching film on television and the Internet, watching poor souls being swept away.

This generates a compassion and understanding that transcends national boundries and ethnic and religious backgrounds. Humanity as a whole is bleeding.

If we could remember this feeling of unconditional compassion for our fellow man, in the future, perhaps we could lay down our arms and be more compassionate and understanding towards each other when we are dealing with other matters..(End 12/30/04 comment)

At moments like this, I also feel for the Creator, beause I know It is feeling all the grief of those who lost loved ones.

For the future, my biggest immediate fear is a bird flu pandemic coming out of Asia. Scientists are predicting 1 in 100 will die from this next year if a vaccine is not developed now, and the world's leaders are distracted by other things. I urge you to put immediate pressure on our governments to pay attention to this NOW. More cases of this virus have been detected each year and it is almost beyond containment. This is URGENT. 1 in 100 is 60,000,000 people, the same as the AIDS pandemic is currently claiming.

Death of Pope John Paul II, 4/2/2005

Firstly, although educated in Catholicism, I am not a Catholic. You can try to figure out "what" I am at my Symbol of Unity site. "What" I am does not matter here.

What matters here is that the whole world lost a great friend today in the death of Pope John Paul II.

Whatever your faith, even athiest, if you do not realize what a great man the world has lost, you have a significant problem. He will probably be portrayed in history as the most important advocate of world peace in the last half of the 20th Century.

This great man reached across all barriers, even religous, in the quest for peace, mutual understanding, human compassion and decent, clean (uninfected), living. He truely worked for the good of humanity as a whole.

In his attempt to communicate as widely as possible in person, he learned 28 different languages, a significant accomplishment all by itself.

He stood for human decency and maintained the moral ethics and structure of the Catholic Church through a tremendous period of change and social turmoil brought on by the technological revolution.

Being the first real Pope of the technological era, he used technology to further his mission of peace and brotherly love, what is best of what we have left of Jesus, throughout the world. There is no one alive today who has been seen in person by more people than Pope John Paul II.

I am certainly not worthy to write his obituary.

I cried tonight. I am teary now.

God rest a very, very, good man. I miss him already.

God bless his successor, who has huge shoes to fill, and a very troubled future ahead.

(Begin 1/8/2006 comment)

Every time I think of "Saint" John Paul, (I am using "Saint" early because we all know it is due), the image of him praying to Mary comes into mind. He considered Mary his patroness and always prayed to her to intercede with God for him.

I so wish he had realized the fact that God is "omnipresent", everywhere, which means inside us, too. It is not possible to be more intimate, personal, loving, compassionate, understanding or forgiving than the ever present Life creating us within.

The other thing is that even Jesus taught that it was only proper to pray in his name, not to him. Jesus did not want people praying to him. He wanted people praying to, and loving, what he knew lay within all of us: the eternal Life creating all. But he knew that if people had the faith to just ask the Creator something in his name (especially after his death, etc.), that the chances were their faith would make what they wanted come to be. He knew the power was in the faith, and just wanted to instill that faith, even just a small amount, because he knew it only took a smidgen of faith to make things happen.

He certainly did not want people praying to his mother after she died. He was a Jewish male directing people to pray to the Creator within, which is where he found the Creator after fasting for a long time.

Poor Jesus. He planned his own excruciating, undeniable, death, so he could be remanifested to just a few, who lost his true meaning within years.

Poor Saint John Paul, he never saw what Jesus did. If he did, he would not have been praying to Mary. He would have been communing with, and loving, his own Life within.

Poor Christians everywhere. Like the Pharisees of Jesus's time, their priests stand at the trough and do not drink, and block the trough, so others can not drink either.

Even their true saints, like John Paul II.

(End 1/8/2006 comment)
(End of Comment on Pope John Paul II)

Drinking and Driving, 5/9/2005

When I moved to the town I live in in 1979, there were at least 3 bands in town every weekend and several restaurants where people could go for dinner and dancing. In other words, the town had a healthy social life.

In those days, the Police had to follow the Constitution and they could NOT stop people for frivilous reasons or for random checks just to see if they had been drinking.

When the Clinton gang unconstitutionally forced the .08 BAC for drinking and driving on the entire nation, by including it in the Highway Funds legislation, refusing to provide States with highway funds rightfully theirs unless they complied with the .08 level, and the Supreme Court made another Supreme Blunder in sacrificing our Constitutional freedoms while in our vehicles, allowing the Police to stop us and search and test us without probable cause, my town died.

Police officers actually went into the bars and restaurants and arrested people off their bar stools for being drunk in public. In my town, .08 is not just the limit for driving, it is also the limit for walking.

Three bars closed in that many months and we no longer have any bands to dance to or bars to go to to socialize. If you are not involved in a play, or church group, or some kind of charity organization or club, you do not go out at night.

Husbands and wives no longer go out for dinner and dancing and socializing with their neighbors. The divorce rate has risen because couples can't go out anymore. So has the suicide rate, right down into the High School.

The death rate from drinking related accidents, however, has not changed. In fact, last year the County DA tried to get mandatory 1 year sentences for first offender DUI's because "people weren't getting it".

I've got news for him. He is not getting it. First of all, the current penalties are already cruel and unusual. When they take a person's car from him, they deprive him of his right to work. In rural America, people lose their jobs because they have no way to get there. Then they lose their homes and oft-times their families due to divorce. To destroy a person's life over a .08 DUI is beyond cruel, it is savage.

Secondly, if the DUI death rate is not dropping, the law does not work and is just a bad law. More punishment won't fix it, it will only make people like me more angry.

The .08 law might be fine in the cities, where there are buses and cabs and trains at all hours of the night, and traffic is heavy. But it has killed our social lives and the public discourse that comes with it, because all we have to get around in is our cars and we live far apart. You can't get a designated driver when you live alone in the country. It just doesn't happen. Those who say, "It can," are idiots who live in the city and have never tried the rural life.

The ability of the Police to randomly stop us will never be right. People have a lot of different tolerances to alcohol depending on how much they drink. I once had a crew member who drank a quart of Vodka a day, but no one ever knew it. He did his job fine and was never any problem. I only found out years later during a court case.

Whatever the legal limit, the Police should not be able to stop a car unless it is in obvious violation of the law, which would result in a citation all by itself, like speeding or weaving, etc.

We should not be judged by how much we have had to drink, but by our driving.

Women, for instance, are affected differently than men by alcohol because they metabolize it differently. Should there not, therefore, be a different legal level for men and women?

We, in the country, are suffering under the tyranny of the city people, the Liberal political base in America. While they eat, drink, and dance, and wring their hands over our "well-being" we sit at home night after night with our booze, drugs, or junk food, and gradually drive each other mad watching the junk Hollywood puts out. This is Orwelle's world; TV, Soma (drugs), and Sex, and it is a rotten way to live.

In the country, men sitting alone, ruined by divorce, unable to go anywhere to socialize, are loading their guns. That is why they have to have metal detectors in Court Houses. If you have eyes, "see".

Global Warming, Ice Ages, Tide Rises, 6/29/2008

On June 27th, 2008, our scientists announced that for the first time in human history the Arctic ice will completely melt. This is terribly catastrophic. It was thought that would not occur until 20 years from now, but it is happening this year. The effects of climate change of this total melt will be catastrophically dramatic as the cold air coming down from the north is essential to our normal weather patterns. Without that cold air, created when the the air is cooled by polar ice, normal frontal conditions cannot be formed over the continents of the northern hemisphere. Winters will become dramatically warmer and ice packs, which most of the population relies on for fresh water, will not form in the mountains. I cannot stress enough how important this all is. We are facing drought, crop failure and famine on a global scale.

      It is absolutely essential that we begin constructing CO2 scrubbers, not today, but yesterday. The technology is there, and it will only cost 1.5% of the world GNP, and we must DO IT NOW! Your worries about putting gas in your tank will seem like nothing compared to the worries you will face in the next decades about putting food in your mouth. And this is if we just start building them now. We must also begin a massive reforestation of the planet as trees are great natural CO2 scrubbers. If elected, I will begin this process my very first day in office.

We are contributing to too rapid a change in the climate and we are shocking the various biological systems that inhabit the Earth. This is the real, catastrophic, reality.

Cure For ALL Sexually Transmitted Diseases Found, 5/14/2005

If all of humanity simply practiced the chastity and fidelity espoused by all the major faiths for JUST ONE human lifespan, ALL Sexually Transmitted Diseases would be eliminated, losing their means of transmission and survival.

What more needs to be said?

The Fourth of July in Mendocino, 7/14/2005

The Fourth of July parade in Mendocino, California, has been an expression of the most liberal values in the United States for years, as Mendocino County has to be one of the most liberal counties in the country. So much so, that it has become a real tourist attraction, with people coming from extreme distances to watch the "show".

There is the usual anti-war, anti-big-anything, anti-oil, mentality expressed through various floats and "exhibits". Each year I grow more sad as I watch the insanity increase.

This year they had bare-breasted women with "breasts not bombs" written on their bare backs with a felt tip pen. I believe they should have been arrested as there were, of course, tons of small children present. They weren't of course, and were the pictured "exhibit" on the front page of the local paper.

What particularly irks me is that these very people who are so opposed to the war, are the very reason there is a war. It is their unhealthy lifestyle the conservatives of any faith despise, and it is that literally diseased culture the conservative Muslims are trying to destroy.

American troops are dying to protect the American obsession with sex and the ridiculous attempt to accomodate radical feminism (and every other "ism").

These bombastic, egotistical (absolutely no personal humility), mostly marijuana influenced, idiots keep blaming everyone else, especially anyone who has risen to prominence, for the war they have brought on with their ridiculous, failed sexual revolution and false egalitarianism of the 1960's and '70's.

The bare-breasted womb-men in the Mendocino parade would have had their heads cut off long ago in the Muslim world. They better pray, a thing none of them are familiar with, the Muslims don't win.

At least you would think they would accept the responsibilty for the war they have caused and, if they want to continue in their failed life-styles, give the President the power to nuke the whole conservatively religious world so American troops can stop dying in an otherwise lost cause.

Free Enterprise, 7/16/2005

Free Enterprise is something America is proud of, but it does not exist anymore. It is what made the nation great, and built its economy, but it no longer exists.

It used to be that a person could arrive on a ship with just a nickel in his pocket, go into a store and buy an apple, sell the apple on the street for a dime, go back in the store, buy two apples, sell them, etc., until by evening, he had enough for a meal and a bed. That was the level of opportunity in America.

Most Americans think it is still possible to do this, but it is not. Street vendors, the very base of the economy, are outlawed everywhere. This is one of the reasons the extremely poor, or homeless, can not care for themselves in America.

The main reason for this is that merchants do not want to compete with people on the street who pay no city fees and who have no "business overhead" like rent and electricity.

Nearly everywhere I've been in this world, and I've been in over 50 countries on every coast of every continent, (except Antartica, for you purists), the poor and disabled are allowed to care for themselves by breaking down packs of gum, bags of candy, packs of cigarettes, etc., and selling their contents individually so as to make a profit and care for themselves. This is also true of watches and other products, including jewelry and artwork, or gadgets, they do themselves or obtain elsewhere.

This used to be true in America, but sadly is not anymore. Very few towns or cities allow street vendors without very difficult to obtain permits and licenses, which the poor and mentally disadvantaged certainly can not attain.

Likewise, State and Federal parks require concession permits that are bid upon and require an endless chain of bureaucratic procedures.

So America used be a land of so-called "Free Enterprise", but has long since ceased to be. President Reagan even established so-called "Free Enterprise Zones" in America. How ridiculous is that? Why are "Free Enterprise Zones" needed in the, yes, so-called, land of "Free Enterprise"?

What America is now is a land of "Regulated Enterprise". It is enterprise by permit, or "permission", only, and the permission always requires the payment of money.

In short, America has already become something that "Used To Be". America is already gone. No more free land, no more free enterprise. America is already just a myth.

"What The Bleep We Know", 7/23/2005

I STRONGLY recommend EVERYONE OF EVERY AGE watch the movie "What The Bleep We Know". It explains what modern science knows about the very nature of our beings, and how the world manifests itself around us as we live in it, in a very entertaining, easy to understand way, cartoons and all.

This is the kind of thing I talk about on my "Symbol of Unity" site from a personal perspective: a world of light, instead of a world of rock and dirt.

My children introduced me to the movie, and I was so grateful because they no longer thought I was the only one who understood, and sees, what I do. It has opened the spiritual world for them in a very nice way.

Everyone I have talked to who has seen the movie has loved it.

I guess I'm a movie critic now.

Me And "The DaVinci Code", 7/23/2005

I make and sell Beach, or Sea Glass jewelry and used to sit down near the beach where I collect the Sea Glass and sell my jewelry to the tourists.

I was sitting there one day this June (2005), reading "The DaVinci Code" to pass my time, and a woman came back up off the beach and asked me if it was usual to find rose-colored glass.

At the moment I was reading about a five-petaled rose in the book, the major symbol in a book of symbols, because it represents the Holy Grail, which is what the book is about.

I said, "No, rose is very rare. I don't even have any."

She said, "Well, I found a piece," and put her hand in her pocket. I expected her to pull out a small pebble. Instead, she handed me one of the most beautiful pieces of beach glass I have ever seen come off the beach.

I looked at it and was totally put in a state of awe when I saw it had a perfect five-petaled rose on it, complete with three sets of leaves: the very same rose I was reading about in the book when she walked up! (Picture below)

When I showed her what I reading in the book, she gave me the piece of sea glass, the most beautiful piece of beach glass I had seen up until then. God forgive me, I think her name is Celia.

The finishing touch was that she was from "Santa Rosa", or "Saint Rose", California.

This is the world of magic and light I live in.
Beautiful, often not-so-sublime, synchronicities everywhere.


Please read my "Symbol of Unity" site for how to live in a world like this, too.

A Neurotic "Religious" Woman, 8/18/2005

When I sit down near "Glass Beach" and sell my Beach, or Sea, Glass jewelry, I also display my "Symbol Of Unity" products. The Symbol of Unity is my new peace symbol for the 21st century and it contains the Buddhist Wheel, Christian Cross, Hindu Om, Jewish Star of David, and Muslim Crescent Moon and Star, all in one unifying symbol.

A woman came back up from the beach and was acting very excited about my jewelry, especially my earrings: indeed, I had even pulled out my reserve stock for her: when she noticed my Symbol of Unity products and asked what they were.

When I told her it was a new peace symbol containing the symbols of all five major faiths, and that I wanted people to start thinking about what they had in common, instead of what separated them, she immediately went to her car, which happened to be parked next to mine, and took out a 5" x 8" picture of the dead Jesus' head with what she said were "all the prayers of salvation" on the back, which she wanted to give me.

I thanked her and told her I lived in a small place (I live in a 24 foot Class C motor home) and had no place to put it, and that she would be better off giving it to someone else. She said I could put it in my car. I said, no, I really had no place for it and that I already knew what Jesus taught. She said "Jesus is the way," and I said "Yes, his way is the way and I know what that is. I live it and the Kingdom he spoke of is here (Jesus said "at hand", instead).

She said, "No, Jesus is the only begotten son of God and the only way to heaven is through praying to him." I tried to explain a bit and she and her husband just got in the car and drove away after she said, "I just don't understand why you won't accept this picture that is being received and loved so much by everyone all over the world!" She was quite upset.

If she had the common, and yes, I mean common, courtesy to hear me out, she might have come to understand what Jesus actually taught instead of what the lost have taught her by rote. She would have learned what Jesus actually meant by the words in the New Testament.

She thought I was a down-and-out street peddler hawking some pagan religious symbol. If she had taken just one deep breath, and suffered a few moments of humility, instead of pursuing her hopeless crusade head-long, she would have learned that I am a Cum Laude graduate of a Federal Academy, with an IQ of 141, who has Mastered ships (sailed as Captain) for 14 years, and who has visited over 50 countries on every coast of every continent (except Antarctica), studying the faiths of all the peoples on my way, in 27 years at sea.

I have a very dear friend who has had a close brush with death due to her vices. In the process, she has become one of the most spiritual people I know. She really doesn't understand it all like I do, but her faith is simple and her spiritual vision very clear, and she is actually one of the people I know who have had a truly "miraculous cure".

Unfortunately, her mother, who is just like the woman at the beach today, still puts her down at family gatherings because she is still the "black sheep" in her eyes. I have spoken with her mother and she, also, will listen to nothing but catch phrases, exactly like the woman today: "Jesus is the way!"

People like this cling to these phrases like the last piece of flotsam off a shipwreck, and pray to everyone (especially Jesus) but their Creator, never feeling a truly spiritual moment, always uneasy, usually fat from a gluttony caused by the uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomachs (both these women fit that profile).

You don't hear it much anymore, but fat people are all gluttons and gluttony is a sin because it leads to diabetes, amputations, blindness, and other horrible things. It is just as bad as drug addiction or alcoholism, and just as deadly.

Gluttons mindlessly consume other life forms in excess to quell their fear. They kill in excess and consume their kill to quell their fears. They mistake the secure feeling of a full stomach with the true security found in a loving, intimate relationship with their own life, the Creator.

Spiritual people quell the fear in their bellies by communing with their Creator.

These gluttons then point their swollen fingers at anyone who would take a drink, or a smoke, to relieve their own stress, conveniently forgetting their own gluttony, and the terrible diseases it causes, all in the name of Jesus, who taught people not to judge each other, like I am judging now. (Jesus was a terrible hypocrite in this regard, judging the hypocrites and politicians all the time, while saying not to judge.)

If the lady should ever find me again and read this, I would like to say that, first of all, I do not display religious pictures or icons of any sort except my own Symbol of Unity. I have one photo collage of my children and me and that is it.

Secondly, I do not repeat the prayers of anyone else. I like the "Our Father" of Jesus the best, but my relationship with my Creator, like the relationships shared by Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, etc., is internal and as personal as talking to myself. When I talk to my Creator, my life within, I do it intimately and personally, exactly like I am talking to my self because that is what I am doing, talking to my "Greater Self", the actual life within me. THAT is the Creator. It is creating my world and me as I live in it. IT is THE LIFE, and I love It more than anything, as you should, too. After all, It is your Life, too, and It is creating you as you live and breath.

The point here is that it is not JESUS that is the "Way". It is Jesus' Way that is the way. That is why he said we could ALL do what he did. Love your very life, for that is the Creator and It is within you ("The Kingdom lies within you."). Ask It questions and It will answer in that soft voice of intuition or inspiration within you. Ask It for things in the material world, especially healings, and It will grant them and manifest them in the material, physical, world, often within minutes, depending on what it is you asked for, like a parking space or cool breeze. ("The Kingdom of Heaven is spread out over the Earth before you.") When you see that happening, you enter the world of light and eternal life. The life that animated Jesus is the same life animating you: the Creator. Thus Jesus could say, "I am in the Creator, and the Creator is in me. I am in you, and you are in me. The Creator is in you, and you are in the Creator." (Misquote deliberate). He meant he would always be with them, and in them, because it was the very same Life animating them all. Likewise, he is always with us now in spirit. This does not mean his ghost or re-incarnated body is floating around or anyone should talk to him. His life force is literally the same life force animating you, the One Life Force creating everything.

Again, for those who want to understand this from a scientific point of view, I highly recommend the movie "What The Bleep We Know", available in your video stores. This movie, GREAT for ALL AGES, explains what the great spiritual teachers knew scientifically, though simply, through Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology, our highest science.

It saddens me that so many people have been misled so far astray by the deification of Jesus that they can never experience what he did, like I do. Blind fanatics of any faith are always sad to me, and it is they who cause all the wars and hate through the bigotry inherent in their blind faith and "Catch Phrase Religion".

If you really want the simple truth, read my "Symbol of Unity" site. Then give it some thought...meditate on it...and ask the Life within you what It thinks of it...commune with your Self over it and touch the Life within....

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Spiritual people commune with, and love more than all, the very Life creating them. This is the Creator, our very life force. If you commune with It, whether you call it "meditation" or "prayer", and love It, then you are spiritual. If you do not do this, you are not spiritual, no matter what "religious" laws you follow or how often you wash your hands, or who else you pray to.

If you do this, and learn to petition your own Life and Consciousness with prayer, you will see your prayers answered and the world becomes a fluid place of light, molding itself around you as you ask for things (or don't, see "The Da Vinci Code And Me" above), instead of a world of rock and dirt.

You also begin to realize the Life within you is eternal, and enter a world of eternal life where God is everywhere, and this is the Kingdom Jesus and the other great teachers spoke of. If your life is eternal, and God is everywhere, and miracles happen all the time, you are in heaven.

Every time you focus your attention on the Life within you, especially when focusing the attention on the brain, you commune with the Creator creating you. It is as simple as that. Touch your Life within and you touch God.

Again, I suggest you read my "Symbol of Unity" site.

American Politics, 8/24/2005

I did not post this during the last election beause I do not want to get into a political debate. I believe the problems are much deeper and try to address them on my "Symbol of Unity" site. I believe if we address those problems, most of the others will fall into line.

I no longer vote because I do not want to be called for jury duty, enforcing laws I believe are evil. Before that, I always voted for what I considered to be the lesser of two evils, which is a sad thing to have to say.

I do want to make one comment, however, now that the latest circus is over.

Personally, I do not believe either candidate had the wisdom or educational background to be President. If elected, Kerry would be making grand mistakes, too, just like Bush.

If I had voted, however, I would have voted for Bush for one primary reason: Bush, even when wrong (like the catastrophe in Iraq), acts according to his conscience.

Kerry, on the other hand, said he disagrees with abortion because of his Catholic faith, but that he would give the people anything they wanted that way (really, any way), if they would send him to Washington as President.

This is the fatal flaw in Democracies. It begins in the Republic stage, where politicians must pander to just some voters. In the United States, this pandering led to the eventual enfranchisement of all males by 1860 and all women in the 1900's.

Before then, voting was NOT A RIGHT, but an earned priviledge.

People like Kerry pander to anyone for the sake of power. They are whores. They sell out their own principles for power, wealth and fame, and the political ranks are full of them. I want men who vote their own conscience in power, not some jerk (like most politicians) that will stand for anything just to get elected.

Great Republics grow and prosper because voting is restricted and men of conscience can be elected to govern, independent of the will of the ignorant masses.

This is why America and all the Western-style Democracies are failing. The ignorant masses are ruling through polls, and they get a government that reflects that simple fact of political life: a government of individuals who no longer vote their conscience: a government of simple-minded, greedy, power-and-fame seeking whores.

New Orleans Tragedy, Hurricane Katrina, 9/02/2005

I see the newscasters, as usual, acting like a pack of dogs going for the blood of those in power.

It is never, "What can we learn from this new situation?", but rather, "Who messed up by not knowing how to deal with this new situation?" The question is always aimed at pointing at a wrong in the people in power. ("Yes or no, have you stopped beating your wife yet?") They are like rabid dogs leading the pack of rabid dogs that make up the masses in times like these.

It will be noticed there was no news coverage of the people working to bring relief. There was no coverage of the National Guardsmen getting notice at work that they were needed, getting ready to go, reporting for duty, being transported to the area.

There was no coverage of the equipment that had been prepositioned and the new equipment and supplies being brought in from all over the country. There was also no coverage of the tremendous logistics effort a thing like this takes at the national level: just muckraking.

There was no coverage of what it takes to do a mobilization like this, the hard work going on all over the country: only gripes.

Where was the coverage of the people clearing the roads and waterways so relief could get through? Does anyone know how long that takes and how hard a job it is, other then the dedicated individuals doing it?

The fact is that fault lies everywhere for this catastrophe. Imprudence in Washington delayed too long an overhaul of New Orleans' defences, even though studies have shown this was eventually going to happen. (As an aside, we are only at the beginning of a long period of increased Hurricane impact on the United States. Look at the hurricane paths of destruction for just the last two years and you will see a VERY large area of the southeast, from Louisiana to Florida now, that is currently Hurricane damaged and far from full recovery. Much more damage can be expected over the next 20-30 years because of the natural climatic cycle we are in.)

At particular fault is this, and previous, city administrations who knowingly left evacuation plans in place that basically deserted the poor, old, housebound, sick, and foolish. They knew that in this scenario, power would be out in the supposed "shelters", and they also knew how many would fail to leave on their own. Death tolls had been included in the predicitions, which included estimates of when national (Federal) aid and relief could arrive.

The city of New Orleans failed to provide adequate evacuation plans for ALL of the population. They also failed to provide for their people as refugees, making plans ahead for their housing in other states should this happen.

I suggest that during an evacuation of any city all cars are required to pull over for the very next hitchhiker if they are not yet full. Cars reaching freeway entrances that are not full should be pulled over and not allowed to enter the freeway until they are full.

Certainly every truck and bus should be used and full.

Every vehicle being directed into a situation like this should have food, water and medicine in it. This includes helicopters. These supplies should be commandeered from grocery stores and pharmacies as close as possible to such areas, and should not be waited for to be brought in from farther away. Vouchers can be given to store owners for the supplies commandeered.

The city also failed to ensure the designated "shelters" had enough food, water, and medicine to last until Federal aid could arrive.

Like all cities, they still have not obtained secure, reliable, communications for their emergency personnel.

The Governor's office failed to respond forcefully enough to the situation once the city flooded and the Mayor lost control. National Guard troops from neary states ought to have been mobilized as soon as the city flooded. All buses and trucks from as close as possible (remember the hurricane devasted a vast area) should have been commandeered, along with their drivers and fuel trucks full of fuel.

These things put burdens on the immediate neighbors to disasters, but they can easily make due for a few days until their shortages are made up. Most homes have several days of food and people can avoid using fuel for a few days if they have to. Mind you, their stores should not be stripped, but most stores can donate a huge amount of inventory of non-perishable items without the local population going through undo hardship.

What is particualarly disgusting to me is the "race card" being played by the opportunistic. Anyone suggesting that the huge beauracracies involved in this relief effort, or the President or anyone else, delayed for an instant because of the race or economic status of the survivors is a racist and an enemy of all the people. These so-called "Reverends" and Congressional personnel are all weak, phony, opportunists who do everyone ill by creating ill-will and suspicion where there should be none. They are only trying to raise themselves in public esteem at the cost of those honestly working for humanitarian reasons and the poor victims of this terrible catastrophe.

These are the very worst of our politicians and false prophets.

The racists who point out that all the looters, snipers and rapists are black need to look at the thousands of black faces sitting peacefully beyond patience, waiting to be rescued.

This is an unprecedented catastrophe in America. When all is said and done, and in spite of poor planning on the city and state level, I believe Americans will be able to be proud of this huge relief effort, and all that made it happen.

I suggest you email the news rooms and complain about their inadequate coverage of the relief effort. The misery, suffering and death, and human fallibility, are only half the story, and, as usual, the news media is pursuing its own political and economic agendas instead of truely working for the public good.

I am also very disappointed in the lack of coverage on the Networks. This is a far greater tragedy than 9/11, and they gave that days of unbroken coverage. For this huge disaster and relief effort, we get an extra half hour of national news while they continue to air their tripe all day long.

God help and bless all the victims, and damn the looters, shooters, and rapists. Anyone looting more than food, water, medicine and emergency supplies like flashlights, battery operated radios and TV's. etc., should be shot on sight or summarily executed if they surrender. The same should be true of the shooters and rapists.

Troops Policing On U.S. Soil, 10/06/2005

The United States government is trying to prepare the population for a terrible pandemic coming when the Asian "Bird Flu" begins to spread from human to human.

This is something everyone should be watching closely. The success in treating re-generated "Spanish Flu" virus, which was also a "Bird Flu", from the 1918 pandemic, with modern anti-virals, gives hope that, even without a vaccine, we can greatly decrease the death rate. The best case is that we can actually prevent the jump to human-to-human contagion. But the race is very tight and governments are starting to prepare their populations for the worst case scenario.

Most Americans wonder why the regular military was not deployed for law enforcement duties after hurricane Katrina. The fact is, it is illegal to use the regular military for police duties on United States soil.

If such duties are required from a military source, the National Guard is expected to fill the need. This is a constitutional issue. The Founding Fathers felt it would be better for local troops (local militia) to carry out such police functions as they would be familiar to the local populace, and vice-versa. It also protects States Rights from Federal intervention.

President Bush has proposed allowing regular military troops to provide security during the coming pandemic. This is in direct violation of the Constitution and is another step towards the dismanteling of the Republic and the establishment of a dictatorship.

Under NO circumstances should American regular military troops be deployed on American soil in such a fashion. If additional security for the emergency is needed, both LOCAL National Guard forces and regular Police should be expanded to include auxiliaries instead.

Once the regular military is deployed against Americans on American soil, a precedent will have been set that can never be reversed. It would be a terrible mistake.

False Representations By "Hollywood", 10/06/2005

The "Entertainment Industry" is greatly responsible for many of the ills of the West.

This is due to a variety of reasons. There is a sincere intention by most in the industry to try to make things better. Unfortunately, what most of them think is "better" is based on a failed, drug-induced, ignorant, irresponsible, selfish, self-centered, vain, passe' 60's philosophy that has done as much damage in the West as the "Cultural Revolution" did in China.

The primary problem is that the people in the Entertainment Industry want to try to change the world by continually showing how they think it should be, rather than how it is.

To this end they have diminished the heroic male to a wisp and placed wise, smart, particularly black, womb-men everywhere. I can no longer find a male hero to watch on TV. All the heros are female or gay, or both plus black. This is not reality and men resent it.

The reality is that most of the population in the West is fat. But even the extras in TV Land are always thin. This is a lie that gives a false sense of security to a sickeningly (literally) obese population.

Male stars can be any age and be as ugly as all get out, but females are always young and beautiful. This is another "Hollywood" lie. All they care about is that sex sells and only young, pretty, womb-men are sexy. As a successful, professional male, this greatly offends me. Young people are not wise because they have not lived and you do not find pretty young womb-men in these positions. The presumption is offensive.

And in "Hollywood", the garbage collector now lives in the same spacious house as the town doctor. Everyone in "Hollywood" gets to live middle-class lives or better, regardless of their abilities or educational level. This gives terribly wrong expectations to the young and is just another big lie I'm getting tired of seeing.

I much preferred "The Honymooners" and Lucy and Desi's appropriate apartments.

I don't know who these people are serving. They are ceratinly not serving me. I guess they are self-serving people serving themselves.

The "Non-Civil" War In Iraq, 10/17/2005

Everyone in the West seems to think the so-called "insurgents" in Iraq are fighting a "Civil" war. This is not true. The "insurgents" are Sunnis fighting Shias. If you click on this Muslim Distribution Map link, you will see that, INTERNATIONALLY, the Shias are a very small island in a sea of Sunni. There is the small Arab island in Iraq, and a slightly larger island in non-Arab Iran. (The Iranians do not like Arabs and vice-versa, which is why the two never get together.)

The Sunnis are spread out across two continents.

This is the Muslim War Map.

The war is between these two groups, and the Sunnis are drawing troops from their whole domain. Looking at a map of Iraq alone is extremely misleading because this is not a "Civil" war, it is a religious war, Sunni against Shia.

I can see no success for the goals of the United States for the same reason. When they manage to finally withdraw somehow, the Sunnis will attack again and prevail, just as they did under Saddam Hussein.

Intelligent Design versus Darwin's Theory of Evolution, 11/8/2005

The discoveries made in the field of Quantum Physics, or Quantum Mechanics, makes the argument about "Intelligent Design" and Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection moot.

Quantum Mechanics, our highest science, tells us that the universe actually materializes around us as we live in it, according to our immediate reactions to it and our hopes, prayers, dreams, and fears. In fact, our own sub-atomic particles actually "pop" into and out of being all the time so, at any moment, parts of our very selves aren't even here.

They go so far as to say that the universe only exists in the light flashes between the synapses of our brains. This means the universe has no solid reality, even though we perceive it as being so, and that the Life that animates us is creating the apparent "external" world, too, as we live in it.

Because of this, it is a very real scientific possibility that even though the physical universe appears to be about 14 billion years old, it could be eternal and would appear that way to any observer in any place at any time.

It could also be that this present universe literally "popped" into being at any time, with all of its apparent history, such as fossils, in place to give the illusion of greater age.

Unless we think the universe began with our own birth, and revolves soley around us, and all others older than us are illusions, then we must accept that the history passed on to us from our ancestors was the the best they had in the communal memory, and that the universe has existed at least as long as human history.

As we know Oriental and Indian histories go back farther than the 6,000 years some people derive from the book of Genesis, and since Cain had to worry about "others" after he killed Abel and was exiled, we must conclude that Genesis is the mythical creation story of one people, the Jews.

What is remarkable about Genesis, who most attribute to Moses, is that he acknowledges in it that the creation is made of light, and just "pops" into being at the will of the Creator; the original Life. I believe Moses included this because he was a mystic who saw and lived in the world of light explained through Quantum Mechanics. Hence his miracles. I believe all the great teachers saw this world, as do I. I see it because I do what they said to do in order to see it. I commune with, and love very deeply, the Life creating me from within.

Because of how the universe is generated, Darwin's theories are doomed to always remain just theories because we now know that the universe could have been begun at any "time" and been made to just appear to have slowly evolved over time, including the life forms in it.

People assume the Creator is "people-like" because the major faiths all perpetuate these misconceptions. The Creator is not human. Humans are created in Its "likeness" in spirit, not flesh. The lion is also created in the Creator's likeness, as is the lamb. All living things reflect the nature of the Creator. This is why we say the Creator is "everywhere". It is spirit, not flesh, and very much MORE than that expressed by the human spirit.

Because of this, and because It is eternal and has all the "time" It can imagine for Itself, It might well have preferred to slowly evolve the entire universe as explained by physical science, including the evolution of life on this planet from one cell into all the varieties extant today, experiencing and savoring Its creation through all the previous life forms we have evidence of.

I learned to enter the world of light by practicing what the great teachers all said to do: commune with and love the Life creating me from within. There is no way I know of to "see" that world and "enter" it unless one does this. I love Quantum Physics, and all science, really, but I know that "undertanding" what it is saying is not the same thing as "seeing" and experiencing what it is saying.

I also know that this is what I want my children to "see" and I encourage them all the time to commune with love within so they can enter here.

Because I live in the world of light that becomes real when one learns to petition the intelligent Life within, I know there is an "intelligent design" to the creation. The Life creating me is far more intelligent than I (my ego) am. I can wiggle my finger, but I can not even tell you how. I simply "wish" it to move, and it does. The Life creating me from within, however, not only knows "how" to wiggle the finger, it knows how to make the finger, itself. "I" (my ego) do not.

When I commune with my Greater Self, I am communing with a far greater intelligence than I. It is THAT Greater Self that desires and causes each new evolution of each species, if such evolution exists, which it "apparently" does. If the evolution of life forms on this planet began with just a single cell, it was intelligently evolved from there by the very life existing "within" that cell. A creature cannot evolve an eye to see light, no matter how rudimentary, unless it knows the light is there to "see". It can not know this unless the knowledge comes from within. Also the knowledge of how to evolve that eye or the ear, nose, tongue, and skin necessary to experience the other senses.

My personal preference is that the Creator chose to evolve the entire universe slowly over time, right from the "Big Bang", so-to-speak, when it first created the light the universe is made of. This fits nicely with my concepts of a unhurried, eternal, Creator enjoying and savoring imagining Its creation into being. It also lets me wonder at the dinosaurs and all the other things that have apparently existed on this single planet as realities.

However, I realize it could all just have "popped" into being, just appearing to be this old and having gone through so many stages, at "any time", being solely created for the "human experience". The Creator might not be satisfied at any time expressing Itself through creatures who know nothing of music, art, drama, humor, etc.

When I say "any time", I mean any time except the time derived from Genesis. People who have to cling to Genesis as "literate" are ignorant and insulting to fellow human cultures who have longer, verifiable, histories. They also are in constant denial as they can never explain who Cain had to fear or who he bred with and where they came from. The same problem exists if Adam and Eve had other children.

So, what do we teach our children? We teach them that the universe appears to have "popped" into existence about 14 billion years ago, and that it appears that life evolved slowly, but that it could have "popped" into being as recently as just prior to human history and might just be made to appear that old.

In either case, the universe is constantly materializing around us as we live in it, and is really only occuring in non-spatial space/time. It is only the "imaginings" of the Life creating and experiencing it, and that Life is our very life, animating each of us.

And we teach them to commune with that Life within and to love It with all their hearts, so THAT Life, that Greater Part of themselves, takes joy in living here through them, and so blesses them in the fulfillment of their dreams, and aspirations and answers their prayers.

We teach them this because we now KNOW it is true through both science and the spiritual traditions of all the faiths.

Evolution is not proven fact. Neither are any of the creation myths of any faith. The creation myths exist solely because no one ever had a knowledge of when the universe actually began and people needed a beginning to relate to. Any partially educated individual now knows they contain a lot of pure speculation and are mostly contrived stories meant to simply satisfy human curiosity. It is time to re-evaluate the entire debate in view of what we now know through Quantum Physics.

To simply understand what the Quantum Physicists are telling us, I STRONGLY recommend EVERYONE OF EVERY AGE watch the movie "What The Bleep We Know". It explains what modern science knows about the very nature of our beings, and how the world manifests itself around us as we live in it, in a very entertaining, easy to understand way, cartoons and all.

I guarantee the present debate is already moot.

American Torture, 11/17/2005

I find it incredible that "Torture" is even under discussion in the United States.

It is understandable that captured "soldiers" from the other side have to be detained until the "war" is over, and, given the goals of Al Qaeda, who knows when that will be.

The only alternative would be to do what they are doing, which is executing all prisoners, usually brutally, after torturing them.

The fact that Americans are even considering torture shows how fearful of Al Qaeda they are, and how far their moral values have declined.

There is also no difference in torturing someone yourself, or turning the individual over to someone else to do the torturing. It also does not matter on what soil the torture takes place.

What happened at Abu Garaib was an unfortunate indication of how low American moral values have sunk, as expressed by how the troops chose to intimidate the prisoners there. But what they did was not torture unless they struck them or set dogs on them. What they did was "intimidation", which is different.

Granted, intimidation can reach the point of extreme mental cruelty, such as repeatly making a prisoner think he is about to be executed, which some would consider to be torture, so some limits must be set.

The point is that as soon as Americans advocate torture they lose all moral high ground, regardless of what the other side is doing. The Germans mistreated American soldiers in World War II, but the Americans, as a rule, did not mistreat the Germans. They fed them turnips and cheap food, but did not starve them.

But investigators must be able to effectively interrogate prisoners using all appropriate means, and intimidation and fear are appropriate means of interrogation used by every police department on every civilian population.

In a war situation this should be able to include acceptable levels (non-health threatening) of things like sleep deprivation, periods of solitary confinement, and minimum, mundane, diet. This is "Psychological Warfare" and is certainly appropriate. When coupled with an indeterminate period of confinement and continued interrogations, it puts great pressure on the individual to come to terms with his captors.

There is no point in doing any of this if it is thought the individual has no information to offer. Then the intimidation techniques just become an additional, small-minded, punishment. Once it is determined an individual has nothing more to reveal, they should be kept imprisoned according to the standards of the prisons in their own country. They should have no reason to expect better. This also saves money.

Of course this is a problem in Iraq itself, because the Americans are setting up the prisons there according to American standards. The actual conditions are the torture holes the militias are running.

I think most Americans have no clear concept of what torture is. When does "mistreatment" become "torture"? Certainly some "mistreatment" must be used in the interrogations of new prisoners. Confinement in prison itself is "mistreatment".

The fact that "torture" is even being discussed as an "alternative lifestyle" (something Americans like, those "alternative lifestyles"), however, is disgusting.

Renters and Pets, Another American Injustice, 11/26/2005

There is a terrible injustice in America regarding the status of renters and pets.

Pets occasionally cause excessive damage in rental properties. Because of this, nearly every landlord bans pets. This is a bigotry and discrimination that must end.

Pets offer many benefits to their owners. They relieve stress. benefit general health, and are of huge benefit in the socialization of children.

To tell a renter who moves from a rental that allows pets that he must abandon his pets to move into a new rental is cruel in the extreme. People form bonds with their pets that are as strong as with any family member.

To deny them the health benefits of pets is also inhumane and many places now have laws that protect those in extreme need of affection from "pet discrimination".

In my book, it is just as bad to deny a person a rental because they have pets as it is because of their race or religion. It is just cheap, economic extremism.

I can understand a landlord requiring an extra security deposit for pets, but that is it. As far as a landlord being afraid they can not rent out a rental after people who have pets have lived there, this is bunk, as there are a lot of people who are literally clamoring for a pet rental.

While I am on the subject, I am also greatly disturbed by the "anti-dog" attitude in nearly all municipal codes. Just because a few meek, "'fraidy cat" people don't like dogs, is no reason why dogs must have leashes in all places. Dogs need to run for their health and they provide valuable health benefits to the overall community. Dog owners should also feel free to let their dogs run and play freely in areas designated for that use. This should include beaches, parks and public places everywhere so all dog owners have a convenient place to let their dogs run freely if they want to.

I am sick and tired of the rule of the meek in this country. Every weak, meek, individual seems to be able to get more and more restrictive laws passed because "someone might get hurt." Well, to me, that's life. Get out of mine and stay home in your padded cell if you are a coward. I am sick of you intruding into my life and pursuit of happiness.

Emails From/To a Baptist Minister, 12/11/2005

I met a baptist minister and his family one day at the beach, selling my sea glass jewelry. He gave me a pamphlet and, when they got home, we exchanged the following emails. Since his comments were not posted on my BLOG site, I am leaving him anonymous.

(I am printing their emails in all capitals as that is how they sent them to me, even though it is extremely rude and the equivilent of shouting.)

("MINISTER'S WIFE" wrote:)





Hi (Minister & Wife);

Thank you for your email. I haven't had time to go rock hunting up there yet, but some day I'll check it out so I know where to send people. I live in an RV these days, so don't have a lot of room to store rocks! My personal collection is in storage at the moment.

I appreciate your commitment to Jesus. I have pondered his words and life my entire life, along with those of all the great teachers. I now fully understand what he taught and see the world as he, and the others, saw it. I do not live in a world of rock with the promise of a vague afterlife. I literally live in a world of light where my very life is eternal, and miracles occur all the time.

I do not "pray" to Jesus or any dead people. Instead, I commune with his very life, which is my life: and yours. Doing this opens the door to the world of light and eternal life.

Please visit my (Symbol of Unity) website if you want to understand my journey, and how I am trying to bring about a spiritual revival by getting people to assume a "holy spirit", as Jesus did. I suggest you rent and watch the movie "What the BLEEP We Know", first, so you can see how our Quantum Physicists explain the same thing through our modern science. It is very entertaining and your children will love it, too, and it will give them good reason to try to understand Jesus.

As science is international, and taught in all schools worldwide, it is only a matter of a short period of time before everyone knows there is a scientific reason behind what the great teachers taught. This will help them better understand the difference between "spirituality" and "religion" and tolerance and world peace should follow.

The Kingdom of Heaven definitely lies within, and it is definitely also spread out over the Earth before us. It is at hand, all we have to do is pick it up by assuming a "holy" spirit, rolling our eyes up, and communing with love with the very life creating us from within. I assume all these words are familiar to you, though paraphrased....

This is also how he could say, "I am in the Creator, and the Creator is in me. I am in you, and you are in me. You are in the Creator, and the Creator is in you." Get it? It is also how he could say, "I am always with you," because we are all always with each of us because the very life that animates us is ONE Life. He who understands the meaning of these words, will truely be blessed.

God Bless you, when you first "see" what I "see", it will cause you great agony, for you will understand what it is to be eternally alone, and eternally alive. After that, you will control the all through love and faith. You will truely know what it is to love, not just your fellow man, but also all living things as your "self", because you will forever see yourself in all others.

Also, when you love the Life within, It loves back in an overwhelming way. I often experience "raptures", a love so deep it can not be described.

I'll be interested in knowing what you think of what I have written on my site.

God Bless,

(When I didn't get a reply after awhile, I sent the following:)

----- Original Message -----
From: Cass Forrington
To: (Minister & Wife)
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 12:25 AM
Subject: Re: hello from.....

I didn't make you speechless, did I?

(Then they sent me this:)




(And then followed up with this:)

"MINISTER" wrote:




Hi, (Minister & Wife),

Thanks for the email. Sadly, you misunderstand me. I do accept the Gospels of Jesus. I have studied and pondered them my entire life. Indeed, Jesus is one of the few people I have found who see the world like me and he brings me great comfort because of that.

When I was a child and asked questions about things in the Gospels, a very common answer was that, "That is one of the mysteries." In other words, "I don't know." I was not satisfied with that, and now there are no more mysteries for me.

I urge you to consider all the words about heaven spoken by Jesus. His moral teachings are self-evident to most, but his mystical (spiritual) teachings remain a mystery to most. Indeed, he did not even try to pass that knowledge on to the general public. When his disciples asked him why he did not teach others what he taught them, he said simply, "They will not understand." That is why he taught them with parables, instead. But he did try to pass on his personal knowledge to his immediate disciples.

Luke 17:20, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you."

John 14:10, "Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles, themselves." (It is noteworthy that even at this stage the disciples did not know what he meant about God being within us. It personally gives me great comfort that he knew this, as it is also what I know and so few others do. He reinforces all my beliefs.)

In John 16:5, Jesus is explaining to them that when he leaves them, they will look for council from within and find it there. The "Counselor" you will note, is within us. We communicate best with It when we assume a "holy" spirit. He knows that as long as he remains here, they will ask him, instead of seeking council from within.

Have you read the Gospel of Thomas yet? The apocrapha also make good reading, always with a skeptical eye, of course.

My sad realization has been that most people who say they have found Jesus have only found his lifestyle. He knew this would happen. He knew very few were meant to understand what he did, so he gave them hope and faith instead. But very few are blessed to realize the presence of God here, as Jesus did.

Matthew 6:6 "But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father (Note; your Father), who is unseen."...."Our Father Who art......."

Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given you......."

Over and over again he speaks of having faith, here and now, to enter the kingdom, here and now. He derides people of little faith. He talks about the mustard seed and how faith grows, and how little faith it takes to begin the process.

But always he is telling us to seek God within, and that that is the key to the kingdom and a knowledge of eternal life.

John 5:19, "I tell you the truth, the son can do nothing by himself; he can only do what he sees his Father doing......."

John 5:41, (Jesus said,) "I do not accept praise from men." He also admonished people not to pray "to" him, but only "in his name". This is a significant difference.

Jesus was a humble man. He did not "act" humble, he "was" humble. The reason he was humble is because he knew God. He also knew that he was powerless, that it was only his faith in our loving Creator that worked wonders, and he tried to give others that faith so they could enter the kingdom he lived in, the kingdom of heaven.

He knew that we were like the fingers on our hand. Look at your outstretched hand. As the fingers are of the palm, and from the palm, so to are we of and from God. The divine spark within us, our eternal part, our eternal life, our soul, is the Creator.

And the Creator is passing Its eternity here, in Its heaven, through us. Love that Creator, ask It anything, and It will answer and grant your have faith in It and your own deservedness. Just have to ask.....within, where the Spirit is.

Most people are too busy living their material lives to pursue the spiritual. I believe this is how it should be. The great faiths give them a core of faith and a healthy way to live, even though they never glimpse the reality of the kingdom they live in. I believe the Creator intends it to be this way. This is His world, afterall, and He made it to escape from Himself and His eternal lonliness. It wouldn't be much fun if everyone sat around praying all day and not doing anything.

By the same token, the key to spirituality is contained in all the great faiths so that if an individual wishes, he can find God and all that goes with it. That simple key is prayer and communion with God, asking Him questions, getting answers, all from within. This is the "golden nugget" at the core of each faith.

To think the Creator has only provided the path to enlightenment to just one people is simple, ignorant, bigotry and prejudice that leads to great suffering.

Jesus got very upset about this, though, and wanted to bring everyone along with him. Thus he was so down on the Pharisees and Scribes, who he saw as hogs blocking the trough and not letting anyone else drink, either. Fact is, very few ministers, priests, or rabbis, etc, are spiritual people. Like the Pharisees, they are too concerned with the law and other matters to spend the time communing with God (within).

These folks usually are not humble and think they are spiritual, even though they spend very little time in actual communion with God. This is why Jesus was down on them in his time. But really, this is true in any time. Very few actually follow Jesus, but live comfortable material lives instead, just accepting the status quo and spouting words and "catch-phrases" they don't even understand. "Jesus is the way!", is a prime example. It sounds like it makes sense, but it doesn't, so the kids reject it outright. A "man" can not be a "way". "Jesus' way is the way," however, implies something logical that a kid might want to try: that guy's way. Afterall, he could walk on water and said I could, too!

Of course he lived in a much "smaller" world and thought his ministry was just to the Jews. He admonishes his disciples to ignore the Gentiles (which of course Paul didn't. Poor Paul, he really mucked things up.).

We all stand before God in His judgement each moment of our lives, and the creation is manifested as we live in it accordingly. As I write this, I am being judged, just as you are as you read, and react, to it. The wages of sin are early death, as anyone with eyes can see in this world, unless they choose not to. But most physical sin is just over-indulgence in sex, drugs, alchohol, and food. Spiritual sin, like greed, lying, lust, evil thoughts, etc., do not have the obvious physical affects, but the spiritual know they affect the manifestation of the creation, too.

Anyway, I am sure God loves you because you love Jesus and his (Jesus') way and I hope He (God) blesses your ministry.

I doubt this will happen though, because Christianity is collapsing at an alarming rate. In Fort Bragg, the churches are seas of gray hair, as the churches have lost the young. How many young couples with children do you have in your ministry as a percentage? How many new members are you drawing?

This is because the Christian churches rely on Jesus being "God" and the young reject that outright. If Jesus was an "avatar" type instead, pointing the way to do what he could do, it would be a different story.

That way people can expect reward here, now, and not in some distant heaven after death. It makes all the difference in the world. I expect my miracles now, and I get them. For me, the kingdom is literally "at hand". The more I refine my life and the more I commune with and love God, the more I move into the world of light that is the kingdom of heaven. Life is not meant to be a place of suffering, earning us a place in heaven. It is a place of suffering until we turn our faces to God for relief and, once getting it, keep our faces turned towards Him. Suffering is often meant solely to get us to remember God.

When we see a person "roll their eyes up" and say, "Oh, God", they are instinctually going within seeking relief. When we roll our eyes up and "look for an answer" to something, we are instinctually going within, looking for "in-spir-ation", knowledge from the Spirit within. The same Spirit that gives us a math answer, gives us the answers to the meaning of life, if asked.

Within, within, within.....

My prayer for you is that you learn to realize the presence of the Creator here and now and, by so doing, realize eternal life and the kingdom of Heaven here and now.

I enjoy theological debate and would be happy to continue this one, but my expectation is that you are not "theologians", but simple ministers operating on blind faith who have no interest in this. Either way is fine with me.

Don't forget the movie "What the BLEEP We Know". It will spur your ministry.

God Bless,

Miracle of the Lock, 1/13/2006

One Sunday last Fall I was sitting down at the beach selling my Sea Glass Jewelry and fell into a theological conversation with an American man of Eastern European decent who had a stereotypical dark and negative personality. Every positive statement made by me was responded to with a negative, questioning, comment.

I was tiring of the game and about to terminate the conversation when a woman approached us and asked if we could pick a lock. She had come up from San Francisco to get something out of a storage facility located just up the street, only to find the gate padlocked.

I told her I knew how to do it, but could not leave my wares unattended. With the other man listening I explained the process to her and him, and she asked him to give it a try. He at first grudgingly agreed to try it, so I got a piece of wire from another jewelry vendor doing wire wraps nearby so he could try it.

By the time the vendor had cut and straightened a small piece of wire, the man began to hesitate, offering other solutions, like waiting another day for the facility to open, something she could not do, having to return to San Francisco for work the next day.

The woman interrupted him and beseeched him to "just have a little faith" and just try it, and, when she said that, I jumped in and told the man she was right, that he should just "have faith" and try it. He reluctantly gave in and followed her down the street to the storage facility.

Within just a few minutes she returned, with him following. She was literally bouncing up and down with joy, saying it was a miracle because when he took the lock in his hand, before he could even try to pick it, the lock fell open. She hugged me and danced around in joy while he stood by sullenly.

She saw the miracle. She had tried the lock before coming to us and it had been securely locked. He saw nothing.

The point is that the little bit of faith he had to just walk over there to try to pick the lock was enough faith to produce a miracle, even for a skeptic like him. She knew this, but he still didn't see. He walked over to the other vendor and talked to her while the woman and I celebrated.

When the woman left, he came back to me and began to try to restart our stalled conversation with talk of devils and demons. Losing patience, I told him there were no devils or demons, just the one Creator, and dismissed him by returning to a book I was reading.

If you have ears, hear. If you have eyes, see. The Kingdom of Heaven is entered with faith as small as a grain of mustard seed.

Miscellaneous Comments, Ongoing

Coming out of a mostly "Christian" (a very loosely construed term these days) background of embracing your enemies, Americans and Europeans cannot understand why their enemies do not also want to embrace them.

The reason is because their embrace has become diseased with STD's, broken homes, disturbed children, and financial and social ruin. They are no longer following a faith of any sort that leads to a healthy life, but have become selfish, atheistic, hedonists professing a myriad of unhealthy "lifestyles" instead.

Whenever someone tells me they have "found Jesus", I immediately assume they have no idea what Jesus was talking about and are looking forward to enjoying life in another world after death instead of in this one, which is the Kingdom.

Christians have uneasy feelings about Jews because they know Jesus was a Jew, and intended them to be Jewish, too, though in a different manner than being practiced in his time.

Because the Christians have deified Jesus, the Jews have had to react in a way minimizing his importance, which was on a scale of Moses, Buddha, and Krishna.

Jesus cannot be the "only begotten son of God" simply because when asked how to pray, he taught the people to say, "OUR Father Who art in heaven....", not, "Jesus' Father Who art in heaven....." We are ALL the children of God.

Jesus was a humble man who washed the feet of those who followed him. The "Christ"ian churches try to explain his humility away in a variety of ways because they deified him and God is not humble. This is one of the most obvious signs they lost what Jesus was and what his message was.

The churches who have deified Jesus have betrayed him because he wanted everyone to have the opportunity to be able to do what he did, and see the world as he did.

Jesus was first deified by the Romans. The Romans, in the person of Constantine, made him a god, just like they did their Caesars. Before that he was a man pointing out a way to be followed by everyone who would do what he did. People who now worship him as a god are pagens worshipping false Roman gods.

Don't be shy about praying to someBody who isn't there,
because someOne is.


Forbidden Fruits:

The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden is not a literal fruit, but the knowledge of good and evil. When mankind came to consider some things evil, it automatically ended the conception of being in a perfect garden. I doubt mankind ever felt it was in a perfect garden because all creatures must keep looking over their shoulders and fear death and injury, including our ancestors.

Genesis is not a literal tale. People who take the Bible literally are in gross error. The term "40", for instance, when talking about "40 years" or "40 days", etc., simply means "a long time". That is why the number repeats so much. It is simply how the ancient Jews referred to a long time. So the Jews wandered in the desert not for 40 years, but for a long time. Jesus fasted not for 40 days, but for a long time. It rained on Noah not for 40 days, but for a long time.

The sweetest fruit is forbidden fruit and it lies at the center of the garden.

Partaking of forbidden fruit always has an unpleasent price, though. Man has learned this, so understands good and evil through which fruits are forbidden.

Consider this, though: the Creator requires all to kill and consume life to just maintain their own life. None is good but the Creator, who creates the lives to be consumed.

The Creator also gives us the knowledge that one day (any day, really), we, too, will all be consumed.

This makes the forbidden fruit look even more appealing.

Over time, however, we find we have not been consumed except by ourselves, for partaking of too much forbidden fruit.

This is as the Creator wants it, and it makes perfect sense from Its point of view.


Free Enterprise & the Homeless

If free enterprise were restored in America, many of the homeless would become street vendors, restoring their dignity and providing them with the ability to feed and house themselves, at least in inclement weather. It would also help relieve the welfare burden.

The street vendors who support themselves this way in the third world would be homeless beggers under the laws of the United States, the so-called home of free enterprise.

It was that free enterprise opportunity that built the American economy and served as its base, and the lack of that base is what is breaking the American bank today.

I am a Cum Laude graduate of a Federal Academy (Kings Point), who has been driven into homelessness by the laws of the United States. I have been further appalled by the fact that it is illegal for the homeless to provide for themselves, due to the greed of the merchants who do not want their competition, or the "good" citizens who do not want to see them on their streets.

A person can "fly a sign", and beg for food, but is not permitted to sell apples and candies to provide for themselves. This is not the freedom to pursue happiness, a supposed American right.

Restore free enterprise, no permits or "permission" required, for street vendors, and you will give a substantial boost to the economy.



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Thank you.

God Bless,

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